Have you ever hit on a man at the bar? The thought has probably crossed your mind but you were probably unsure how to do it without looking like a total loser.

girls flirt bar

Most guys say that they like it when women come up to them first, but yet not too many women actually do it.

So how can you flirt with a guy at a bar without making him think you’re a crazy weirdo?  

Try these tips next time you’re out and report back. And also check out the guy's version and give us your thoughts. 


Wave Him Over


If you see a cute guy who's eyeing you while you're eyeing him back, just wave him over. You’ll get the points for making the first move without revoking his man card.

This makes it seem like he’s making the first move even though you helped as well. That way, you won’t look overly aggressive and you can start a conversation once he comes over.



Ask Him to Take a Pic of You and Your Girls


This tactic is sneaky, but totally effective. Go ask the guy you like to take a picture of you and your friends. It is an easy way to start a conversation without making it obvious that you’re interested.

Once he snaps the picture, thank him and then start a chat. A simple 'How are you?’ should do and then he’ll probably take it from there if he’s interested.


Don't Use Lines


If cheesy lines don’t work on girls, they absolutely don’t work on guys! The best way to make yourself look thirsty AF is to go up to a guy and use some line that sounds like it came straight out of a pick up artist guide.

If you’re not sure what to say, just ask normal questions like ‘Where are you originally from?’ or ‘Who are you here with?’


Don’t Beg for Attention


If a guy is acting like he’s too cool to talk to you, leave him alone. He’s not interested, at least for right now. Following him around the bar will probably just get you labeled as a stalker and probably thrown out by security.

Instead, go back to whatever you were doing and you might be pleasantly surprised later when he makes an attempt to get your attention. Score! You win!



Keep It Light


The fastest way to creep a guy out is by sharing too much information too soon. Let him lead the conversation. There is no reason to share the details of your doctor’s appointment earlier simply because you can’t think of anything to talk about.

Above all look good and smell good (guys tend to care about that). If you see any of your friends failing at flirting, have a talk with them and show them this article.



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Everybody loves trivia. And once you add drinks and dozens of patrons, you're in for some good times. People love to compete, and with game trivia you can also cash in as people spend more money at your bar.

game trivia awesome bar


If you’ve thought about doing game trivia at your location, there’s a ton of reasons why you need to make it happen now. Here's how game trivia makes for an awesome bar.


People Come From Miles Around to Be There


One of the coolest things about hosting trivia nights at your bar is that people will come from miles around just to be a part of it. Not only do people love competing, they also love the prizes and cash that come along with winning.

While the trivia team members give their best answers, the bar crowd will also get a kick out of making fun of stupid-funny wrong answers and cheering on the people in the game. Having game trivia can also mean the difference between the majority of patrons staying for one round of drinks versus staying for the duration.



Turns Around Slow Weekday Nights


What better way to put useless knowledge to good use than to use it to bring people in the door on a slow Tuesday night? While most bartenders chalk up slow tips on weekdays to just a fact of bartender life, a well-planned game of trivia will get people in the door on the off days.

Here’s a pro tip: You can even hire an MC to shame people into staying longer by announcing bar specials during the game.


Brings Everybody Together


Under normal circumstances, strangers at the bar don't really have a reason to talk to each other. But suddenly when you add trivia to the mix, all bets are off. When game trivia night is on, suddenly you'll see a lot more people chatting it up about their favorite episodes of Game of Thrones.

With BOTY app, people can use their phones to participate in the trivia game rather than being bored and on Facebook. Make BOTY app and game trivia night at your bar the reason why Jane and Jim met and went on their first date!



Become Known for Something


So fancy cocktails or famous celebrities are simply out of the question for the crowd your bar usually attracts (or the bar owner’s budget). Don't give up! Your bar can still become known for something!

Instead, turn your bar into the only one in town that has a themed trivia night. As people show up to participate each week, you'll create your own versions of local celebrities. Treat them like rockstars and encourage teams to create their own unique team gear to generate the excitement.

