5 Times When It’s Totally Okay to Go to the Bar Alone

You really want to go out to the bar but you feel weird about going by yourself. So what do you do? Wait a minute before you make the wrong move!


5 times bar alone


Whether you should go out to the bar alone really depends on the circumstances. Fortunately, in most cases, it's completely fine. Here are the 5 times when it's totally okay to go to the bar alone.


1. You're Visiting a New City


If you're visiting a new city, by all means, go out and explore! Check out the hot spots and get to know the locals. You'll probably meet some new people and start having fun right away.



2. It's Just After Work Hours


If you're going to the bar after work, you can use the fact that you need to grab dinner as an excuse to be at the bar alone. If you don't want to feel weird about it, sit at the bar instead of a table to order your food.


3. You're Meeting Up With Friends


If you're meeting up with your buddies, technically you won't be alone for long. After all, someone has to be the first to arrive.


4. At Lunchtime


Enjoying lunch with a few drinks is absolutely something that you should do alone. It's actually pretty smart because you can drink without feeling guilty about it.

The more people you invite, the odds are that someone who can't hold their liquor back at the office will end up ruining liquid lunches for everybody.


5. When You Know the Bartender


If you already know the bartenders or even a few regulars, you're not actually alone. Go, order your favorite drink, and have a merry time!


Now that you know when it is okay to go to the bar by yourself, here are the times when you shouldn't go to the bar alone.


You're already drunk


Going to the bar alone when you're already drunk is a sure fire way to end up in the hospital or going home with someone creepy. Just don't do it!


Last call


Unless you're looking to hookup, going to the bar alone right before it closes is just asking for trouble. It's almost guaranteed that the drunk dude who's been ready to fight all night will have his sights set on you as the lone, almost sober person who just walked into the bar.



Trying to get work done at a busy bar


If you really need to get some work done, you may be tempted to go to the bar and work so that you’ll stop procrastinating. But trying to use your laptop while people are chugging pitchers of beer at the other end of the bar isn’t really conducive to accomplishing anything of worth. 


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5 Great College Bars In The United States

Students need to unwind and kickback with friends in college just like members of the working class.

great college bars


This may be exactly why there are so many phenomenal college bars across the United States! Here are 5 bars that really stand out. If you get a chance to ever visit one of these bars you will understand why!


Knight Library

Orlando, Florida

great college bars united states

Photo courtesy of Knight LIbrary


Knight Library is popular among so many of students from the University of Central Florida. This Orlando bar throws iconic parties that have students coming back time after time. They offer weekly specials and their Friday ‘Library Night’ has free drinks until 11pm. This bar really understands a college students budget and exceeds their expectations night after night!



The Tombs

Washington, D.C.

great college bars united states

Photo courtesy of The Tombs


The Tombs exists on the outskirts of Georgetown’s Campus in Washington, DC. At night it comes alive as students gather within its walls. Some people call this bar ‘The Greatest College Bar in the U.S.’ The Tombs has been serving Georgetown students since 1962. Their drink specials include Georgetown’s Peach Tea, Jungle Juice and the Seal’s Revenge. This is definitely a happening spot for locals and college students. If you are ever in the Georgetown area, it’s worth a visit to see it for yourself.


The Molly Brown

Bozeman, Montana

great college bars united states

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Bozeman is widely known as a college town in Montana. This is city is home to Montana State University. The Molly Brown Bar is an incredible dive bar that has 20 different beers on tap, 8 pool tables, darts and trivia nights. It is located in what college students lovingly refer to as the ‘Barmuda Triangle’ because it is situated so close to two other bars: the Haufbrau House and the Scoop Bar. There is nothing better than a packed dive bar that offers beer and trivia to college students.


Tavern In The Grove

Miami, Florida

great college bars united states

Photo courtesy of CBS Miami


The Tavern in the Grove is a favorite bar among many students at the University of Miami. It has a relaxing atmosphere that many college students really enjoy after a hard day of studying and homework. At the Tavern the drinks are always cold, the dart boards are ready to play and the smiles always come out. The Tavern also truly understands a college students budget and routinely offers students drink specials that are within their budget. It is primarily a beer serving bar, but some wines have recently made its way onto the drink list.




