Bartending is more than just serving customers drinks. Walk into any bar on a Friday night and you will see an array of drinks being served, music blasting and happy customers enjoying themselves.


So, you want to be a bartender.  Good for you!  Bartending is a great way to make extra cash but it’s also a legitimate career path.  You’ll make more money than many of your counterparts in “professional” positions, have tons of flexibility, and a lot more fun.  


Bartender Old Habits Die Hard


But, it’s not all easy money and partying; this job is tough both physically and mentally.  Read on for some things you simply must know before becoming a bartender.


You Probably Won’t be a Bartender for A While 


Because bartending is technically “unskilled” labor (a label I take particular issue with), people often assume you can just decide to do it, then get a job the next day.  Well, sorry folks, but that’s far from the case.  Most places won’t even consider hiring a bartender with no experience.  And no, your bartending school certificate doesn’t count.  You’ll probably be paying your dues as a busser, server, or host for a while until you make the leap to being behind the bar.


Bartending is NOT EASY


Bartending requires a laundry list of skills, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks; and remembering drinks is only a small part of that list.  Being a bartender means you’re equal parts event planner, babysitter, and therapist.  You need to be able to build solid relationships, keep track of sometimes thousands of dollars, and mix drinks all at the same time.  And those are only the big ones!  

In addition, you’ll be running food (sometimes even cooking the food), opening the bar, closing the bar, changing all the kegs, clearing tables, washing glasses, closing checks, making service drinks, and one million other things.  Bartending is also an incredibly difficult job physically.  You’re standing on your feet all day and all night and sometimes you’ll be working for upwards of 15 hours in a row, not finishing until 5AM. Don’t get me wrong, the rewards of bartending are great, but the cost is real.


Chatting with People all Day Isn’t Always Fun


You think you can talk to anyone?  Try carrying on five separate conversations all while serving drinks, counting money, and keeping track of a million other little things.  Oh, and those people you have to chat up?  They’re the same people you saw yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.  

While regulars can make your job worthwhile and genuinely brighten your day, they can also be the absolute worst part of your existence.  You can never have an “off” day.  Your entire livelihood, and those of your coworkers, depends on you being friendly, funny, and outgoing; every shift, for your entire shift.


Learn How to Save


The best part about bartending is the cash right?  Absolutely!  But, it does come with a caveat.  When your income comes in tens and fives, it can often be hard to keep track of it.  Make a habit of recording your tips from the very beginning and make a plan to save regularly.  You will probably make more money bartending (possibly a lot more), than you would at an entry or mid-level professional position. Take advantage of this and save. Please. Do it for me.


It Is Ok to Be a Bartender; And You Don’t Have to Justify It 


If it weren’t for the service industry, I wouldn’t have the wonderful friends I do or lead the life I live.  I make great money, it’s easy for me to take time off, and I always have a fail-safe option in my back pocket.  However, despite these advantages, I’m constantly justifying my life to others.  No, I don’t necessarily want to be a bartender forever, but for now it’s pretty damn good.  In short, if bartending is the life you love, live it.  If you’re happy, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.


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We all would like to think that we are the best bartenders in the world and that we never make any mistakes or have any bad bartending habits. However, we are human and human nature is to not be perfect. There are several bad habits that bartenders should avoid.  


Bad Bartending Habits

5 Things to Look for During Bartender Training


Wasting Product 


One of the biggest bad habits is wasting products. Bartenders tend to do this in a variety of ways. For instance running the tap for a few seconds before putting a glass under it or giving out extra garnishes. It’s important to try to manage how much you waste. Wasted products hurts revenues for the establishment so be mindful of what you give out. After all, if you save your boss money by limiting waste, he will be happy and so will you.




Over-serving customers with alcohol doesn’t help establishment revenues and can actually be dangerous for customers. Be sure to pay attention to how much you serve and how often. If they seem to be getting too intoxicated you have to be the responsible bartender and cut them off.  And if anyone does get too intoxicated, be sure to help them find a safe way home by calling them an Uber or a taxi.  You could be liable if you allow them to drive home drunk and an accident occurs.


