If you’re taking the time to read this we're going to assume you’re an above average customer to begin with. We’re also going to assume that you are a polite individual looking to resolve a conflict in a way that satisfies both parties. If these things are true, read on for some tips on addressing an issue with bar staff.


handle issue bartender


Is it Worth It?


First, evaluate the situation and decide if it’s worth your time to even attempt a resolution. Is this your local watering hole, or just a tourist trap you stopped in momentarily? If the former is the case, then I would try to amend the issue. If it’s the latter, let it go.

Obviously, if something egregious has occurred, seek management.



Boss vs. Servant


Do not resort to a boss vs. servant attitude. Speak to the bartender like a human being who is your equal (because they are).

It sounds cliché, but you have no idea what they are going through. And unless your job also requires you to have a fake smile plastered on your face as you cater to the whims of hundreds of people, you cannot possibly imagine their state of mind.


Show some Respect


Use phrases that show respect, not defensiveness. Instead of saying “why are you being so rude?” try “tell me what I did to upset you”. Of course, if the bartender is just being an ass, feel free to walk away.


All About the Money


If it’s about money, be delicate. If you’ve been overcharged, address it with the bartender directly before going to management. Chances are it was a genuine mistake and can be easily rectified.

If you simply didn’t like the service you received, either speak to the bartender or let it go. Unless there was name-calling, genuine abuse, or some other heinous act, there’s no point in being the ‘speak to a manager’ customer. Most times, the manager is just yes-ing you until you go away. The other times, you’re bringing a world of trouble onto the bartender’s head that I promise you is disproportionate to the offense.



Address Things Right Away


If something is wrong with your order, TELL US RIGHT AWAY. There’s simply nothing worse than having a customer complain after they’ve finished their food or drink. We are professionals and we want you to have a good experience and come back to see us! So, please give us the chance to make it right.

Got anything to add? Let us know below.


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Here are 7 simple ways to make friends at the bar without breaking a sweat. 


Make new friends at the bar or make new friends bar


Whether you’ve just moved to a new city or you’re simply looking to broaden your current social circle, the bar is a great place to meet new people. Nervous? With these tips, the BOTY app, and a little liquid courage, you’ll be making new friends in no time.


1. Check your body language


First things first, you need to show that you’re open to talking to someone. Ever notice the guy hunched over his drink, glued to his cell phone, completely closed off from the entire bar? Don’t be that guy. You won’t make any friends if you’re putting off “don’t bother” vibes. Instead, do your best to sit in a way that makes you more approachable. Don’t cross your arms, and try to sit in the position that faces slightly outwards towards the rest of the bar - and don’t forget to smile from time to time.



2. Eavesdrop.


We’re not saying you should rent some expensive spy equipment, but listening to conversations that are happening nearby can create an opportunity for some social interaction. Hear someone talking about a topic you’re also interested in? Have something to add to a conversation that’s happening a table over? Go ahead and jump in! Just remember that the bar attracts all types of people, so be sure to read the room a little. It’s best not to interrupt a heated argument or come between a couple on a date.  


3. Use a social app


Welcome to 2017, bar goer. While we don’t encourage never looking up from your phone, we do encourage using it for a purpose. Currently, there are dating apps (like Happn and Match) that let you message other people around you, but they focus on the romantic connection. That’s why people are turning to the BOTY app. It lets you see other people that have checked into the bar you’re at, and message them. Of course, you can also send a flirty message if you happen to see someone attractive. The choice is yours - just download and start meeting the people around you.


4. Get the bartender on your side


Bartenders are the original confidants. There’s no shame in letting your bartender know that you’re there to mingle - chances are they’ll be more than happy to make a casual intro happen.

Best way to go about it? Be a cool customer. Start a conversation and get to know your bartender a bit, once you’re no longer a stranger they’ll have a better sense of who you are, and who to introduce you to.