Ann Arbor, Michigan

great college bars united states

Photo courtesy of The Michigan Daily


Scorekeepers in Ann Arbor, Mi is an amazing mix between a sports bar and a college bar. It is located near the University of Michigan campus. They offer signature sandwiches, salads and appetizers! They also serve 27 different draft beers and 60 imports. Their mixed drinks are always fun and refreshing. Michiganders love their college sports and this bar surely reflects that spirit.

No matter what college bar you go to, you are in for a fun night of drinking, laughter and craziness! Next time you are near one of these 5 college bars, take a few minutes and check them out. You won’t be disappointed!


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2018 Spring and Summer Beer Trends

For those of us suffering in the brutal northeast, spring has finally sprung. But, even if you’re lucky enough to enjoy beautiful weather all year round, we’re sure you can appreciate the arrival of spring and summer beers.


spring summer beer trends


Gone are the bitter stouts and porters of winter to make way for sessionable ales and refreshing lagers. Read on for some trends you’re sure to see this year and some fine examples of each.


New England India Pale Ales


spring summer beer trends

Unless you’ve never seen the inside of a bar before, you’ve probably heard of IPAs: the hoppy, bitter brew that’s been dominating the craft beer world for the last 15 plus years. However, there’s a slightly new style entering the field: The New England IPA, the regular ole’ IPA’s unfiltered cousin. These brews are packed with hops and are even hazier and fruitier than their predecessors, while actually being less bitter. A classic New England IPA is the Heady Topper from Alchemist Beer in Stowe, Vermont. Another popular example is the Vicinity Double IPA from Trillium Brewing Co. in Boston, Mass.



Easy Drinkin’ Lagers and Pilsners


spring summer beer trends

Everyone loves a super fruity IPA or aggressively flavored cider now and again. But there’s something to be said for the simple. Lagers and Pilsners tend to fall by the wayside in conversations about craft beer. Yet, they remain staples that seasoned drinkers love. The difference between lagers and ales all has to do with the strain of yeast used. The yeast used in brewing lagers ferments on the bottom of the tank and produces a clean, crisp brew. A pilsner is a type of lager first created in Plzen, Bohemia (what is now the Czech Republic) in the 19th Century when a huge batch of beer went bad. Enter Josef Groll from Bavaria who added hops to the spoiled batch and created the pilsner!

A beautiful example of a clean yet flavorful lager is the Lager of the Lakes from Bell’s Brewing in Kalamazoo, MI. If you’re looking for a craft pilsner, try out the Polestar Pilsner from Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado.



A Renewed Appreciation for Lambics


spring summer beer trends

Unlike the specifically chosen yeast strains used to produce most beers, lambics are fermented in the open allowing wild bacteria to get right in there! The end product is pretty sour but is often cut with the natural sweetness from added fruits. A traditional lambic hails from Belgium; like the Lindemans Framboise. In the United States, this style of beer is generally referred to as an American Wild Ale. Try out the Cable Car Ale from Lost Abbey in San Marcos, CA or The Broken Truck from de Garde Brewing in Tillamook, Oregon.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what your favorite spring beers are in the comments!



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5 Cinco de Mayo Promotion Ideas for 2018

Cinco de Mayo is almost here. If you don't speak Spanish, Cinco de Mayo translates to the fifth of May, which is just around the corner. Although Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, the party seems to be even bigger over here in the U.S.

cinco de mayo 2018

You know what's better than celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Celebrating it in a packed bar! If you're looking for some great promotions your bar patrons will love, here are 5 ways to get this fiesta started!

  1. Crazy Drink Specials


It’s not called Cinco de Drinko for nothing. Instead of going with the usual Strawberry Margaritas and Tequila shots, why not offer your guests a little something different?

