How to Share Posts?


With BOTY, you can share the posts that appear in your Feed that others have created. Share posts to let your friends know what’s going on in BOTY and what you’re doing right now while checked-in! You can also share other people’s posts to the feed. 


To share a post from the BOTY mobile app on your Android or iOS device 


  1. Click Share under any post on the Feed
  2. Select the sharing option and share to BOTY or the respective platform that includes but not limited to:
    • SMS
    • Mail
    • Facebook
    • Whatsapp
    • Snapchat
    • Instagram
    • And more!


Things to keep in mind about sharing posts


  • Unless your check-in is set to Private, BOTY automatically sends a push notification to all of your followers when you share a post. The post that you shared will also show up in the mobile feeds of your followers.
  • Do not share the same post multiple times or it may be marked as spam..