The Top Things That Make for a Successful Bar

A successful bar can be a local place to hang out or an expensive craft cocktail bar.


successful bar


Here are the top things that make for a successful bar no matter who their audience is or the type of bar it is.



The Concept


To be successful, a bar needs to have a clear identity. From the decor to the types of drinks it serves, everything is carefully selected to remain on theme.





People love special events and discounts. The most successful bars make sure to host new promotional campaigns all the time to keep people coming back for more. From advertising on different platforms, including social media and radio, to flyers and signs. The best bars know that promotions make things much more interesting.

Dedicated Staff


From the bartenders to the wait staff, top bars make sure that they always deliver competent customer service. This includes making sure that bartenders and kitchen staff have in-depth knowledge about and expertise in making the foods and drinks that they sell.

They also take pride in delivering great service. Incompetent or lazy workers won't last a day in a successful bar. Because the owners truly understand how important the staff is to their business.

The Crowd


Awesome bars attract awesome people. No matter what night you go to a successful bar, you already know that you’ll have a good time.

A Great Atmosphere


Successful bars always deliver a great atmosphere. Whether it is by choosing the right lighting or making sure that there is plenty of comfortable seating. These bars know what their customers want and deliver it.



Location is key in real estate and it also makes all of the difference when it comes to successful bars. The bar is easy to find and may even be located in a place that makes it easily accessible to impromptu visitors.

Keeps Up With Changing Times


While most bars aren’t in competition to become the trendiest spots around, successful bars typically make an effort to keep up with changing times. Whether it’s done by adjusting the decor or by changing the drink menu, successful bars know when it’s time to do something new.




The most successful bars often have branded products that they either giveaway or sell in order to make the bar experience memorable. These items help to bring back returning patrons and attract new ones. They are even used to help the bar go viral on social media, which also attracts even more patrons.


No matter what type of bar you go to, you know that there’s something special about a place when you go there. It also shows that success isn’t simply luck when it comes to creating a great bar.


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Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes at the Bar?

Everyone goes to the bar and eventually posts something on social media. But are you making the right moves when it comes to creating the online persona that you want to become ideally?

social media mistakes

Here are some top social media mistakes to avoid while at the bar.


Last Minute 8-10 p.m. Posts


You're already at the bar. But, you're posting on social media as if everyone else should be there with you already?

Instead, of posting at 8-10 p.m., let them know a bit earlier that this is the bar that you're planning to be at. By letting everyone else know about your plans before you go out, you can increase the turnout.

Pro tip: It doesn't hurt to let them know about the Happy Hour Specials, as well. Perhaps your followers will see something that they like?


Being an Idiot Online


Most people have a good idea of when the evening crosses over from just hanging out to "we're wasted" territory. If you feel like things are getting dangerously close to that line, then it's probably not a good idea to post on social media.

You might want to consider logging out of your social media profiles when you feel like your less flattering slide is coming out.

This will help you to avoid major social media mistakes, like taking photos where you look obviously drunk out of your mind or posting crazy comments or captions that are sure to get you in trouble at work.


Posting Updates That Lead to Relationship Problems


Will your girlfriend or boyfriend be happy when they see you posting updates from the bar when you said you were staying in tonight?

Probably, not. If you want to stay safe on social media at the bar, it's a good idea to skip posting photos that could result in you having to make up a story about last night.

While it might of been a totally innocent situation, such as the bartender bringing you the bottles you ordered, you should be cautious if you decide to post your updates to social media.


You're Posting Too Often


Giving a blow-by-blow of what happened from 9 to 10 p.m. doesn't make you look cool. It only shows that you have too much time to post on social media because you aren't having fun.

Instead of providing real-time updates, try enjoying yourself at the bar. Post just few times throughout the night to let people on social media know what went on and you'll look a lot cooler.


You're Being Too Promotional


Just like your social media audience doesn't like hearing about you only or too often, they don't like being sold to constantly. Social media is awesome for promotion, but you need to do it sporadically.

Instead of focusing on how much money you could possibly make, think of the most relevant times for posting interesting promotions to your audience.

Above all, social media isn't only about you, it's about being social with others. So the next time you get ready to post, make sure to put your audience (and your friends) first.