Get creative and serve up with some new Mexican-inspired drinks (Tamarind Margaritas or Horchata Cocktails) that your customers will be excited to try. If you can create a signature beverage that only your bar offers, you'll have a winner!


  1. Cinco de Mayo Challenge


Host a challenge that takes place on the patio or at the bar. Create an awesome prize for the winners, such as a weekend beach getaway to the Bahamas. You can also do small giveaways, such as t-shirts, for everyone who comes to the bar.

A hot sauce contest or trivia contest is a great way to get the crowd going. Everyone will be sure to bring their friends along. You'll also be able to keep people in the bar longer.

  1. Spread the Word and Get a Reward


Use BOTY App to hype up your celebration. Offer your fans an exclusive deal for spreading the word. You can give your customers a 10% discount, BOTY Points, offer a free drink for checking-in or entries to win the grand prize for the giveaway that you're hosting.

  1. Celebrate All Weekend Long


This year, we're in luck because Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday. That means that you can actually keep the party going all weekend long. To keep people coming back for more, make sure that you offer different promotions for each night.

Start Friday off right by bringing in a local mariachi band to serenade your guests. Then make Saturday night into a crazy dance party.


  1. Complimentary Tequila Tasting


Every hour on the hour from 7-10 p.m., offer a new brand of tequila for your customers to taste. Have servers bring around trays of shots for people to try so that they don't have to mob the bar area. Some ideas for tequilas that you can serve include Patron, Espolon, and Casamigos.


cinco de mayo 2018


Regardless of what kind of crowd your bar attracts, remember that the goal is to have fun! So don't be afraid to get creative with your promotions this year so that you’ll give everyone something to look forward to.



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You Got Hurt On the Job. Now What?

So, you got hurt at work. That sucks. We know what it’s like for restaurant employees.

hurt job bar

You rely on your physical health to complete your job and most restaurants don’t offer health insurance, putting us bar staff at higher risk than most when it comes to injuries. But don’t lose hope. There are still options available to keep you afloat until you can safely return to work. Read on for some tips for navigating workers’ comp insurance as well as some info on disability benefits and disability insurance.

Workers’ Comp Basics


While the laws vary state to state, most require employers with 1-5 employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. This means that if you get hurt on the job you can file a claim to receive lost wages while you’re out of work. The first thing to do when you become injured or ill on the job (after seeking medical attention of course) is to find out if your establishment does indeed have workers’ compensation insurance. Most likely they do.  The second thing to double check is that you are classified as an official employee of the bar. Some employers try to be shady and cut costs by hiring staff as ‘independent contractors’. But, you probably are already aware if you’ve been hired under this category.



Filing Workers’ Comp


If you are hurt at work while performing a work-related task, you must immediately report it to your employer IN WRITING. In New York, you must provide this notice within 30 days of injury. However, we strongly recommend doing it as soon as possible. Your employer should then provide you with the necessary forms to fill out. These may include some for your employer’s insurance carrier, one for the state, and all the relevant info about your rights in the situation and returning to work. Your employer will also need the full medical reports from any treatment you receive related to the injury or illness.

In most situations your boss should file the claim for you. However, it’s best to stay updated and informed throughout the process. If your claim is approved, you may receive a percentage of your lost wages and assistance with medical bills. If you are denied, you have the right to appeal.


Disability Benefits


hurt job bar

If you become ill or are injured in a NON work related incident, you may qualify for assistance from the state through social security. Again, you will need all of your medical records to receive benefits. When filing for disability through the social security office, you are making the claim that you are physically or mentally unable to work. HERE is some relevant info.



Disability Insurance


hurt bar job

Before an injury occurs, it may be wise to look into disability insurance, especially if you don’t have health insurance. Many financial institutions provide this type of coverage. Basically, you’ll receive a medical exam and be quoted a tier of monthly prices depending on how much you want to receive in the case of injury or illness. The younger and healthier you are, the more affordable this is so it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

Have experience with any of the above? Let us know in the comments and get well soon!



