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Genuine Interactions, Real Conversations

A Completely New Way to Experience The Bar

Check in and connect with new people at your favorite bars and restaurants, search and find the best bartenders, and follow friends to see where they are hanging out.

Center Of Connectivity

BOTY uses technology to connect people face to face at bars through a variety of ways.

World's best mobile bar crawl.


You can download and enjoy BOTY on iOS or Android on the go.


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Have fun playing BOTY trivia against others checked-in at the same bars.


Download the Best Bar App Now!

“This app is impressive. It's versatility in use is unmatched. Sure you can Yelp the best bars nearby but can you find people at that bar to play games or flirt with? Can you search for the best bartender nearby and decide which bar to go to based on their reviews?
BOTY app does that and much more. The possibilities are quite endless. Yet my favorite part of it all is that it does not remove you from the natural interactions that occur at the bar, it only adds to it. Looking forward to seeing what this app looks like when there's thousands of users!”
-- Jessica

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