How to Send a Flirt or Networking Message?


The flirt feature in the BOTY app makes it super easy for you to strike up a conversation with anyone who catches your fancy. On dating sites, starting conversations with strangers can be super awkward. With BOTY, you can just send a quick Flirt Message that will instantly pop up on your potential love interest’s BOTY profile. It’s the ultimate icebreaker!


If you want to meet a new business contact, just use the Networking Message option to introduce yourself to a potential professional contact without having to disrupt them from enjoying themselves.




In order to send Flirt or Networking Message, you must be checked into an establishment on BOTY. If you’re already at the bar or restaurant and want to check-in with BOTY, follow the instructions below to check-in to this establishment. Once you check-in you can meet new people, send or receive a Flirt or Networking Message, and much more.


To check-in:


  1. Login to the BOTY mobile application
  2. Click Check-In in the lower right hand corner
  3. Write in the establishment name
  4. Click on the Establishment
  5. Indicate whether the check-in type is Public or Private
  6. Select why you are here:
    • Meet New People
    • Play Trivia
    • Work
    • Bartend
    • Hangout
    • Do Not Disturb
  7. Upload a photo or video (optional)
  8. Write what you are doing (optional)
  9. Tag any followers on your BOTY profile who are checking in with you 
  10. Click Check-In


*Important Note: You must be inside the location to check-in. Otherwise, you will receive a pop up preventing you from checking in.


To learn more about how to check-in, click here.


Send a Flirt or Networking Message


Once you have completed the check-in process, you can send a flirt or networking message by doing the following:


  1. Click on Menu in the upper left hand corner in the upper left hand corner
  2. Click on the checked-in establishment from the Feed
  3. Click on the Check-ins button in the middle of the page
  4. Click on ‘members at [Establishment_name]’
  5. Click on Connect under users name you want to interact with
    1. Click Flirt and select a pick up line, or:
    2. Click Network and select a networking line
  6. Click Start Flirting or Start Networking


* Important Note: If a user you want to send a message to has their check-in set to Do Not Disturb, you should not send them a Flirt and Networking Message until that user sets a different reason for their check-in (e.g. Meet New People, Play Trivia, Work, Bartend, Hangout).


Things to keep in mind, about Flirts and Networking Messages


  • All BOTY users are required to abide by our Terms of Service with regard to message content when sending and replying to Flirts and Network. If you’d like to report inappropriate messages you’ve received in BOTY, click here.
  • You can also block a BOTY user who you no longer want to receive Flirts or Networking Messages from by going here.
  • You are limited to a limited amount of flirt/network messages per check-in.