Not Offering Food Or Appetizers


Offering food to your customers not only generates more income for the establishment, it also makes sure that your customers do not drink on an empty stomach. If you aren’t asking every customer if they would like to see a menu, you truly are not meeting all the requirements of your profession.


Paying More Attention To Friends Or Certain Customers


People can tell when you are ignoring them and not giving them enough attention. It is never okay to ignore a customer or forgot why you are there. Your job is to serve everyone and take care of their needs. In doing so, you will generate more income and you will build repeat customers. You never know which customers will become ‘regular’ so it’s key to treat all your customers the same.


Acting Inappropriately 


We all act inappropriately at times. However, in the workplace, there is no place for that behavior. Bartenders can act inappropriately by over-flirting and only giving certain customers free drinks. It’s very important to watch the language and the gestures being used.  Bars are fun atmospheres where you maybe able to get away with some inappropriate behavior, but don’t forget this is still your place of work and their is a level of professionalism that needs to be upheld.


Not Following Your Work Schedule


An occasional sick day or requested time off is normal in any career. However, if you are always coming in late, calling in sick or leaving early, don’t expect that you will have a job for too long. When you don’t work your given schedule you are forcing others to have to work it. This will create problems with other bartenders, servers and your management staff.  And keep in mind your favorite customers will be checking in for you so if you are not there, you lose their trust and their money.  In order to keep your job and reputation, come to work on time and when you are scheduled.


Not Using A Bar Recipe Accurately


Bartenders tend to mix a lot of drinks. It’s great if you have many of these recipes memorized, but you won’t know all especially just starting out.  Make sure you know how to follow a recipe in order to make a drink properly. Be sure to measure accurately and don’t try to put your own spin on a drink you have never made before. This could end up badly.

If you minimize your bad work habits and learn good, productive habits you will impress your managers and your customers will love you. When in doubt, always remain professional and courteous.  

Things Bartenders and Servers Should Know About Taxes 


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Not everyone wants to work as a bartender, but that doesn’t stop us from becoming an occasional home bartender.


Bartenders aren’t just your average folks. Anyone who can put up with that much insanity on a daily basis must be pretty damn powerful, right? Kind of like God. 


There are so many amazing alcoholic drinks on the market today make it hard to choose a favorite. However, after a bit of research, social media pondering and asking around I came up with the top alcoholic drinks this year. They are in no particular order, just 10 drinks that we all love and want more of in 2016.


There are a lot of bartender myths and stereotypes flying around out there. It’s time to find out about some about these bartender myths and if there is any truth behind them.


Bartender Myths



1. Bartenders get hit on all the time.



Truth: Not all of them do and not all the time. Most bartenders master the art of flirting and smiling routinely to engage customers but never offer personal information about themselves or take it further than that. Bartenders come in contact with a lot of people and taking things personal is a recipe for disaster.  Forget the whole getting laid and hit on all the time myth. It may happen on occasion, but no more than any other person.




2. Bartenders are Uneducated.



Truth: This couldn’t be farther from the truth. First of all, most bartenders take some kind of formal education to be a bartender or go through extensive training before getting behind the bar. Others are working through college. You will meet bartenders with all types of educational background and skills. In fact, your bartender may have a Bachelor’s and even a Master’s degree. Be careful thinking bartenders are uneducated because they may have more education than you.



3. Bartending is one big party!



Truth: False! Bartending is work. It can be fun at times and is typically a more relaxed establishment than an office job. Yet bartenders are still on their feet at for hours at a time, mixing drinks, cleaning counters and working the cash register. It’s not all fun and games. It’s still a source of income and has to have a level of professionalism.


4. Bartenders are walking encyclopedias of drinks.


Truth: It’s true that bartenders know many different types of drinks. It’s their job to know drinks. However, they don’t know every drink out there and with new drinks being made all the time, it’s quite impossible for a bartender to know everything. However, if they don’t know how to make a drink most bartenders are open to listening to their customers explain it. Bartenders like to learn new things that will increase sales and tips.