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5 Different Types of Bars and How to Experience Them

Everyone has their favorite places that they like to hang out at. If going to the bar is your thing, then it's worth it to know what you're getting yourself into before you leave the house so that you can have a great time.

experience different bars


Here's 5 different types of bars and how to experience them.

1. College Bar

If you're looking for cheap drinks and a rowdy crowd that's ready to party, then the college bar is what you're looking for. College bars are a lot like going to a college house party. Expect that it will be hot and filled to max capacity with a DJ playing the latest hits.

If you want to have a good time here, you have to enjoy beer pong, dancing, and shots. Dress comfortably in jeans. Skip the super nice clothes unless you want your favorite shoes to be covered in grime from the floor by the end of the night.


2. Sports Bar

Sports bars are where all of the action is. At the sports bar, every wall is plastered with giant flat screen TVs, they have food that will give you a heartache, and they have plenty of craft beers on tap. If you want to watch the game but don't have a huge TV at home, then head over to the sports bar and you'll feel like you're right at the stadium.

The best way to enjoy a sports bar is to get there before the game starts so that you can grab a seat. Make sure you can comfortably view all of the TVs in the bar from your seat. Finally, bring plenty of cash so you can keep ordering rounds for your crew to make good on all of those bets. Don't forget to order some wings, as well.

Pro tip: If you don't want to start a bar fight, don't wear gear from the team everybody hates (unless you have a death wish).

3. Dive Bar

If you're feeling edgy or just really don't care about what other people think about your drinking habits, then the dive bar is the perfect place for you. Dive bars range from seedy biker gang hangouts to low-budget bars where you can easily find a quick shot of tequila.

If drinking is your game tonight, then the dive bar is calling your name. Don't worry about the dress code, you'll fit right in whatever you've been wearing all day. Go and strike up a conversation with some randoms and get ready to meet some interesting people.

4. Cigar Bar

If you love to smoke cigars, a cigar bar is a place that you should try at least once. Most cigar bars are just like lounges with dim lighting and comfortable seating. You can order your favorite Bourbon and choose from an extensive selection of fine cigars.

When you go there, you'll want to dress up a bit. Don't be afraid to spurge a bit so that you can enjoy the best that they have to offer. It's also a great way to enjoy a night out with the guys.


5. Irish Pub

Are you looking for a place to complain about your life or tell tall tales to strangers over drinks? The Irish pub is the best place to do this since they've literally done it since the Middle Ages in Ireland!

To really enjoy an Irish pub, go there after work to grab a beer. Make sure to order some dinner as Irish pubs usually have excellent Irish-themed home cooked favorites such as Bangers and Mash or Shepherd's Pie. It's a pretty relaxed place to enjoy a chat with a stranger or watch a bit of the game.


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5 Things You Can Do for the First Time at a Bar

Making goals in life is important. It’s what makes us become better people. When it comes to going to the bar, your ambitions should be just as lofty.

first time bar

If you’re looking for a new experience, here are 5 things you can do for the first time at a bar.


1. You've Seen Some Things...


Don't just tell a tall tale about the mysterious creature you saw while fishing. That’s for amateurs. When you're at the bar, really go all out with a bullshit story and leave your audience hanging on your every word.

Make sure to make it really long, like at least 15 minutes. Then wait for everyone to be amazed and shocked at your crazy life experiences. Accept a free shot from anyone who offers.



2. My Drink’s on Fire, Man!


Where else can you enjoy the rush of arson without getting arrested? A drink that's on fire is an ultimate experience that you can only enjoy at a bar. From classic tiki cocktails to flaming shots, everyone should order a drink that’s on fire at least once.

But be aware that everyone’s eyes will be on you as soon as your drink arrives. So you’ll have to drink it while they’re still looking at you.

You'll look even cooler if you can drink it while it’s still on fire. Just be careful not to burn your face off or knock it over.


3. Body Shots


The bar is the only place other than the bedroom where using someone's body as a plate is acceptable. So take advantage of it.

Enjoy some shots of tequila with someone who is excited about it as you are. Extra bonus points if it is a total stranger.


4. Turn Everyone Into Your Best Friend Instantly


Want to make new friends fast? Let everyone know that their next round is on you. You’ll not only become famous for one night. Suddenly, everyone at the bar will also be your new friend.