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How to Cater to Non-drinkers at Your Bar

Are you giving non-drinkers the same priority that you give to drinkers at your bar?

non-drinkers bar

Unfortunately, most non-drinkers say that they are simply ignored when it comes to non-alcoholic drink choices and the overall bar experience.

They are made to order the crap foundation soda on the menu while everyone else’s drinks come out looking like crazy concoctions that only a magician could dream up.

So what can you do to stop making non-drinkers feel like the bar experience just isn’t for them? Here a few easy ways to cater to non-drinkers at your bar so that they feel welcome too.


Improve Your Selection of Mocktails


Mocktails should be made with just as much attention, time, and care as your cocktails. Choose exotic fruit mixes and nicer options for glasses to delight your non-drinking bar patrons.

Here are a couple of ideas for fruit mixes:

  • Mix strawberries and mint with sugar syrup, soda, lime juice, and crushed ice. Serve it in a tumbler.
  • Blend passion fruit nectar with grenadine, orange juice, and ice. Serve it in a cocktail glass like a frozen daiquiri.


You can also allow your customers to customize the ingredients for their mocktail by allowing them to choose their own juices and garnishes.


Offer Craft Soft Drinks


Regular fountain sodas are often loaded with sugar and aren’t a good option for customers who need sugarless options.

They’re also boring and make your non-drinking customers look like the buzzkill of the party when they order a Diet Coke instead of a Rum and Coke.

Instead, stock craft sodas made from natural ingredients, including ones that use alternative sweeteners like stevia and agave.

This can help to attract more customers to your bar because craft sodas are generally difficult to find in stores and offer a unique taste.


Come Up With Fun Names for Your Non-alcoholic Drinks


Make drinking non-alcoholic drinks just as much fun as drinking alcoholic drinks.

By coming up with fun names for these beverages, your customers don’t have to feel like the spotlight is on them when they order a drink.

That is because the name will disguise the fact that the drink doesn’t contain alcohol.

Above all catering to non-drinkers is simply good business. Just like restaurants will accommodate people with food allergies or special diets, you can easily upgrade your bar to accommodate non-drinkers.

If you need another incentive, don’t forget that non-drinkers leave tips just like drinkers do. If you want better tips, now is the time to step up your game and stop making customers feel like less of a priority just because they don't drink.


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How to Flirt at a Bar Without Creeping Guys Out

Have you ever hit on a man at the bar? The thought has probably crossed your mind but you were probably unsure how to do it without looking like a total loser.

girls flirt bar

Most guys say that they like it when women come up to them first, but yet not too many women actually do it.

So how can you flirt with a guy at a bar without making him think you’re a crazy weirdo?  

Try these tips next time you’re out and report back. And also check out the guy's version and give us your thoughts. 


Wave Him Over


If you see a cute guy who's eyeing you while you're eyeing him back, just wave him over. You’ll get the points for making the first move without revoking his man card.

This makes it seem like he’s making the first move even though you helped as well. That way, you won’t look overly aggressive and you can start a conversation once he comes over.



Ask Him to Take a Pic of You and Your Girls


This tactic is sneaky, but totally effective. Go ask the guy you like to take a picture of you and your friends. It is an easy way to start a conversation without making it obvious that you’re interested.

Once he snaps the picture, thank him and then start a chat. A simple 'How are you?’ should do and then he’ll probably take it from there if he’s interested.


Don't Use Lines


If cheesy lines don’t work on girls, they absolutely don’t work on guys! The best way to make yourself look thirsty AF is to go up to a guy and use some line that sounds like it came straight out of a pick up artist guide.

If you’re not sure what to say, just ask normal questions like ‘Where are you originally from?’ or ‘Who are you here with?’


Don’t Beg for Attention


If a guy is acting like he’s too cool to talk to you, leave him alone. He’s not interested, at least for right now. Following him around the bar will probably just get you labeled as a stalker and probably thrown out by security.

Instead, go back to whatever you were doing and you might be pleasantly surprised later when he makes an attempt to get your attention. Score! You win!



