How to Send and Reply to Messages as an Establishment?


Messaging on BOTY starts when a user you follow sends you a message or you create a new message. Afterward, all messages that are related to that conversation will appear in the Messages section. 


To send a new message from the marketing platform


  1. Login into your Dashboard
  2. Click on Contacts
  3. Select the contact you want to message
  4. Click on Message under their name
  5. Type in the message (up to 140 characters)
  6. Click Send


To send a new message from the mobile application


  1. Download and login to the BOTY mobile application: Google Play  App Store
  2. Click on Profile in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click on Following and select any one of your followers
  4. Click on DM under the follower that you want to message
  5. Type your message and hit Send


To reply to an existing message from the mobile application


  1. Login to the BOTY mobile application
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click Messages
  4. Select the message you want to send a reply to
  5. Type the message that you want to send
  6. Hit Send

Message Threads


When you click on a message, you can view the conversation and also the following information:


  • Whether or not the user belongs to a group that you’ve created. If the user is a part of a group, the group name will be listed.
  • Followers profiles, including their profile image.
  • The timeline of the conversation. If you’ve sent and replied to multiple messages from that particular follower, all of the previous messages times will be listed.