There’s really nowhere else can you bond with others by giving them stuff for free without having everyone think that you’re nuts. If you’re feeling lucky, go all out and let them know that they can order the top shelf stuff.



5. Sing Karaoke


Your urge to sing in front of a crowd has been building up inside of you for years. You always wanted to make it big but you never got a shot at fame. Now you can make your debut: at the bar.

It doesn't matter if you're terrified of singing in public. We all have our fears. Even if you sound terrible, you should just do it.

So let loose. Going to the bar is all about having fun. Try these new things and watch how your night turns out.


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Millennials Are The Worst Tippers In The US

Americans ages 18-37 also are more in favor of paying more than dropping tips


worst tipper in the US


Millennials are the driving force behind avocado toast and poke bowls. But don’t count on the younger generation to throw in a few extra bucks to the servers delivering those culinary innovations. 

Young adults age 18-37 are much less keen on tipping than their older counterparts. According to a new survey by, it shows that millennials’ attitudes and behavior on tipping tend to be stingier across the board. 



  • Millennials are most likely to stiff servers

Ten percent of Americans ages 18 to 37 say they routinely leave no tip. Nearly one in three leaves less than a 15 percent tip at restaurants. Older adults tip more. 

  • Millennials most often select the lowest of preselected tip options

Whether it's a food truck, coffee shop or after taking an Uber, about one in six millennials say they regularly choose the lowest option. And nearly one in five gives no tip – the highest figures of any age group. 

  • Millennials would prefer higher prices and no tipping

Philosophically, young adults are the most likely to say they would prefer to do away with tips and have the service charge included in restaurant food prices. About 27 percent of millennials say they favor that option to the existing system. 

What’s behind the shift in tipping trends seen in millennials? 

“Tipping at sit-down restaurants has always been the standard in the U.S., but that’s not necessarily the case in other countries,” says senior industry analyst Matt Schulz. “We’re seeing younger adults tipping less, and even showing a greater preference toward eliminating tipping altogether, even if it means paying more on the bill.”

The online survey of 1,000 adults was conducted May 18-20, 2018. See survey methodology.



‘Older people really prefer tipping’

That data might make it seem as though millennials are just cheap, but a more nuanced explanation is that people with more money tend to tip more. And young adults as a whole have lower incomes than people who are further along in their careers. 

“Income predicts tipping,” says Michael Lynn, a tipping expert at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. “Older people really prefer tipping.” 

Lynn says it is difficult to know if tipping in general is becoming more widespread or less common.

Some industries, such as cruise lines, have largely done away with tipping and include service charges in passengers’ bills. But in other areas, such as order-at-the-counter restaurants and with ride-sharing vehicles, tipping is seemingly becoming more widespread. Those who use rewards credit cards to earn points on dining and travel expenses might not mind adding on the recommended tip to their bill. But not everyone believes the current system is fair to employees.

Tipping, Lynn says, is a way of allowing customers to have more control over the experience and to motivate employees to provide good service. It is not a perfect system, and it has been criticized as discriminatory, since studies have shown that young, attractive waitresses earn more in tips.


Would you pay more if there was no tipping?

Tips remain an important component of income in those fields in which it is common. And customers seem to prefer the practice to alternatives such as mandatory charges or higher costs. 

“There are people who want to pay waiters more, but when you say you’re going to pay for it out of higher menu prices, they are not so thrilled,” Lynn says. 

According to the survey, other demographic groups that are more open to doing away with tipping at restaurants include people with incomes over $75,000 a year (26 percent in favor) and people with college degrees (30 percent in favor).

Overall, just 21 percent favored higher food prices and no tipping. Some restaurants have taken that approach, but others have ended no-tipping experiments after losing customers

The Emily Post Institute, which provides etiquette training, says tipping “is one of the most stressful and confusing aspects of etiquette today.” It recommends tipping 15 to 20 percent on the pre-tax total at sit-down restaurants.

The Emily Post Institute also lists 17 other circumstances when tipping is appropriate, including leaving money for hotel housekeepers and giving a few dollars to valets and restroom attendants. 