5. Join a game


A lot of bars come equipped with entertainment; pool tables, dart boards, or even trivia - all are great ways to interact with other people at the pub. Ask to join a game or group up with a trivia team - they’re great ice breakers. And now there are even new ways to make a connection. The BOTY app has mobile trivia, so you can connect with other players that are checked in at the same bar. Start with the app, and then get up and say hi in person - it’s a win win.  


6. Start a conversation.


When tips one through five aren’t options, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just say hi. This can be scary, but once you do it you’ll likely realize it’s not as big a deal as you thought. Comment on the game, compliment someone’s cool t-shirt, or ask where to get the best pizza in town. So long as you steer clear of anything that might be offensive, you can’t really go wrong here. Take a sip of your drink and go for it!



7. Follow through.


Once you’ve started something, don’t cop out. Maintain a level of interest and do your best to contribute to the conversation and ask questions - basically, be present. If you like the person or people you meet and you’re not already connected on the BOTY app, why not suggest becoming friends on a social media channel you both use? Exchanging info means you won’t have to wait to bump into them again at random, you can actually plan to meet up.


Want to connect with people at the bar in a whole new way? Download the BOTY App on iTunes or Google Play for free!


Have you ever just sat back and observed the different personalities that come in the bar? People are fascinating and when alcohol is involved they become even more so. From the hip, trendy bar customers to the every day regulars, there is never a dull moment at the bar. 


Bar Customers


Here are 7 different types of bar customers.


The Sophisticated Drinker


These bar goers are usually easy to spot. Their high-end clothes and trendy personalities usually shine through. A sophisticated drinker is typically into top of the line drinks like scotch, bourbon or dirty vodka martinis. However, they also may like a good red wine or a craft stout beer. Bartenders seem to like a sophisticated drinker.

It always impressed them when you order a good, classy drink. So, if you want to score points with your bartender, order their favorite scotch on the rocks or a gin and tonic. But a word of caution, being a sophisticated drinker is not cheap. It costs money to sling back those expensive drinks all night.


The Manly Drinker


A manly drinker is your beer drinker that frequents bars during big sports games or any other big event. Typically he never drinks alone. A manly drinker will have three to five of his buddies or co-workers with him. Drinking for them is so much more fun when you have buddies with you.

The manly drinkers will most likely hog one side of the bar or a pool table, but preferably they will be on the side of the room where they can see a television. In the eyes of a manly drinker nothing is better than a cold beer and big game. It doesn’t matter what type of beer they are drinking, as long as it is beer. Occasionally, when the game is going well they may order a round of shots.


The Lover of Wine


These are most oftenly beautiful ladies who have a good palate and a taste for high-end drinks. There are three different types of wine lovers:The Red Wine Drinker: The red wine drinker typically will only like deep red, full body wines. They seem to have a passion for life and are very loyal to their friends.

-----The Red Wine Drinker: The red wine drinker typically will only like deep red, full body wines. They seem to have a passion for life and are very loyal to their friends.

-----The White Wine Drinker: The white wine drinker is usually a somebody who just started to take an interest in wine or the girl who is mainly likes sweet drinks. This wine lover is a lot of fun to hang out with and a bit of flirt.

-----The Wine Connoisseur: Now the wine connoisseur is a true wine drinker who will order a fine wine regardless if it’s red or white. This type of wine drinker knows what goes into a great wine and will test your knowledge of the wine.Also, The wine connoisseur has a great palate and knows what he or she likes.

No matter what type of lover of wine a person is, one thing is for sure they tend to enjoy the finer things in life and they tend to not rush through life haphazardly.





The Shot Master


This type of bar goer loves to have shots. It doesn’t matter what the shot is. He or she is a thrill seeker and knows the fastest way to a buzz is a by downing few shots. The shot master is always the life of the party. They love anything from Irish Car Bombs to a shot of Jack or even the popular Jaegar bomb. You have to watch out for these guys though, like that saying goes,‘1 tequila, 2 tequila, floor’, too many shots can mean trouble.


