How to Create Posts as an Establishment?


Sharing Photos and Videos


In BOTY you can create new posts that feature an image or video and a short description. Posts are helpful for getting the word out about your bar and restaurant. They also provide updates on events that are happening at your establishment.


How do I create a post? 


To create a new post in BOTY:


  1. Login into your Dashboard
  2. Click on Posts
  3. Select Create Post
  4. Click Choose File and upload an image or video
  5. Add a short description (up to 140 characters)
  6. Indicate if the post is Private
  7. Click Add


Things to keep in mind about posts


  • Unless your post is set to Private, BOTY automatically sends a push notification to all your followers when you publish your post. This push notification shows up on the mobile feed and your followers will be immediately notified of your newly published post.