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Digital currency for the bar

Buy drinks for friends and family with BOTY Points by linking your bank account or debit card quickly.

Connect with people

Tip the bartender, transfer points to friends, send a gift, or split dinner.

Easily earn and add points

Refer friends, check in at bars, play trivia, and watch your BOTY Points grow.

Move cash to your account

Redeem money easily from BOTY Points to your bank account.

Ready, set, play

Start using BOTY Points today

Check our FAQ for more details.

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Your personal and financial data is encrypted and protected on our secure servers to guard against unauthorized transactions.

boty points digital currency bar

Use BOTY Points at the bar

Transfer BOTY Points with family and friends using a mobile phone number. Finance transactions at the bar with a few clicks within the BOTY app

Free to get started

When you refer people to BOTY, you earn points for free. A standard fee applies to buying and redeeming points. Transferring BOTY Points within the application is always free.