“Tipping can be tricky and awkward because there’s really no right or wrong answer,” Schulz says. “However, the truth is that many workers rely on tips to generate a large portion of their income. To them, it’s not just about etiquette. It’s about being able to provide for their families and put food on their own tables.”




Other survey findings: Women are more generous tippers

Other survey findings suggest older Americans and women are better tippers.

  • Older people tend to be more generous tippers.

Nearly 55 percent of seniors age 65 and up said they tip 20 percent or more at restaurants, the highest of any age groups. Just 35 percent of people under 30 reported tipping at that level.

  • Women are more generous tippers than men. 

The median tip from women is 20 percent, compared with just 16 percent from men. 

  • White restaurant customers reported tipping more than black or Hispanic patrons. 

Just 13 percent of whites said they typically tip less than 15 percent, compared with 48 percent of blacks and 36 percent of Hispanics. 

  • Customers in the Northeast and Midwest tend to tip more. 

Diners in the South and West tend to tip less, and Southern customers are most likely of all (7 percent) to stiff servers and wait staff.

  • Married people tip more than singles. 

And those with higher incomes and college degrees are bigger tippers.

Those trends are just averages, of course. People who work in restaurants often can’t predict how they will be tipped until the diner pays the bill. 

“When you are a waiter, you learn that you never know when you are going to get a good tip or a bad tip,” says Steve Dublanica, a former waiter and author of “Keep the Change: A Clueless Tipper’s Quest to Become the Guru of the Gratuity.”

Dublanica says you can insult a patron and still receive a nice tip, or you can provide great service and receive nothing. 



Survey methodology

This tipping study was conducted for by GfK Custom Research North America on its OmniWeb online omnibus. The sample consists of 1,000 completed interviews, weighted to ensure accurate and reliable representation of the total population, 18 years and older and was conducted May 18-20, 2018. The margin of error for total respondents is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Original Article:


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The Bar Can Help You Reconnect With Yourself

You go to the bar to connect with others. But have you considered that going to the bar can actually make you feel better about yourself?

bar reconnect yourself

Here are 5 ways going to the bar can help you reconnect with yourself.


Take a Break From Your Friends

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from hanging out with your usual crew. Going to the bar alone can allow you to enjoy life without your friends.

Make sure to fully immerse yourself in your bar experience by turning off your phone and actually getting to know a random stranger or two.

At the end of the night, you'll probably have made some new friends. You might even have found a new potential partner.



Get Over Life’s Problems

Have you been feeling down lately? Are you trying to get over a bad breakup? Going to the bar can be just the trick you need to get out of your funky mood.

Going to the bar will also remind you just how awesome life can be. Instead of having to deal with people who don't appreciate you, a night at the bar will show you that everything is going to be okay.

Nothing is forever. So stop feeling like things will never get better and head to the bar!


Indulge Your Taste Buds


It’s been ages since you’ve tried some new drinks. Instead of ordering your usually vodka soda, try out some new cocktails for a change.

Switch it up and go to a bar that you don’t usually go to. Then order something from the menu that you never would have considered trying before.

By doing this, you can introduce your taste buds to some new flavors that you didn’t even know that you actually like. The best part is that you might even end up with a new favorite bar to frequent.


Ask for Advice From the Bartender

A bar might not be the best place to go for life-altering advice. However, you might have an entirely different perspective after you ask your friendly bartender for advice about something that’s going on in your life.

Most bartenders are surprisingly easy to talk to. So give it a go and share your story.



Destress From Work


You feel like you barely have time to do anything you like to do any more. So don’t put yourself off any longer. Go out to the bar and take a much-needed break from all of the crap that is going on at your job.

Have a drink or two and just put the work week’s problems off for another day. Surely, it can wait!

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5 Signs You Need a Break From Social Media

Have you ever thought about the fact that it might be a good idea to take a break from social media?

quit social media


It seems like it's almost impossible when you feel like you're forced to look at your phone every 5 minutes.

Here are 5 signs that it's time to take a break from social media.


1. You Procrastinate Often


One of the major reasons why most people take a break from social media is that they realize that they're wasting tons of time. You knew that you needed to get a few things done for work or school before bed, but instead you went on Facebook!

Social media is a huge time sucker. No matter how much you try to limit yourself (I'll start doing something productive in 30 minutes after I watch this video.), you still end up wasting your entire night on social media.