Keep It Light


The fastest way to creep a guy out is by sharing too much information too soon. Let him lead the conversation. There is no reason to share the details of your doctor’s appointment earlier simply because you can’t think of anything to talk about.

Above all look good and smell good (guys tend to care about that). If you see any of your friends failing at flirting, have a talk with them and show them this article.



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How to Become a Badass Bartender

A badass bartender has to have many qualities. They save people after having a horrible day of work with their favorite cocktail and some light banter. At the same time, they have to keep their eyes on the person in the corner who has had a bit too much to drink.

badass bartender


So how do you become a badass bartender? Just turn yourself into Superman (or Wonder Woman).





Yeah, right! Well, since that's not going to happen, here are some real tips to help you improve your bartending skills.




Being a badass bartender means that you're always two steps ahead.  You’ll need to pay attention to your customers so you can anticipate who needs a refill soon. You also need to prepare for the big dinner crowd that will arrive around 6 or 7 p.m.

One of the most important things you can do as a badass bartender, is make drinks quickly and accurately. If you stay on top of your drink orders, it keeps the manager off your back and your customers happy.



Have Charm


Badass bartenders are everything pickup artists wish they could be. They're charming and know exactly what to say (without being jerks). The have good manners and being this way will earn you a great deal of respect (and... some big tips).

Becoming a badass bartender means that you know how to talk to people. You’ll also need to learn how to deal with many different personalities since you’ll meet all types of customers.

Pro tip: Treat every customer like an old friend even if you’ve never met them before.

Make sure that you introduce yourself to new customers and ask their names. Remember them so that you can start to call them by name every time they come in.


Keep It Positive


Become the person that motivates the team. No one wants to work with someone who's always in a bad mood. Being positive will also make your customers feel better and keep coming back.


Look the Part


Dress in a way that suits your bar where it’s casual rocker gear or Brooklyn dapper style. Make sure that no matter what you're wearing, your clothes are always clean. No one likes having drinks poured by a sweaty, stinky mess.



Come Up With a Gimmick


Flair bartending doesn't have to involve juggling bottles of alcohol. In fact, it's much easier and at lot safer for your customers to keep things low-key.

However, if you want to become the celebrity bartender at your bar, come up with a joke that you always tell or a trick. Some popular tricks that you can practice include: The Tin Roll or The Hinge Cut. Do them every now and then to wow your customers.

That's all there really is to it. As you work to improve your craft and stay focused on providing excellent service, you'll earn your rep as a badass bartender.


badass bartender



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5 Things That Can Get You Barred From The Bar

Nobody wants to get barred from their favorite watering hole. The place you go to relax, have a nice cold beer, and everyone knows your name.

barred bar

Here is a list of things not to do. They may not only get you kicked out for the night, they may even get booted for life.

Just Say No to Drugs In The Bathroom


Just say no to drugs, especially in the bathroom. Bars are expected to follow state and federal guidelines, so if you get caught, they won’t risk their business license for you. You will be barred and that’s no fun. Just enjoy that rum and coke and do the drugs at home, if that’s what you do.


Sexual Harassment


Liquid courage makes you feel like everyone thinks you are sexy, and nobody can resist your charm. However, you need to control your behavior and keep your hands to yourself. If your behavior is viewed as inappropriate, they might kick you out for the night. If your behavior puts others at risk you can get barred for good. Just play it safe and don’t take things to far. Flirting is okay but sexual harassment is not.

No Fist Fights


Drinking can make you believe you're a X-Men and have you thinking that everyone’s out to get you. If you start feeling angry, by no means do you ever want to get into a fist fight. Security doesn’t care who initiated things, they will bounce you right out of there. And if you are repeat offender you could be gone for good. Keep the X-Men heroics for the movies.

No Arguing


It’s bad to fight with customers, it’s even worse if you get into it with the bar staff. Life is filled with disagreements, but sometimes it’s just better to zip it and walk away. Heated arguments with anyone who works or owns the bar can get you barred for life. A bar has the job to protect its employees. If you are a threat to their well being you may be asked to leave and never allowed back.


