Category: Bartender Tips

5 Classic Cocktails Every Bartender Must Master

19 Nov. 2018

To be a great bartender, you may think that you need to memorize ...

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You Got Hurt On the Job. Now What?

29 Apr. 2018

So, you got hurt at work. That sucks. We know what it’s like fo...

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How to Become a Badass Bartender

8 Apr. 2018

A badass bartender has to have many qualities. They save people a...

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The Culture of Long Shifts; Why Bartenders Do It and Why Bars Allow It

26 Mar. 2018

Ok everyone, let’s talk about long shifts. Doubles, 20-hour mar...

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Why It’s Hard to Work a Traditional Job After Bartending

24 Feb. 2018

You love being a bartender. But people keep telling you to quit a...

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How to Deal With Over-Friendly Bar Patrons

12 Feb. 2018

We've all seen customers who take things too far while trying to ...

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5 Things Every Bartender Can Do to Attract More Regulars

26 Dec. 2017

You want your bar to become the place "where everybody knows your...

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Does Gender Affect Your Tips?

11 Dec. 2017

When bartenders think about how to increase their tips, not much ...

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Bartender Tips To Survive The Holidays

4 Dec. 2017

A good bartender knows there are holidays and then there are drin...

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Top Bartender Secrets They Won’t Tell You

30 Oct. 2017

It's always fun to have a night out at your favorite bar, right? ...

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How to Get a Bartending Job

9 Oct. 2017

Want to work as a bartender but don’t have any experience? Wel...

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A Bartender’s Liability and How to Avoid Over-Serving

10 Aug. 2017

We’ve all heard the stories! Someone has too much to drink at a...

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