2. You're Annoyed


You're tired of seeing the same people bitch about life. After all, how many times can you read about your friends' breakups or daily workout routines before you just want to rip your hair out?

After awhile you start to realize that a lot of status updates are simply attention seeking, and nothing more. If you don't want to be a part of their audience any more, it's time for you to find something else to do (like go to the bar and meet real people!).


3. You're Starting to Feel Bad About Yourself


Many studies have proven that social media is actually bad for your self-esteem. Do you find that you are comparing yourself to your friends on social media? It seems like everybody is doing something awesome except for you.

Well it's time for you to start having an awesome life too. The way that you do this is by making memories in real life instead of on social media.


4. You're Not Meeting Anyone New


Let's be completely honest. When is the last time that you actually made a new friend?

Last year? Ten years ago? While it might sound cool to be like Drake and say "No new friends,” at the end of the day, you're feeling lonely.  You're bored of your social media friends and you know it’s time to get out there.

So what's the remedy? Go to the bar and interact with others. You'll feel a lot better once you have some new opportunities to meet people. When you get off social media and add new folks to your circle, you’ll feel a lot better.



5. No One Answers Your Messages


If you keep getting replies like "I'm busy, bro." or "I'll text you tomorrow." chances are that you're the only one that's constantly sitting home, trying to catch up on social media.

You should take this as a sign that it's not them, it's you. So get off your phone and get back out there. It's the weekend and you deserve a break from social media! Be safe!!

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5 Types of People You Meet at the Bar vs. on Facebook

It usually goes like this: you log into Facebook and start scrolling. You see your friends doing awesome stuff you wish you could be doing with people that you’ve never met.

bar versus facebook

So why isn’t that happening for you? Chances are that it's time for you to expand your social circle. If you’re ready to get out there, here are 5 people you’ll meet at the bar that you likely won’t meet on Facebook.


Your Future Girlfriend / Boyfriend


Alcohol plus dim lighting is almost guaranteed to result in a love connection at some point. If you’re single and ready to mingle, going to the bar is the best place to meet people that you might fancy.

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about the catfishing that’s so common with Facebook and online dating sites. Plus, who really wants to deal with chatting with someone online for weeks only to find out that they won’t meet you in-person?



Your New Boss


Need a new job? If you’re looking to get into the bartending or nightlife scene, visiting bars is the best place to meet your new boss. Just make sure to dress the part and be ready to make your best pitch.


New People to Hang With


Getting bored of reading updates on Facebook from your current crew? Most people’s lives are pretty boring. If you’ve known someone for years, there’s really not much they can share that you don’t already know about them.

Why not add some new faces to the mix? When you go to the bar, chances are that you’ll meet new people. So if you want some new friends, the best place to meet them is in person, at the bar.


A Friend of Someone Important


Have you been looking for someone to review the movie script you wrote? Do you want in with the who’s who of your local business community?

If you want to meet prominent people, going to the bar might just be the easiest way to find them. After all, they like to kick back too after a long day. Find out which upscale bars are popular with celebrities in your area and hit the town.

With just a little bit of luck (and the right conversation starters), you could soon find yourself schmoozing with some well-known people.



Your Favorite New Bartender


Why is it so hard to make drinks yourself? It's because you really need to go to the bar, instead. If you're sick of gulping down shitty mixed drinks or cheap wine at home, tonight’s the night to stop the madness.

Instead of staying at home and settling for Netflix and Facebook, you could be out exploring new bars. In the process, you just might find an awesome new bartender who knows how to make the best Old Fashioned you’ve ever had.

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How to Take Selfies At the Bar

You're posing for a selfie at the bar and you want to make sure you come out looking like a model. So how do you make yourself look great every time?

take selfie bar

Here are some tips to help you capture the best version of yourself.


Work Your Angles


When you take a selfie, it's all about finding the right angle. Extend your arm all the way out so that your smartphone is as far away from your body as possible. This will make it easier for you to find the right angle for your photo.



Take Photos Horizontally and Vertically


If you're taking an individual selfie, experiment with this. Sometimes people look better in a landscape (horizontal) composition versus a portrait (vertical) composition. Taking photos horizontally also makes it easier to get some of the background into your selfie if you want people to see what's behind you in the photo.


