How to Set your Bartender Weekly Schedule?


In BOTY you can set your own weekly schedule so that your followers will know the dates/times when you work. This makes it easier for your followers to patronize that location to help increase your bartender profile ratings and tips.


To set your weekly schedule in BOTY from the BOTY mobile app on your Android or iOS device:


  1. Click on Profile in the upper right hand corner
  2. Click on Edit
  3. Click on View Details
  4. Scroll down and click on Weekly Schedule
  5. Click on Edit in the upper right hand corner
  6. Select the day of the week
    1. Input your work hours
    2. Input the Establishment name
    3. Click on the + if you work multiple shifts in a day or at multiple locations
  7. Repeat the steps above for each day of the week
  8. Click Done


Things to keep in mind about weekly schedules


  • If your weekly schedule changes, you need to manually update BOTY with your new work hours and days. Otherwise, your weekly schedule will remain the same and repeat each week in BOTY.
  • Your followers will be able to rate your performance as a bartender at any time.