5. Bartending is just a side job.



Truth: For some, it might be. However, for many bartenders this is their only job. There are a lot of amazing bartenders who have made a career and life out of bartending. For them bartending is much more than a side job. It’s a way of life. Too many people believe you can not make a career out of bartending, but the reality is so many people have done just that. The profession of bartending offers a ton of perks if taking seriously.



6. They are alcoholics.


Truth: This myth is pretty ridiculous. In fact, it is hard for an alcoholic to work at a job that serves alcohol. The temptation would be too great and you wouldn’t get any work done. No work equals no tips. In fact, most bartenders drink very little. After seeing the effects of alcohol every day on your customers, the idea of drinking just isn’t fun anymore. It’s just like working at McDonald’s, after a while eating McDonald’s food isn’t so appealing to you.



7. Bartending is easy and glamorous.


Truth: Bartending may seem fun, exciting and easy. However, there is so much more that goes on. You need to have good people skills and know how to handle money. You need to be able to lift heavy items, clean, restock and even be ready to mop the floor and pick up broken glass. And don’t forget, it is never fun cleaning up someone else’s puke!




8. Bartenders are not accountable for their customers.


Truth: To a point this may be true. However, if a bartender served someone too many drinks and allowed them to leave without calling them a cab, we can get in trouble for any accidents or alcohol poisoning that can occur. Bartenders can still be liable. That is why a good bartender pays attention to their customers and makes sure to step in and cut them off so they get home safely.


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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about an appletini? Is there a correlation with health benefits and drinking alcohol?


We’ve all said some stupid things at the bar, and especially when we’ve had too much to drink. However, your bartender should not be the person you say it to. Know what to say and what to never say to a bartender.


Have you ever just sat back and observed the different personalities that come in the bar? People are fascinating and when alcohol is involved they become even more so. From the hip, trendy bar customers to the every day regulars, there is never a dull moment at the bar. 


Bar Customers


Here are 7 different types of bar customers.


The Sophisticated Drinker


These bar goers are usually easy to spot. Their high-end clothes and trendy personalities usually shine through. A sophisticated drinker is typically into top of the line drinks like scotch, bourbon or dirty vodka martinis. However, they also may like a good red wine or a craft stout beer. Bartenders seem to like a sophisticated drinker.

It always impressed them when you order a good, classy drink. So, if you want to score points with your bartender, order their favorite scotch on the rocks or a gin and tonic. But a word of caution, being a sophisticated drinker is not cheap. It costs money to sling back those expensive drinks all night.


The Manly Drinker


A manly drinker is your beer drinker that frequents bars during big sports games or any other big event. Typically he never drinks alone. A manly drinker will have three to five of his buddies or co-workers with him. Drinking for them is so much more fun when you have buddies with you.

The manly drinkers will most likely hog one side of the bar or a pool table, but preferably they will be on the side of the room where they can see a television. In the eyes of a manly drinker nothing is better than a cold beer and big game. It doesn’t matter what type of beer they are drinking, as long as it is beer. Occasionally, when the game is going well they may order a round of shots.


The Lover of Wine


These are most oftenly beautiful ladies who have a good palate and a taste for high-end drinks. There are three different types of wine lovers:The Red Wine Drinker: The red wine drinker typically will only like deep red, full body wines. They seem to have a passion for life and are very loyal to their friends.

-----The Red Wine Drinker: The red wine drinker typically will only like deep red, full body wines. They seem to have a passion for life and are very loyal to their friends.

-----The White Wine Drinker: The white wine drinker is usually a somebody who just started to take an interest in wine or the girl who is mainly likes sweet drinks. This wine lover is a lot of fun to hang out with and a bit of flirt.

-----The Wine Connoisseur: Now the wine connoisseur is a true wine drinker who will order a fine wine regardless if it’s red or white. This type of wine drinker knows what goes into a great wine and will test your knowledge of the wine.Also, The wine connoisseur has a great palate and knows what he or she likes.

