Things Bartenders and Servers Should Know About Taxes

24 Feb. 2016

Everyone thinks being a bartender is all about fast cash, and a l...

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Ways to Make More Money Bartending

22 Feb. 2016

Being a bartender can be a pretty fun and enjoyable profession. I...

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Budgeting Tips for Bartenders

15 Feb. 2016

You are a bartender who lives off of tips so you know it can be...

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Bar Manager’s Perspective on Bartenders

8 Feb. 2016

From the bar manager’s perspective, bartenders are people who ...

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Know Your Rights Like You Know Your Drinks

1 Feb. 2016

Hey you, be sure you know your rights like you know your drinks....

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7 Tips To Survive Busy Nights Bartending

25 Jan. 2016

Bartending is a lifestyle all of it’s own. In order to survive ...

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Tips for Tipping Bartenders

18 Jan. 2016

Depending on where you are in the world, tipping varies. In the U...

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Top 5 Bartender Stressors

11 Jan. 2016

People often times view their bartender as the cool, collective p...

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The Importance of Bartenders

4 Jan. 2016

Bartenders are important people and one of the first persons you ...

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How to Score a Free Drink (Without having to Flirt)

28 Dec. 2015

You’re broke, you’re bored—and could really use a free drin...

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Bartenders Actively Listen to your Customers

21 Dec. 2015

Bartenders actively listen to your customers to have a productive...

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Have Some Respect For Bartenders

14 Dec. 2015

It's pretty cool to respect bartenders and all service staff for ...

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