What are the Game Trivia Rules Format and Scoring?


BOTY Trivia is everything awesome about trivia. It’s super easy to participate and win prizes and so much fun! You can win rewards for participating, including BOTY Points and special prizes from different bars and restaurants.


BOTY Trivia Rules


BOTY Trivia is easy to play and the format is fun and easy to follow.


Trivia Rules


  • Every Trivia Game on BOTY has a set start and end time. Make sure that you check-in on the BOTY mobile app before the Trivia Game starts so that you will have the chance to get your highest possible score. Users who check-in after the Trivia Game can play up until the time expires. 
  • No yelling out answers, right or wrong. It disrupts the game and distracts other players.
  • Only Answers that are entered into the BOTY app will be considered as valid Answer submissions.
  • Teams are not permitted to use outside resources to research any answers to questions. This will result in the disqualification of the team and the players will become ineligible for any rewards.
  • The person with the most Points at the end of the Trivia Game will win the rewards. Establishments may also offer rewards to 2nd and 3rd place individuals at their discretion.
  • Above all, have fun because that is what BOTY Trivia is all about!




  • One Trivia Game consists of 5 Rounds.
  • Each Round consists of 10 Questions.
  • There is a waiting period of 2 minutes in between each Round. You can start before the 2 minutes expires. 
  • It takes 35 minutes for players to complete one Trivia Game. 
  • Players will have 30 seconds to answer each Question.


*Important Note: You can leave the game during the breaks and come back. Just remember that the clock is running. 




  • For each correctly answered question, each person will receive points.
  • If you answer on the 25th second, the score will be 25.
  • After the correct answer to each question is revealed, the total score for each team will be on display.
  • When the Trivia Game ends, the total score is displayed along with the player’s rank.
  • The top scorers will appear in a showcase on the Leaderboard page.

The top scorers of all-time (across all Trivia Games in the specific location) will be showcased on the Hall of Fame page.