No matter what type of lover of wine a person is, one thing is for sure they tend to enjoy the finer things in life and they tend to not rush through life haphazardly.



The Shot Master


This type of bar goer loves to have shots. It doesn’t matter what the shot is. He or she is a thrill seeker and knows the fastest way to a buzz is a by downing few shots. The shot master is always the life of the party. They love anything from Irish Car Bombs to a shot of Jack or even the popular Jaegar bomb. You have to watch out for these guys though, like that saying goes,‘1 tequila, 2 tequila, floor’, too many shots can mean trouble.


The Girlie Drinker


The girlie drinker is your average woman who likes a good daiquiri, margarita or a good mixed drink. Many of these drinkers love their vodka and red bulls or Tequila Sunrises. These are usually the fun ladies at the bar and can typically be found in the corner surrounded by 6 or 7 of their closest friends, giggling and having a good old time.


The Big Spender


This guy is usually harder to spot in crowd, at first. He tends to blend in well and starts out drinking slowly. However, after a few drinks he starts buying rounds for everyone while he flaunts his money. He quickly can become the life of the party until his money runs out. This is the guy you want to be friends with, because everyone likes free drinks.


The Drunk


This is a bartender’s least favorite customer because they know sometime by the end of the night they will be babysitting this bar goer. The drunk has no real preference to what he is drinking as long as he is drinking. As a drunk starts drinking they got louder and more rambunctious. They eventually lose all ability to think with common decency and will hit on anything in a 5-mile-radius.Often times they can become argumentative and start fights. Beware of the drunk. He could be a regular or he could be the new guy, you never know. Either way his nights always end in disaster.

Bars are filled with many different personalities. This is the reason why bartending is such an interesting job. Everyday you get to meet people, with different personalities, preferences and experiences. Everyday is a new, interesting day as a bartender. 


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I’m sure we’ve all been in those situations where we’ve seen unruly behavior at a bar. And you watch the bartenders suffer through it all. If you are a newbie and not sure of the proper conduct to follow. Here are 5 things that you don't ever do at the bar.


.Don't Ever Do These 5 Things at the Bar



Beg for Drinks at Closing Time



There’s a reason why it’s called closing time. That means that the bar is done for the night.  While you are leaving the bar at 3am, the bartenders and other staff have to stick around for an hour or so. They are left cleaning up and stocking the supplies for the next day. So don’t be that unruly person who begs for more drinks when it's time to go.



Make a Mess



Don’t be the person that rips up coasters and labels and leave scraps all over the floor. This is just extra trash the bartenders have to clean up at the end of the night. Be respectful of the bar and remember that it is a work establishment, not your living room.



Throw Money



Don’t be the person tossing money or your ID on the bar.  Making it rain may work at the strip club, but not at the bar.  If the bartender has their hand out to accept your money or ID, do not be a jerk and throw them onto the bar. For one it is very rude and disrespectful to the bartender. And two you will probably have to wait a very long time for your drinks to arrive.


Make your Drinks Stronger



Listen, do not tell your bartender that your drinks are not strong enough. Mixing drinks is all about ratios and if your drink is not up to your standards, it probably means that the bar has pre-specific liquor amounts to use on a particular drink. If you find that you would like your drink stronger ask for a ‘double’ which means you will have to pay extra for it.


Use your Glass as a Trash Can



Please do not put your trash in your glass. I know some people who do this thinking it will make things easier for the bartender to clean up. But it actually makes it more difficult. Someone has to take the time and effort to scrap your old food and napkins/coasters/paper out of the glass. So please just remember that the next time you try to help, you’re making it worse.

You have to remember that a bar is a place of work not your living room and that the staff are employees not your servants. Treat the bartenders with the respect they deserve, be kind and courteous, don’t become too intoxicated, and know what it is you want to order. If you are new to the bar scene, just remember these few things of what not to do and you should be able to have an enjoyable night.



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Do you love mixing drinks for people and showing off in the kitchen? 


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