How to Create Groups as an Establishment?


You can use groups to create an online group in BOTY for your team to do things like: message each other, host group discussions, collaborate on tasks, and organize meetings. You can also change your group name or image and choose who can join, send messages, and view conversations.


To create a new group


  1. Login to the BOTY mobile application: Google Play  App Store
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click Messages
  4. Press the + to the right of Create Group
  5. Enter the Group Name
  6. Upload an Image to personalize your group
  7. Search and select the users you want to add to your new group
  8. Click Create


As the administrator of the group, make sure to update the group as your commercial or business affiliations with your members change. You can update the group by removing members from the group and changing the group’s description.