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Sometimes you can find yourself in a new city and when the sun goes down, you know it's time to party. But how do you pull off a bar crawl in a city that you've never been to and make it successful?


bar crawl new city


Never fear, help is here! With our best tips and the BOTY app, you'll be mingling with the locals in no time.


1. Study the Area Before You Go


Get to know what's up and what's down. Are there areas of the city that have a lot of restaurants and bars in a concentrated area? Scouting those areas first and how to get there is probably going to be your best bet in terms of finding a string of bars that you can spend all night in.

Are you looking for a laid back night at the dive bar or are craft cocktails more your speed? You should also decide on the type of bars that you prefer and check the crowd so that you don't end up walking into the local biker gang's hangout by accident.


2. Find Out What Time Things Close


In New York City, you'll notice that bars stay open until the wee hours of the morning so you can get your drink on until 2 am or later in many places. However, in other cities bars may close at 1 am or earlier.

By checking to see what time everything closes, you can make sure that you don't head out too late. That way you won't have to worry about not having enough time to close the deal or enjoy a few more rounds at a second or third bar.


3. Don't Forget to Include Food


A bar crawl that doesn't include a pitstop for food is a rookie's mistake. Don't end up spending your night taking in only liquid calories so that you’re puking up vodka before the clock even strikes midnight.

Whether it’s a food truck strategically located along the way or a sports bar that serves wings, getting food is the only way that you'll be able to keep going all night.


4. Don’t Mix


The general rule of thumb whenever you're drinking, but is especially important if you're going to do a bar crawl, is that you do not mix liquors. Unless you plan on waking up the next day with a splitting headache and stomach pains that will just waste the rest of the time that you have in your new city, don't do it. Try to choose one type of alcohol and stick with it.


5. Be Prepared to Skip It


No matter how perfect you think your plan is, things can change along the way. A bar might not draw the crowd that you're looking for. Don't be afraid to skip that place and go to the next one on your list.


6. Mingle


Even if you don’t speak the language, it doesn’t hurt to try and say hello once you’re at the bar. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are locals there that can speak your language. Don’t forget, the whole point of a bar crawl is to have fun and you'll occasionally meet some really cool people. So make it happen!

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Want to work as a bartender but don’t have any experience? Well, we’ve got good news and bad news for you.



The good news is; landing a job in the service industry is pretty easy. The bad news is; it may not be a bartending job right off the bat. Not to worry though, because we’ve got some tips for breaking into the industry.


Make Friends with Bartenders


By far the most important thing you can do to land yourself a sweet bartending gig is to befriend some bartenders. As with most industries, bars and restaurants are all about nepotism. If someone who likes you knows you need a job, the next time they hear of one they’ll recommend you.

If you don’t have any experience bartending, why not ask a friend if you can train with them? This may not fly in fine dining establishments but I know several dive bars where the bartenders train the occasional newbie.



Act Professional 


Just because bartending is a fun job in environments that are often relaxed and casual doesn’t mean you should be too informal. Bring a resume to interviews, dress professionally, and be on time. It sounds ridiculous, but just these three things will set you apart from the rest.


Hit the Pavement


I’ve gotten two bartending jobs by simply walking in with my resume (during non-busy times of course) and asking if the place is hiring. Yes, this is tedious and time consuming but it can pay off if you’re in the right place at the right time.


Start Small


If you’ve never bartended before you may need to start off in a different position such as barback or hostess. Then when a position opens up, you’ll be there to fill it. Don’t worry, turnover in restaurants tends to be high and an opportunity may arise  sooner than you think..


Skip Bartending School


Bartending school is widely laughed at in the service industry and the things you learn there rarely translate to reality. Instead, focus on getting actual training somewhere. Don’t worry about memorizing a million drinks, that will come with time. Bartending is about being efficient, friendly, and good in a team setting.



Don’t Skip Certifications


Many bars and restaurants require certifications such as a food handler’s license or TIPS certifications. These courses are cheap and not too time-intensive and employers love to see that on a resume

Got any other tips? Let us know!


