How to Set Up a Trivia Game?


BOTY Trivia is everything awesome about trivia, packaged in a friendly mobile application that makes hosting a trivia game easy and so much fun! BOTY Trivia is a great way to engage your customers and offer them rewards for participating.


To create a new trivia game


  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Click Trivia Games and select Trivia Games from the dropdown
  3. Click Add New
  4. Input the date for your trivia game
  5. Enter the start time (the end time will be automatically calculated)
  6. Enter the Reward for the winner (The rewards field is required)
  7. Click Add


There are a few things to know about trivia games:

  • You can schedule 5 trivia games per billing cycle. There will be an option to schedule more trivia games in the future.
  • You must enter a reward for the winner of the trivia game. You will not be able to complete the setup process until you do. For ideas on rewards that you can give to your trivia game winners, go here.
  • Make sure that you set aside at least 30 minutes before the start time of your trivia game so that you can alert participants that the trivia game will start soon.
  • For best results, be prepared to deliver the reward to the winner as soon as the trivia game ends and the winner is selected.