Respect the Property


Accidents happen all the time. If you accidentally break a glass or bottle, the waitstaff will understand and clean it up. However, if you throw a barstool at the television, you better be ready to say goodbye to this bar forever. Destruction of property could get you barred and even worse arrested. So if you feel like breaking things, go home and break your own possessions.



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The Culture of Long Shifts; Why Bartenders Do It and Why Bars Allow It

Ok everyone, let’s talk about long shifts. Doubles, 20-hour marathon sessions during ‘music weeks’, and the dreaded “clopen”. Why do we do this to ourselves? And why do bars and restaurants encourage it?


culture long bartender shifts


A Culture of Work


It can’t be denied, the hospitality industry is a work-to-the-bone, never say no, go ‘til you drop world. We pride ourselves on being able to make it through incredibly long shifts because the payoff is cash. In the bar environment, we’re often encouraged to work ourselves to the point of exhaustion. This mentality is simply accepted as ‘the way it is’ and rarely questioned. However, there’s often no place for us to turn when we get sick, injured, or forced to work shifts that border on inhumane. It’s important to ask the question, “Are we truly signing up for this willingly or are we being forced by a philosophy that mainly benefits our bosses?”



Why Is It Like This?


Bartending is becoming more and more respected. As time goes on, it has earned appreciation for the art that it is. However, we are still shackled by a history of mistreatment. In many states, tipped employees are exempt from minimum wage. This means that employers can get away with paying us a fraction of what others receive. A lot of times this is fine because we make bank in tips. However, it subtly classifies us as less-than and makes us a largely disposable workforce. Restaurant employees almost never have health insurance or an HR department to turn to when we need help. There’s no 401K savings plan to help us prepare for the future and any overtime pay is negligible. Because of all this, the opportunity to put a grand in the bank after one shift is too tempting to pass up, regardless of the consequences.

Don’t get me wrong, hospitality employees can make great money. But we’re missing the support that the majority of the modern workforce receives. All of these reasons combine to create a culture that encourages and rewards behavior that is sometimes dangerous.


The Consequences


While you may be totally willing and able to work for 20 hours straight, that doesn’t make it good for you. Many bartenders experience joint problems from standing and shaking cocktails, exhaustion from lack of sleep, and long term issues that we rarely address because we don’t have insurance. Not to mention, it’s hard to plan your life when you may not know when and for how long you’ll be working.


How to Mitigate the Consequences 


Since we all know you’re going to work that crazy shift anyways, here are some tips for staying happy and healthy.


Know Your Rights


Look up the local labor laws in your area. Chances are, you’re entitled to some sort of break. If you are denied what is your legal right, report it to your state’s Department of Labor.


Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy


If you really can’t take a break, make sure you stay hydrated and eat. Bring snacks from home or scarf something down in the kitchen but don’t go without food. 


Sleep as Much as You Can


Try to get us much sleep as possible the night before and go right home after your shift. We know it’s tempting to hit the bars but the more rest you get, the less likely you are to burn out and literally collapse from exhaustion.



 Ask for What You Need


Don’t be afraid to ask for the support you need. If you need to use the restroom, don’t hold it and risk a bladder infection. If you’re hungry, ask the manager to get you some food. Again, if you’re being mistreated, REPORT IT.

We want to hear about your experience with long shifts. Why do you do them and what tips do you have to make them bearable?


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Best Networking Strategies at the Bar

Success in business isn't built by working alone. If you want to get ahead, you'll need to build new relationships and expand your network. Shockingly, one of the best places to do this is at the bar.

best networking strategies bar

Whether you find yourself at a networking event at a restaurant or you happen to wander into a bar during happy hour, these tips will help you make some good connections.

The Approach


Whether or not you're drinking, it's always a good idea to make sure that you position yourself near the bar. If you position yourself close to all of the action, you can easily strike up a conversation as people place their drink orders.