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There is something beautiful buried inside of all of us that helps us be aware of ourselves and our world. What if the bar was the place to help us improve this concept called consciousness?


improve consciousness bar


Now that’s different! How does consciousness and the bar even end up in the same sentence? Well keep reading.



Consciousness is defined as the state of being awake, and aware of your surroundings. If someone asked you to explain what that means, could you do it?

We all have it and experience it, but yet it’s so hard to explain. We are not going to spend a great deal of time trying to uncover the scientific meaning of being conscious. Because really smart people have been trying to do that for years. It has a lot to do with how the brain operates and who really understands that? We will focus on tips for improving your awareness using the bar, which is very important in developing your state of consciousness.

You need to hang around other people and avoid isolation in order to be happy. Social isolation is a state of complete or near-complete lack of contact between an individual and society. Not only do we need to communicate with others, we need to interact with them face to face. So social media doesn’t count! And the bar is one of the best places to get this social interaction.

Here are some tips to improve your awareness at the bar.


Get to Know You


The bar is the place to go if you want to be honest and hear the truth from others. Liquid courage helps people lose their inhibitions and feel free to be more open. So the goal is to use that magic to have a realistic conversation with you. Grab a drink and talk to yourself. It sounds crazy but is it really? We spend so much time living on everyone’s terms but our own. It doesn’t hurt to be brutally honest and the bar helps bring that out.



Tackle Your Emotions


We get so caught in the routine of life. Go to gym, school, work, sleep, eat, and repeat. Week after week, month after month, we do the same things over and over. We get so caught in living that we forget to ‘live.’ Part of living is learning who we are and understanding how we make decisions.

Emotions play an important role in how we think and behave. They influence the choices we make about our lives big and small. So take a few shots at the bar and figure out what triggers your emotions. Acknowledge them because they are valid. Track and manage them best by understanding what they are and why you have them. And work not to feed into the triggers to stay in control of them.


Understand Your Body


Be aware of how you feel before and after drinking alcohol. Understand why you drink and what it represents in helping you solve problems. Learn and listen to your body and give it what it needs. Going to the bar doesn’t imply you need to get drunk while there. Drink to uncover some things that may be suppressed due to being so busy with the distractions of your daily life.


Know the Consequences and Repercussions


Bad consequences usually come after drinking lots of alcohol. But what if you knew that going in and approached it differently? First off, it helps to understand your tolerance. Drinking brings out our raw emotions and exposes things that we hold back naturally because we are just so busy. When you understand the consequences and repercussions of your actions, it will help you avoid being impulsive and have regrets later.


Study Other People


One of the tricks to improving states of consciousness, is experiencing the realities of life. Watch people at the bar and pay close attention to them. Study their actions and watch what they do. Liquid courage allows people to be brave and be willing to speak and act fearlessly. Listen to folks and learn from them. You will be surprised what a random person will tell you after a few rounds of Jameson. It may help you figure some things out.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings


Pay attention to the bartender, managers, security and other bar goers. This is a good representation of everyday people attempting to solve the life puzzle. Keep track of everything going on around you. Process this information and develop the ability to perceive things critically. Spend more time at the bar connecting with people versus being consumed with ‘friends’ & followers on the social networks. Seek to learn about the world in its true element as much as possible.


Go at it Alone


We are constantly busy consumed with others and not enough time is spent on improving our own character. When your brain is consumed by some activity, it starts focusing on that. Nowadays, everyone is preoccupied with social media in some way, that they forget about self introspection. Trying to live your life similar to others and impress them at the same time can be disastrous. They may not who they really appear to be, but yet their day to days consumes your thoughts. Go to the bar alone and meet new people. Grasp what really goes on in the ‘real’ world with people who frequent the bar just like you.



Learn to Meditate


Meditate at the bar? WTF…  Wait listen! You need to develop your perception so you can learn to be more aware. When you meditate, you observe your thoughts and emotions from the outside.

