For many, the bar is a place of comfort. You can walk into one you’ve never been to, and somehow feel like you’ve been there before. And with new technology like the BOTY app, people are connecting at the bar in a whole new way, making the bar more like a second home than ever.



One major reason for this phenomenon? Every bar has 6 types of people who frequent them, and without realizing it, you’re most likely one of them.

Here are the 6 types of regulars at every bar - let’s see which one you turn out to be.


The Quiet One


While the bar lends a perfect way to meet new people, there are those who are too anxious to talk to the person next to them - and there are those that would just prefer not to. These types will likely fixate on one or two things, namely: their drink, their phone, or whatever happens to be on the TV, even if it’s an infomercial. They might be too shy to start a conversation with a stranger, but they’ll likely open up after a few drinks if you approach them.



The Social One


The king or queen of chit chat, this regular thrives on the energy of bar - they might even bring the energy up a few notches. This person isn’t just at the bar to drink, they’re there to meet people and talk about almost anything. They will be the person to buy you a drink before you’ve even exchanged more than a couple sentences, and they’ll be the ones to tell you stories (real or made up) all night if you let them.


The Cocktail Connoisseur


This regular appreciates the delicate craft that is mixology. Ever see the person who spends about 4 minutes more than most looking at the cocktail menu? This drinker is looking to be dazzled by what the bartender can concoct, and they expect perfection. The foodie of the bar scene, this person can many times be a hybrid - sharing qualities with either the Quiet One, the Social One, or even the Flirt (read below).


The Game Watcher


Whether it’s a sports bar or not, this regular has a goal - and that’s to drink a cold something while their eyeballs never leave the screen with the game on it. They’ll often ask the bartender to switch to the game of their choice (which is questionable bar etiquette), or will situate themselves at a bar they know plays the match they’re looking for. They can be quiet or rowdy, but for this regular, it’s always about watching the game.


The Flirt


Every bar has at least one flirt in it at any given moment. This person loves chatting people up and making glances that will either excite you or make you pretty uncomfortable. The flirt can be a guy or gal who’s trying to get lucky or maybe has hopes of meeting their next potential relationship partner. This regular can be kind of clingy or they can be a lot of fun to hang out with. Who knows, your next girlfriend or boyfriend might just be the Flirt you meet at your local pub.



The Drinker


Yes, we all come to the bar to have a drink or two, but this regular takes drinking to a different level. While you might be finishing your second beer, this person has managed to polish off 4 in the same time span. They can also outlast you - the Drinker regular will likely be one of the last people to leave the pub, and likely the one treating the worst hangover the next day. Whether it’s been a rough day or there’s something big to celebrate, we’ve all been this regular at least once or twice.

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Have you ever just sat back and observed the different personalities that come in the bar? People are fascinating and when alcohol is involved they become even more so. From the hip, trendy bar customers to the every day regulars, there is never a dull moment at the bar. 


Bar Customers


Here are 7 different types of bar customers.


The Sophisticated Drinker


These bar goers are usually easy to spot. Their high-end clothes and trendy personalities usually shine through. A sophisticated drinker is typically into top of the line drinks like scotch, bourbon or dirty vodka martinis. However, they also may like a good red wine or a craft stout beer. Bartenders seem to like a sophisticated drinker.

It always impressed them when you order a good, classy drink. So, if you want to score points with your bartender, order their favorite scotch on the rocks or a gin and tonic. But a word of caution, being a sophisticated drinker is not cheap. It costs money to sling back those expensive drinks all night.


The Manly Drinker


A manly drinker is your beer drinker that frequents bars during big sports games or any other big event. Typically he never drinks alone. A manly drinker will have three to five of his buddies or co-workers with him. Drinking for them is so much more fun when you have buddies with you.

The manly drinkers will most likely hog one side of the bar or a pool table, but preferably they will be on the side of the room where they can see a television. In the eyes of a manly drinker nothing is better than a cold beer and big game. It doesn’t matter what type of beer they are drinking, as long as it is beer. Occasionally, when the game is going well they may order a round of shots.


The Lover of Wine


These are most oftenly beautiful ladies who have a good palate and a taste for high-end drinks. There are three different types of wine lovers:The Red Wine Drinker: The red wine drinker typically will only like deep red, full body wines. They seem to have a passion for life and are very loyal to their friends.

-----The Red Wine Drinker: The red wine drinker typically will only like deep red, full body wines. They seem to have a passion for life and are very loyal to their friends.

-----The White Wine Drinker: The white wine drinker is usually a somebody who just started to take an interest in wine or the girl who is mainly likes sweet drinks. This wine lover is a lot of fun to hang out with and a bit of flirt.

-----The Wine Connoisseur: Now the wine connoisseur is a true wine drinker who will order a fine wine regardless if it’s red or white. This type of wine drinker knows what goes into a great wine and will test your knowledge of the wine.Also, The wine connoisseur has a great palate and knows what he or she likes.

No matter what type of lover of wine a person is, one thing is for sure they tend to enjoy the finer things in life and they tend to not rush through life haphazardly.



The Shot Master


This type of bar goer loves to have shots. It doesn’t matter what the shot is. He or she is a thrill seeker and knows the fastest way to a buzz is a by downing few shots. The shot master is always the life of the party. They love anything from Irish Car Bombs to a shot of Jack or even the popular Jaegar bomb. You have to watch out for these guys though, like that saying goes,‘1 tequila, 2 tequila, floor’, too many shots can mean trouble.


The Girlie Drinker


The girlie drinker is your average woman who likes a good daiquiri, margarita or a good mixed drink. Many of these drinkers love their vodka and red bulls or Tequila Sunrises. These are usually the fun ladies at the bar and can typically be found in the corner surrounded by 6 or 7 of their closest friends, giggling and having a good old time.


The Big Spender


This guy is usually harder to spot in crowd, at first. He tends to blend in well and starts out drinking slowly. However, after a few drinks he starts buying rounds for everyone while he flaunts his money. He quickly can become the life of the party until his money runs out. This is the guy you want to be friends with, because everyone likes free drinks.


The Drunk


This is a bartender’s least favorite customer because they know sometime by the end of the night they will be babysitting this bar goer. The drunk has no real preference to what he is drinking as long as he is drinking. As a drunk starts drinking they got louder and more rambunctious. They eventually lose all ability to think with common decency and will hit on anything in a 5-mile-radius.Often times they can become argumentative and start fights. Beware of the drunk. He could be a regular or he could be the new guy, you never know. Either way his nights always end in disaster.

Bars are filled with many different personalities. This is the reason why bartending is such an interesting job. Everyday you get to meet people, with different personalities, preferences and experiences. Everyday is a new, interesting day as a bartender. 


Want to connect with people at the bar in a whole new way? Download the BOTY App on iTunes or Google Play for free!



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