Don't Get Drunk


If your goal is to meet people concerning your career or for business purposes, hold back on the drinking. While it's okay to have a drink or two, remember that you're trying to chat with strangers about work activities. You need to be focused and too many cocktails can take you off your game.

Set Reasonable Expectations


At most, you should secure a business card or a contact phone number for your new acquaintance. Don't expect to get hired for a job or strike a business deal the same night. Sometimes the consumption of too much alcohol can inflate expectations. Give it a few days to sink in!


networking strategies bar

Don't Make It Obvious


Let's face it. No one likes a social climber. If people see that you're trying to work the room, they'll probably decide that you're someone that's not worth knowing. Remember, you’re not a politician and this isn’t a re-election campaign.

Instead of trying to meet everyone, zero in on a few people who pique your interest for whatever reason. You can also work on becoming a regular at the bar so that you can meet more people gradually. That way you won’t feel pressured to try to meet as many people as possible in one night.

Ask Genuine Questions


Let the other person speak to you more than you speak to them. Make sure to ask thoughtful questions. Instead of the usual “So, what do you do?” ask about their hobbies and interests.

Not only will they remember having an enjoyable conversation with you, they'll also feel great about the fact that you really wanted to get to know them.

Treat Networking Like a Puzzle


Even if the person you meet can't help you directly, keep in mind that someone in their network might be able to. You can find out who they know later by checking out their social media accounts and following up.

Ask Yourself Why They Should Want to Meet You


Think carefully about why these new acquaintances might want to meet you in the first place. You only have a short time to make a good first impression so think about how you might respond to basic questions about yourself and your professional life.


Always Be Ready


If want to network, you should always be ready. Have business cards available or send your e-card if your new acquaintance asks for your contact information. Make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the scene, have gum available, and freshen up.


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7 Myths About Women Who Drink Whiskey

“You’re really going to order that?” he asks. Oh no, here we go again! Women who drink whiskey often have to deal with ridiculous comments from people who just can't help themselves.

myths women whiskey myths women drink whiskey

For some reason, some people think that women and whiskey just don’t go together and it’s just silly. Just like anyone else, women can and should be allowed to enjoy a fine whiskey.

To help put an end to the stigma against women whiskey drinkers, here are 7 myths that need to die, like now.

Myth #1: Whiskey is just for men.


When some people think of whiskey they think of their grandfathers, cowboys, and other macho stereotypes. Shockingly, women are perfectly capable of enjoying whiskey too. No permission required!


Myth #2: You don't even know what you're drinking.


Yeah, yeah. Bourbon is made from corn and scotch is made from malted barley. If you want to learn about whiskey, just Google it. But at the end of the day, you don’t need to know any of those facts to enjoy it.

In fact, since women whiskey drinkers aren’t exactly the norm if you see a woman order a particular brand or type, she probably knows a thing or two about whiskey. She’ll probably also be ready to school you on whiskey if you ask her so make sure you have your facts straight.

Myth #3: You won't like it if you drink it neat.


Oh, pu-lease. Who said every woman prefers daiquiris? Besides, a woman who takes her drinks neat is so rare that she's probably better at handling her liquor than most.

Myth #4: You're going to be hungover tomorrow.


Your body type is what determines your hangover, not your gender. Fun fact: You don't have to keep drinking until you're on the floor.

Myth #5: You can't actually enjoy the taste.


Research shows that women actually have more taste buds than men. That means that they can actually enjoy the taste of whiskey even more than men!

Myth #6: It isn't good to drink whiskey.


Excessive drinking isn't good for you either, bud. But no one said that you have to over indulge. Surprisingly, whiskey does have some health benefits.


Myth #7: You're just doing it to try to fit in with the guys.


Like women football fans, there are women who actually like whiskey. She also doesn't give a damn if you think that she's not 'ladylike.' Get over it!

You have your drink of choice and some women just happen to enjoy whiskey as their drink of choice. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of whiskey for everybody.

Instead, next time you see a woman carefully sipping on a stiff glass of Maker’s Mark, why not chat with her? You might find out something interesting about her love for whiskey!

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