So why do it at the bar and how? While meditating is typically done in silent and relaxing places, it is also not about shying away from things that make you feel uncomfortable, difficult or distracting. Sitting in a relaxed place alone is not exclusive to other forms of meditation. Bringing that mindset and awareness with us as we shop, go to the bar, or interact with complete strangers is very important as well. So grab a table or sit at the end of the bar and try it. We promise you won’t look like a dummy and it’s even a good conversation starter.

If you don’t drink, you can still practice this technique. The bar is a good place for social interactions and to get valuable perspectives of the world. And if you do drink and looking to build your awareness at the bar, grab an Uber or Lyft when your done.


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Here are 7 simple ways to make friends at the bar without breaking a sweat. 


Make new friends at the bar or make new friends bar


Whether you’ve just moved to a new city or you’re simply looking to broaden your current social circle, the bar is a great place to meet new people. Nervous? With these tips, the BOTY app, and a little liquid courage, you’ll be making new friends in no time.


1. Check your body language


First things first, you need to show that you’re open to talking to someone. Ever notice the guy hunched over his drink, glued to his cell phone, completely closed off from the entire bar? Don’t be that guy. You won’t make any friends if you’re putting off “don’t bother” vibes. Instead, do your best to sit in a way that makes you more approachable. Don’t cross your arms, and try to sit in the position that faces slightly outwards towards the rest of the bar - and don’t forget to smile from time to time.



2. Eavesdrop.


We’re not saying you should rent some expensive spy equipment, but listening to conversations that are happening nearby can create an opportunity for some social interaction. Hear someone talking about a topic you’re also interested in? Have something to add to a conversation that’s happening a table over? Go ahead and jump in! Just remember that the bar attracts all types of people, so be sure to read the room a little. It’s best not to interrupt a heated argument or come between a couple on a date.  


3. Use a social app


Welcome to 2017, bar goer. While we don’t encourage never looking up from your phone, we do encourage using it for a purpose. Currently, there are dating apps (like Happn and Match) that let you message other people around you, but they focus on the romantic connection. That’s why people are turning to the BOTY app. It lets you see other people that have checked into the bar you’re at, and message them. Of course, you can also send a flirty message if you happen to see someone attractive. The choice is yours - just download and start meeting the people around you.


4. Get the bartender on your side


Bartenders are the original confidants. There’s no shame in letting your bartender know that you’re there to mingle - chances are they’ll be more than happy to make a casual intro happen.

Best way to go about it? Be a cool customer. Start a conversation and get to know your bartender a bit, once you’re no longer a stranger they’ll have a better sense of who you are, and who to introduce you to.


5. Join a game


A lot of bars come equipped with entertainment; pool tables, dart boards, or even trivia - all are great ways to interact with other people at the pub. Ask to join a game or group up with a trivia team - they’re great ice breakers. And now there are even new ways to make a connection. The BOTY app has mobile trivia, so you can connect with other players that are checked in at the same bar. Start with the app, and then get up and say hi in person - it’s a win win.  


6. Start a conversation.


When tips one through five aren’t options, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just say hi. This can be scary, but once you do it you’ll likely realize it’s not as big a deal as you thought. Comment on the game, compliment someone’s cool t-shirt, or ask where to get the best pizza in town. So long as you steer clear of anything that might be offensive, you can’t really go wrong here. Take a sip of your drink and go for it!



7. Follow through.


Once you’ve started something, don’t cop out. Maintain a level of interest and do your best to contribute to the conversation and ask questions - basically, be present. If you like the person or people you meet and you’re not already connected on the BOTY app, why not suggest becoming friends on a social media channel you both use? Exchanging info means you won’t have to wait to bump into them again at random, you can actually plan to meet up.


Want to connect with people at the bar in a whole new way? Download the BOTY App on iTunes or Google Play for free!


You may think that it is easy to saunter into the local watering hole, sit down and order a drink, but in reality, there is proper bar etiquette to follow. This will benefit you, the bartender and everyone else in the bar.


proper bar etiquette

Never Say THIS to the Bartender


First, we will show you some things that you should do. Then, we will show you some things that you should not do, as these can result in getting you thrown out and banned from an establishment.




Be Polite


Be polite and always use “please” and “thank you”.  This is the base-line for being a decent human being, and it should be practiced every time you enter a bar or club.