Use Sunglasses


If the lighting is too bright in the bar or you’re outdoors and it's midday, take your selfie with your sunglasses on. This will keep you from having to squint in your photo, which makes your eyes look tired.


Watch Your Posture


Elongate your neck to keep from looking like you have a double chin. Make sure that you also aren't slouching in your photos.


Just Say ‘No’ to Duck Face


This is the ultimate selfie offense. Never make duck face in your selfies. It doesn't make you look hot!


Take Selfies Before You Get Wasted


If you want great selfies, take them before you have too many drinks. After all, if you're 'doing it for the gram,' you don't want to look sweaty and totally out if it.

If you want perfect selfies later in the night, go to bathroom and check your hair and makeup first so that you don’t end up looking crazy in your photos.


Trying to Look Intense or Deep


If you're trying way too hard to look sexy, you're probably just going to end up looking constipated, instead. If it's not your normal selfie pose or you've never tested out before, don't do it.


Watch the Filters


Unless you're a professional image editor, watch the filters. It's always easy to tell when you've tried to edit your selfies yourself to get rid of your flaws. Usually things turn out a lot worse than you expected and you risk turning yourself into a meme once you post your selfie online. 


Skip the Selfies in the Bar Bathroom


Taking selfies in a graffiti-covered bar bathroom doesn't make you look cool or edgy. You just look like someone who doesn't wash their hands before touching their phone again.



Practice At Home


Although us Millennials love to pretend that awesome selfies are totally spontaneous, practice at home, seriously. Before you go to the bar, take selfies at different angles and in front of different amounts of lighting.

This will help you to uncover the mistakes you make when posing for selfies so that you don't repeat them when it's game time.

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5 Drinks Every College Bar Should Offer

Part of the college experience is going out to the bars with your roomies and classmates. The best college bars offer drinks you can afford to keep the party going!

college bar cheap drinks


Here is a list of 5 drinks every college bar should be carrying for their college students.

Cheap Beer


If you’re not a beer drinker, you better have a good drinking budget! This is because beer is cheap and can be found anywhere. A good college bar will offer a variety of beers at cheap prices to meet the needs of college students who are regulars. When in doubt, go for a domestic brew. If you are feeling a little adventurous reach for a malt! Either way you can never go wrong with a bar that offers a variety of inexpensive beer.


Rum And Coke


Rum and coke is an easy choice for college students. It’s simple to order and the majority of students really like the taste. If you want to get a bit fancy with it, order a rum and root beer or a rum and sprite. Be sure that the bar offers a cheaper choice of rums. Not every student can afford top shelf prices. Most of the time however, if you don’t know what to order, Captain Morgan is a pretty affordable choice.

Vodka And Redbull


Vodka and Redbull is the drink of choice for many college ladies and some guys don’t mind it either. Red Bull with just about any alcohol is fabulous in itself, so it’s no wonder this is a great go to for college students. Not to keen on Redbull? Maybe, the bartender can make you a Screwdriver with vodka and orange juice. Red Bull has lots of caffeine and taurine, which is like drinking a cup of coffee. As a college student, this is important to have energy for early morning classes or exams.

Tequila Sunrise


Tequila shots are always great when you are wanting to hit the party hard. However, some college students like the drinks that they can just sip on throughout the night. A Tequila Sunrise is all that and more! The recipe includes orange juice, tequila and grenadine. Unlike every other alcohol, tequila is said to be an upper, not a downer, and can lift your mood. That’s why college students love it plus the Tequila Sunrise tastes incredible!


Whiskey Lemonade


Any whiskey will do for those hardcore college drinkers. However, when you put whiskey and lemonade together, you are in for a night of good old college fun. The sweet and sassiness of this drink will please the frat clubs and college athletes alike!

college bars cheap drinks

These drinks are timeless and any good college bar will have them on hand for their younger customers. Always be sure to ask about alcohol prices to get the better deal. Money is so important when you are in college and on a budget. Also, your college years are about having fun, learning and experiencing life, so drink responsibly. When in doubt, call a Lyft or Uber. Use your best judgement when you plan to go out drinking.

Did we miss any drinks? Anyway, have fun!

