BOTY features explained


Using your dashboard


The BOTY Dashboard is split up into 10 metrics: Total Check-ins, Top Check-ins Per User, Times of Check-ins, Top User Check-ins, Establishment Ratings, Favorite Beverages, Top Bars by Followers, Times at the Bar, Total Bartenders, and Active Bartenders. 


Managing your bartenders


You can track each of your bartender’s performance in 5 key areas to determine if a bartender is being effective at his/her job.


Creating trivia games


BOTY Trivia is everything awesome about trivia. It’s super easy to participate and win prizes and so much fun! You can win rewards for participating, including BOTY Points and special prizes from different bars and restaurants.


BOTY Points


BOTY points allow you to reward your most loyal customers and also see what transactions are taking place at your bar. You choose your own rewards.




With Recipes, you can share recipes that you create in your account. You’ll be able to update these recipes any time you want for special events or menu changes at your establishment.


Creating Posts


Posts help to spread the word about your bar or restaurant. 


Managing Surveys


Select from one of BOTY’s standard survey templates to create surveys that are branded with your brand’s look and feel in just minutes. These customer satisfaction surveys will help you gain insight into what your followers and customers think about your restaurant or bar.


Sending Direct Messages


Direct message your customers via the BOTY Marketing Platform and respond via the mobile app.



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