Be Ready


Always have your money ready when your bartender returns with your drink.  This will keep things moving along very smoothly.


Keep it Simple


Order all your drinks at the same time, as this will save you time (as you can return to your company). This will also give the bartender the ability to take care of other waiting customers.

Wait your turn, even if you are just ordering a glass of water.






Make Assumptions


Don’t assume that soft drinks are free.  Everyone on the road appreciates the fact that you may have volunteered to be a designated driver for the evening. However, that does not mean that the establishment is required to provide you with soft drinks for free.


Argue with the Bartender


Do not question the bartender or argue about your tab.  Remember, the bartender is the sober one.  If your tab says that you have had 10 drinks, then it is more than likely that you had 10 drinks. Ask for a manager if you believe you are right.


Leave Drinks Unattended


Do not leave your drinks unattended on the bar.  First of all, someone, with not so honorable intentions, may put something dangerous in your drink.  In addition, if a drink is left unattended on the bar, it is assumed by the bartender, that you are finished and it will be thrown out.




Ask for a Drink Tray


Don’t ask for a tray to carry your drinks, because you probably will not get one.  Customers are not insured, and if there is an accident involving a tray then the bar will be liable.  Either bring a friend to the bar with you, or make two trips back and forth from your table. 


Complain about Prices


Don’t complain about the prices to the bartender, they don’t make them, and they do not have the authority to adjust.  If you are not happy with the prices, it is advised that you order something different or choose a different establishment.

Here are some additional DO NOT's:

As you can see, the “do not’s” outweigh the “do’s”. There are, however a couple of Nevers.





Touch the Bartender


Never touch the bartender, as you may get tossed out!  This is very poor bar etiquette.  If the bartender wants to interact with you on that level, they will initiate it.


Go Behind the Bar


This is similar to a customer walking in front of a cash register at a retail store.  If you attempt this, you will be “escorted” out, and worse possibly arrested!


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Society has brought about its own culture for living, celebrating and getting through life. Where we go to figure things out varies from person to person. 


Finding the best bartenders at your favorite hot spots is a must to make the most of your evening. But sometimes it can be difficult to spot which bartender is actually the best. Sure, the brunette that works on Saturday is attractive, but that doesn’t mean she is going to take good care of you and your friends.  



You are looking to have an enjoyable time at your local bar. The best times typically involve good customer service.  A good bartender tip is to know it's all about the cash.


bartender tip cash is king


Bartenders know nothing about you when you first meet. The only thing they are likely to remember are how much you tipped them (if you did) and what you ordered.  

If you don't tip, chances are they won’t have fond memories of you. Bartenders determine who gets priority by those helping them earn a living. While your having fun at the bar, bartenders are working to pay the bills. The best way for you to get their attention is by taking care of them.

Check out a few things to remember when your at the bar.



Bartender Tip: Make sure they see you


If you just leave your tip on the table after they gave you your order, you never gave the bartender/customer relationship time to develop. And if they are busy, chances are they will have no idea who left the tip.

Give them a tip as soon as you order. This way, they know where it was coming from and are more likely to pay attention to you once the bar gets busy.



Bartender Tip: Provide Gratuity in Cash


Even if you plan to tip well when closing out your credit card tab, remember that bartenders don’t know that. You just spent your entire time at the bar not giving the bartender any assurances that you are not cheap and plan to tip well.

A good strategy is to pay for your first few drinks in cash. Even if you plan to use a credit card to pay the entirety of the bill. This shows the bartender you appreciate them and their service.  

Be mindful, it’s not always the same bartenders taking care of the same individual. Oftentimes credit card tips end up being split amongst all the bartenders during that shift. So even if you tip well, it won’t matter to that particular bartender since they only get a part of that tip. Cash may be split too, but at least they will be able to take home those tips the same day.  


Bartender Tip: Designate One Person to Buy Drinks


Don’t confuse the bartender. If you’re with a group, try to assign one person in particular to buy the drinks. The bartender probably has no clue who you’re with. They aren’t going to acknowledge you as being with your friend who just tipped them 10 minutes ago.  