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How to Take a First Date to the Bar

It's Saturday night and yes, you have a hot date! So you want to enjoy a casual meetup at the bar?

first date bar

This is actually a great idea because the perfect first date should be short, interesting, and leave you feeling excited to see that person again.

So how do you pull this off? Here's how to take a first date to the bar and increase the odds of an awesome date.


Choose the Right Scene


For a first date, you want to choose a bar that isn't too fancy. But at the same time, a dive bar just isn't good enough. Choose a place that is a bit nicer than some place you might go to as your regular hang out.

You also want to choose a place that makes it look like you aren't really trying too hard to impress.

Pro tip: Don't go to the bar at a chain restaurant because it’s too loud and you won’t be able to hear each other. Save the $5 margaritas and fried onion blooms at TGIF’s for Tuesday night takeout.



Don't Take Your Date to Your Usual Hangout Spot


It's nice if you go to a bar that you've been to before. However, you shouldn't be high-fiving every person that walks in because you know them.

It's hard enough to have a conversation with someone you don't know. It's even harder for your date if he or she can't even keep your attention because your buddies keep walking in.

Also, it will be a huge turnoff to your date when your crew keeps texting you to ask how things are going.


Go to a Bar That Serves Food


Choose a bar that serves food to provide a welcome distraction if things get awkward during your date. Plus if you skipped lunch that day, ordering food will keep you from turning into the hangry monster and ruining your date.

Pro tip: Order some munchies, but not dinner, so that you can get out fast if things aren't going well.


Don't Get Drunk


One or two cocktails should be enough to take the edge off your nervousness. If you go all in and get drunk, there's a 99% chance you're going to ruin things.

Above all, don't try to pre-game before the date. Your date will notice that you’ve been drinking and he or she will not be impressed by your closet alcoholic tendencies.



Don't Be Flashy or an Extreme Cheapskate


There's no need to show off your fat bank account, your new cars or all of hot models you know because you're so well-connected.

On the other hand, letting your date know that you're using a 2-for-1 coupon isn't exactly a turn on.

first date bar


When the bill comes, pay the bill or go dutch and just get it over with. There's no need to have a lengthy conversation with the bartender about who ordered what or belittle your date because you can afford to pay all of an expensive bill.


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5 Times When It’s Totally Okay to Go to the Bar Alone

You really want to go out to the bar but you feel weird about going by yourself. So what do you do? Wait a minute before you make the wrong move!


5 times bar alone


Whether you should go out to the bar alone really depends on the circumstances. Fortunately, in most cases, it's completely fine. Here are the 5 times when it's totally okay to go to the bar alone.


1. You're Visiting a New City


If you're visiting a new city, by all means, go out and explore! Check out the hot spots and get to know the locals. You'll probably meet some new people and start having fun right away.



2. It's Just After Work Hours


If you're going to the bar after work, you can use the fact that you need to grab dinner as an excuse to be at the bar alone. If you don't want to feel weird about it, sit at the bar instead of a table to order your food.


3. You're Meeting Up With Friends


If you're meeting up with your buddies, technically you won't be alone for long. After all, someone has to be the first to arrive.


4. At Lunchtime


Enjoying lunch with a few drinks is absolutely something that you should do alone. It's actually pretty smart because you can drink without feeling guilty about it.

The more people you invite, the odds are that someone who can't hold their liquor back at the office will end up ruining liquid lunches for everybody.


5. When You Know the Bartender


If you already know the bartenders or even a few regulars, you're not actually alone. Go, order your favorite drink, and have a merry time!


Now that you know when it is okay to go to the bar by yourself, here are the times when you shouldn't go to the bar alone.


You're already drunk


Going to the bar alone when you're already drunk is a sure fire way to end up in the hospital or going home with someone creepy. Just don't do it!


Last call


Unless you're looking to hookup, going to the bar alone right before it closes is just asking for trouble. It's almost guaranteed that the drunk dude who's been ready to fight all night will have his sights set on you as the lone, almost sober person who just walked into the bar.



Trying to get work done at a busy bar


If you really need to get some work done, you may be tempted to go to the bar and work so that you’ll stop procrastinating. But trying to use your laptop while people are chugging pitchers of beer at the other end of the bar isn’t really conducive to accomplishing anything of worth. 


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