The Girlie Drinker


The girlie drinker is your average woman who likes a good daiquiri, margarita or a good mixed drink. Many of these drinkers love their vodka and red bulls or Tequila Sunrises. These are usually the fun ladies at the bar and can typically be found in the corner surrounded by 6 or 7 of their closest friends, giggling and having a good old time.


The Big Spender


This guy is usually harder to spot in crowd, at first. He tends to blend in well and starts out drinking slowly. However, after a few drinks he starts buying rounds for everyone while he flaunts his money. He quickly can become the life of the party until his money runs out. This is the guy you want to be friends with, because everyone likes free drinks.


The Drunk


This is a bartender’s least favorite customer because they know sometime by the end of the night they will be babysitting this bar goer. The drunk has no real preference to what he is drinking as long as he is drinking. As a drunk starts drinking they got louder and more rambunctious. They eventually lose all ability to think with common decency and will hit on anything in a 5-mile-radius.Often times they can become argumentative and start fights. Beware of the drunk. He could be a regular or he could be the new guy, you never know. Either way his nights always end in disaster.

Bars are filled with many different personalities. This is the reason why bartending is such an interesting job. Everyday you get to meet people, with different personalities, preferences and experiences. Everyday is a new, interesting day as a bartender. 


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In the service industry your coworkers are everything. They are your friends and family; the people you spend the most time with every week. They are your outlet for stress and your shoulder to lean on.


horrible coworker


Most of the ride-or-die friends are people you met while serving or bartending. They are a diverse group of wonderful individuals who have make life worth living. However, not every coworker will be so great.

Sometimes you come across that one person who can completely change the environment in a room and just make everybody miserable. Maybe they’re always grumpy and complaining or just downright rude and obnoxious.  Here are some tips for how to deal with that one employee that every restaurant seems to have.





Don’t Indulge Them


A little server-to-server venting is always great.  However, as soon as you walk in for your shift you don’t want to be met with a barrage of complaints and gossip.

One very effective way I’ve found to deal with someone like this is to simply walk away.  Make a polite response and a quick exit.  Over time, hopefully they’ll get the hint that you’re not the person to go to with every little gripe.


If They’re Rude to You, Call Them On It (Politely)


A little snap here and there isn’t necessarily cause for concern.  But, if someone is overly mean or bullies you time and time again, you don’t have to stand for it.

Try to tell them you’re unhappy by using “we” phrases that diffuse the blame so they don’t feel attacked.  Go for something like, “Hey, I know that sometimes we get really stressed and are mean to each other but let’s try not to do that so much.”  Or, “I really love being your friend, but it bothered me when you said XYZ.”

Most people avoid conflict at all costs, so a lot of times bullies will back right down if they see you’re willing to have a discussion.


Don’t Gang up on Them


It can be tempting to enlist your other coworkers in the battle against The Awful One, but you should resist.  If coworker A feels like everyone’s talking behind their back and deliberately excluding them from things, it’s not great incentive to change is it?

Try and stay professional and resist throwing shade.  “Kill them with kindness” sounds cliché, but by rising above the situation, you can encourage them to do the same.


Practice a Little Bit of Introspection


While we’re not saying this is your fault, a little self-examination never hurt anyone.  Is there something you could be doing that triggers your menacing coworker?  Why not ask them?  Try, “Hey it seems like it really bothers you when I don’t restock the fruits.  I’ll try and be better about that.”

Also, sometimes that horrible coworker may be dealing with a problem that you know nothing about, making them extra sensitive.  While you don’t have to listen to them complain about inane things, sometimes the issue might go a bit deeper than you think.




Go to Your Boss


While not all situations necessarily merit manager interference, some do.  If someone is constantly harassing you or hasn’t responded to any attempts at informal conflict resolution, it may be time to go get the boss.

Having difficult coworkers is the reality of any job, but if you feel a line has been crossed, tell someone. This is always a better option than gossiping about the individual.

Remember, you deserve a safe and harassment free work environment!  Always ask for help if you need it.


Want to connect with people at your bar in a whole new way? Download the BOTY App on iTunes or Google Play for free!



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