How do I see if others are checked into the same bar?


Log into your account from the BOTY mobile app on your Android or iOS device to see who is checked in:


To check-in:


  1. Click Check-In in the lower right hand corner
  2. Write in the establishment name
  3. Click on the Establishment
  4. Indicate whether the check-in type is Public or Private
  5. Select why you are here:
    • Meet New People
    • Play Trivia
    • Work
    • Bartend
    • Hangout
    • Do Not Disturb
  6. Upload a photo or video (optional)
  7. Write what you are doing (optional)
  8. Tag any followers on your BOTY profile who are checking in with you 
  9. Click Check-In


Once you have completed the check-in process, you can see who else is checked in:


  1. Click on Menu in the upper left hand corner in the upper left hand corner
  2. Click on the checked-in establishment from the Feed
  3. Click on the Check-ins button in the middle of the page
  4. Click on ‘members at [Establishment_name]’ to see all the members checked in


* Important Note: If you do not see any other users, there is no one else checked in at that location. Better luck next time.