How to Get Your Bartenders Involved?


Bartender Ratings


In your Dashboard, you will find the option to track the performance of your bartenders under Bartenders. You can track their activity and check their ratings in 5 key performance areas.


How are Bartender Ratings calculated?


Bartenders are rated on:


  • Personality. How well did the bartender communicate with the customer? Bartenders that rank highly respond quickly and reliably to customers needs and questions. They also effectively communicate wait times and menu changes.


  • Appearance. Did the bartender smile and display good body language when they greeted the customer? Did the customer feel that the bar area was clean and tidy?


  • Speed and Accuracy. How quickly and how accurately did the bartender prepare the customers order? For example, customers will be able to rate if their drink order matches the order placed in a timely manner.


  • Service. How smoothly did the initial interaction go? Did the bartender introduce himself and inform customers of drink specials?


  • Mixology. Did the customer feel that the bartender was knowledgeable about drink options? And the drink the bartender provided was up to the standards of your establishment?




On the BOTY mobile app, there are two ways that bartenders can follow your page. The bartender can download the app and request to follow your page or you can add the bartender directly.


How can bartenders follow my establishment on BOTY?


  1. Have your bartenders download the BOTY mobile application and sign up as a bartender
  2. Ask bartenders to set up a public or private profile
  3. Once bartenders have set up a profile, request that they follow your page
  4. You will receive an alert informing you of a new follower


How do I add a bartender to my page? (Marketing Platform)


To add a bartender to your page directly instead of waiting for the bartender to follow you:


  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Click on Bartenders in the top navigation and click on Bartenders in the dropdown
  3. Click Add New
  4. Type in the name of the bartender
  5. Select the bartender from the results


How do I add a bartender to my page? (Marketing Platform)

  1. Login to the mobile application: Google Play  App Store
  2. Click Profile in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click View Details
  4. Click Bartenders
  5. Click + in the upper right hand corner
  6. Type in the name of the bartender from the different options:
    • Mobile
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • BOTY Users
    • My Contacts

*Select the bartender from the results


There are a few things to know about adding a bartender to your page:

  • The bartender that you selected will receive a notification that you are adding them to your page.
  • If the bartender’s profile is private, they first have to click accept before the bartender will be added to your page.
  • The bartender must already have a profile as a bartender on BOTY. You can not use this method to create a new bartender or add an individual who is listed as another profile in BOTY, such as a Networker or Patron.


How do I get bartenders to use BOTY?


Getting bartenders to use BOTY regularly is extremely important if you want to track their activities and ratings over time. Your bartenders also help to introduce BOTY mobile app to your customers.


Make sure that bartenders set their schedules


  1. Ask your bartenders to set their weekly schedule once it’s available
  2. Tell bartenders to check-in on BOTY mobile app once they arrive on their shifts


Note: To be considered as an active bartender, the bartender must set their weekly schedule and check-in at least once per week.


Tell your bartenders to ask customers to follow them


Bartenders can also help increase the number of customers who are active in BOTY by asking the customers to follow the bartenders.


Here’s how your bartenders can ask customers to join BOTY:


  1. At some point during the customer interaction, the bartender should ask the customer to download the BOTY app in order to claim a discount off their bill
  2. Tell your bartenders to ask their customers to follow and rate them


Promote BOTY to bartenders with contests


You can also promote BOTY to your bartenders by hosting your own contests to reward bartenders who engage frequently with customers on the BOTY mobile app. Create custom rewards for the top bartenders. The bartenders who should receive the rewards are the ones who are the most active in BOTY.

You should make sure to:

  • Reward bartenders who are active on a weekly basis
  • Reward bartenders who have the best ratings on a weekly basis
  • Reward bartenders who has the most followers over a certain period of time