BOTY Bar Stickers

Customize your bar conversations and make your iMessages super cool with BOTY Stickers. Going to the bar has never been more fun.

Get them today on the App Store:

BOTY Sticker Pack

Remind your friends how fun it is going to the bar. In this sticker pack, you’ll find custom bar stickers. And also find quirky sayings to insert on your chats via iMessage. Compatible with iPhone and iPad users, add it to your app drawer and use whenever.

To access stickers in iMessage:

1.  Open Messages App.
2. Tap App Store icon in top left corner.
3. Tap four circles icon in bottom left corner.
4. Sticker Pack icon should appear in your iMessage App Drawer.
5. If Stickers don’t appear, tap “Store” icon and then tap “Manage” tab to add sticker pack to iMessage Sticker Drawer.




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