Category: Bar Culture

The Different Bartender Personalities

18 Jul. 2016

If you've been in the service industry for a while, or are a seas...

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Hard to Quit Bartending But Why?

11 Jul. 2016

Bartending is often referred to as a means to an end. You hear it...

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5 Things to Look for During Bartender Training

3 Jul. 2016

Bartender training is a tough job. It takes time to develop the ...

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8 Ways Bartenders Are Like God

19 Jun. 2016

Bartenders aren’t just your average folks. Anyone who can put u...

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Getting Dating Advice From the Bartender

14 Jun. 2016

Being at your local bar may not be what you consider an ideal pla...

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Pros and Cons of Bartending vs. Serving

5 Jun. 2016

Having been both a bartender and a server (I’m currently a comb...

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How to Fight Shift-Work Fatigue

22 May. 2016

Working in the service industry is exhausting so it's important t...

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7 Things You Can Learn From Bartenders

15 May. 2016

There are several things bartenders can teach you. It’s been o...

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Why are Social Drinkers So Much Fun?

8 May. 2016

A social drinker is a person that drinks alcohol mainly during so...

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8 Myths about Bartenders

25 Apr. 2016

There are a lot of bartender myths and stereotypes flying around ...

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Never Say THIS to the Bartender

11 Apr. 2016

We’ve all said some stupid things at the bar, and especially wh...

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7 Types of Bar Customers

4 Apr. 2016

Have you ever just sat back and observed the different personalit...

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