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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about BOTY, or if you need help with setup, please email

What is BOTY?

BOTY is a fun and quirky way to connect with other users while out at great places. Establishment FAQ.  Find the best bartenders at the coolest places, link up with friends, and build new relationships along the way.  We’re building BOTY to highlight the bartender and focusing on what makes them unique and helping users find the very best.  We imagine a world where you have a better experience when you go to different places where you know the people there and they know you.   

We have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Yelp.  Why do we need a profile on BOTY?

BOTY is a platform that enhances the experience for users while they are inside of an establishment.  No other platform connects people at the same places while out like we do.  As an establishment, you benefit from friends and strangers being better engaged.

What are some benefits for my establishment to be apart of BOTY?

Being apart of BOTY will provide your establishment with the following benefits:
  • Promote your establishment
  • Use BOTY to determine bartender performance
  • Find highly-rated bartenders locally
  • Connect with customers directly
  • Keep paying customers at the bar longer with Game Trivia
  • Share drink specials
  • Users check-in to your locations and you get to interact with all the people
  • Promote events and so much more….

What do the Bartender Ratings mean?

There is now a method to determine bartender performance.  Users rate the bartender on seven different factors with 0 being worst and 5 being best.  Once you rate them, the average score appears. Here are the descriptions of each factor:
  • Personality: humor, character, charm
  • Intellect: knows how to handle and count money, efficient, responsible
  • Appearance: sexiness, cleanliness, presentation
  • Speed: memory, responsiveness to customers
  • Awareness: remember drinks & names, knows favorite drinks, attentiveness to customers
  • Customer Service: greet customer with name, connectivity, friendliness and professionalism
  • Mixology: knowledge of drinks, makes drink recommendations, drink quality, drink presentation

Who manages your Establishment profile?

The bar manager, general manager, or individual who manages the social media for the establishment will run the establishment profile.  

We have multiple locations.  How to best manage the profiles for each location?

If you have multiple locations, we recommend that you assign a bar or general manager to manage the establishment profiles and corporate would need access to those user names and passwords.  If you need help with setting up accounts, please email

Why is checking-in important for your establishment?

Check-ins allow users to interact with other customers, bartenders at your establishment.  While checking in a user can write a post and share photos as well as videos.  Checking in also allows a user to flirt with others and play game trivia.

What is the Game Trivia?

BOTY Game Trivia allows users to connect with other players while checked-in at your establishment.  Game Trivia is fun and stimulates the mind and challenges users knowledge on a vast array of topics.  Keep customers at your establishment longer but scheduling games.  

How does the Game Trivia work?

  1. You are in charge of setting up games that can only be played at your place of business.  
  2. You determine the time the game will start.
  3. The games last 30-40 minutes.
  4. Those who follow the establishment or have checked-in will get a notification about when the game is set to begin.
  5. Interested people can enroll themselves.  Moments before commencement of the game, users get a push notification that game is about to begin.
  6. After accepting to play from the push notification, user get a message to alert them to get ready to play.
  7. Winners of the Game Trivia will receive prizes based on what you decide
  8. The top scores will be posted on the establishment’s ‘Leaderboard’ and users will be notified of their rankings and the winner.    
  9. Each establishment will have a Hall of Fame that will show the top scorers over time.

How does Game Trivia benefit your establishment?

BOTY Game Trivia allows you to host games at any time to keep customers in your establishment longer.

How to best use BOTY?

  1. When setting up profile, be sure to register from the establishment’s location.  (VERY IMPORTANT)
  2. Establishment should add 5 photos to profile.  5 photos is the maximum allowed.
  3. Establishment should also update tagline.  
  4. Establishment should update the about section with information about their place of business.
  5. Establishment should verify address, website and bar category are correct.
  6. Establishment should add any bartenders that work at the establishment via email or Facebook.  
  7. Establishment should invite friends, bartenders and other establishments to download the app via email, Facebook and word of mouth.  
  8. Establishment should ask friends, bartenders that work there, other bartenders and establishments to rate them.
  9. Establishment FAQ should click on recipes from the menu section and add any special drink recipes that they may have created or specials they offer on an ongoing basis.
  10. Establishment should follow friends, bartenders, followers and other establishments that they find interesting.
  11. Establishment FAQ should set up game trivia by determining a time and date and invite patrons to participate. (Patrons have to download the app to play)  Here are the steps to play the game:

When are you going to make the app for Android?

We are currently working on making the iOS experiences as solid as possible. Only then will we consider other platforms, but currently we have nothing to announce.  Click here to sign up for the Android waiting list.  

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