How to Inform Customers as an Establishment?


Building your following on the BOTY mobile app starts with having a clear incentive for customers to download the app. This leads to more followers and engaged users. We encourage you to give your customers 10% off their bill if they download the BOTY mobile app and follow your page.

Here are a few things you can do to inform your customers about BOTY.


Promote BOTY with our pre-made advertisements


Here is how you supply your customers with the advertisements we’ve already made for you:

  1. Go to Designs, download or print one of the postcards, flyers, business cards or coasters.
  2. Give the postcards or business cards out to your customers when they enter your location.
  3. Post the flyers inside your bar or restaurant in highly visible locations.


Make sure that customers download BOTY


In order for customers to receive the discount on their bill, they have to show proof to one of your staff members that they followed your page in the BOTY mobile app and checked into your location.


Promote BOTY with contests


You can also promote BOTY by hosting your own contests to reward users who engage frequently with your page in the BOTY mobile app. Create custom rewards for the top customers. The customers who should receive the rewards are the ones who check in frequently. 

You should also make sure to:

  • Reward the top customers on a weekly and monthly basis. By giving out rewards frequently, there will always be another chance for a customer to win a reward so that they will share BOTY with their friends.
  • Create check-in requirements and give out BOTY Points. Award BOTY points to customers who meet the requirements so that there is an incentive to use BOTY and visit your location after they download it.