If you plan to rotate who takes care of the drinks in any given outing, be sure to introduce the “new person.” The bartender need to know your friends of friends who tipped well last time. As time goes on, the bartender will eventually remember your group and know they can count on you all as reliable customers for bartender tips. This ensures that all of you get well taken care of by that bartender whenever you are out.  



Bartender Tip: Cash is King


Remember when you tip via credit card, that income is taxable and the bartenders don’t make as much. Understand they may not be able to take the tips home for the night. And when you mess with a bartender’s money, that takes the excitement and fun out of the job. If you are headed to the bar, take some cash and look forward to having a better time out.


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Have you ever wonder why people love the bar so much?


People Love the Bar


Being in my late 20’s I’ve come to realize that there are two different types of a ‘night out’. There’s the one where you put on one of your better dresses. You do your hair and makeup just right and go to a club where you and your friends dance with strangers and drink the night away. 


Then there’s the night where your clothes consist of comfortable jeans and a stain free shirt. Your hair is in a messy bun as you walk into your favorite bar to relax for the evening. It probably comes as no surprise that I prefer the second type of night.

There is something cozy and homey about bars. And after spending time visiting ones from all around the world, I’ve come to realize a few things about why people love the bar so much.



Fact #1: Variety 



No matter your lifestyle there is always a bar out there for you. From the upper class that serves prohibition style cocktails. To the dive bars where country and rock pour from the jukebox. There is a bar for everyone. Personally I prefer the Irish pubs, where the main drinks are Guinness and Heineken while Dropkick Murphy’s plays in the background.


Fact #2: Want to Talk, Don’t Want to Talk?


Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t really feel like talking to anyone? But you don’t necessarily want to be alone.  The wonderful thing about bars is that they are always full of people and there’s no obligation to talk. Sometimes it’s just nice to be a part of a collective conversation and too just nod your head along. And sometimes it’s just nice to be surrounded by quiet chatter while you reflect over your drink.



Fact #3: A Place to Vent


Being in a bar, it’s almost a requirement to share the details about something that may not be going great in your life. Here no one is passing judgment because they may be going through a similar experience.  It’s not all bad news because the bar is also the place to have a shot to celebrate a birthday or toast to a new promotion.  The bar is the place to express yourself through the good or bad times.  


Fact #4. Introvert, Extrovert? We Love Them All!


Bars are definitely the place where everyone can come and find themselves at ease.  An extrovert is a friendly person who truly enjoys talking to and being around other people.  If you’re an extrovert there will be plenty of people to talk to and swap stories with.  It’s not as easy for introverts to make new friends because it takes up so much energy to get to know someone.  So introverts will most likely be the one listening to the most outrageous stories.     


Fact #5. Comradery


If you’re lucky enough you will find a bar that becomes your home away from home.  You know the one where you know the owners, all of the bartenders know you by name. And they have your drink poured as you walk through the door.  The other patrons warmly welcome you and probably know details about your life that no one else knows. It is in these bars where stories and advice are doled out over beer and anyone can be dragged into a conversation.


People Love the Bar


The thing I personally love about bars is the ease of the atmosphere. No one cares where you’ve been and no one cares about your mistakes, everyone is just looking for the same thing - a cold drink and a fun story to listen to.



Want to connect with people at the bar in a whole new way? Download the BOTY App on iTunes or Google Play for free!



If you've been in the service industry for a while, or are a seasoned bar-goer, you know there's lots of different bartender personalities out there. Some are good, some… slightly less good.  

Whether you head to the local watering hole for a nightly bottle of wine (don’t judge), or just have a few social beers after work, you’re sure to have encountered some of these types.  Read on for some common bartender personalities you'll find lurking behind the stick.


Different Bartender Personalities 


Of course, this is all in good fun so no mean comments.



The Inattentive Bartender


Can I call ahead and give you my order?  Because waiting 10 minutes for a draft beer makes us feel STRESSED.  You are so nice when you finally notice us doing cartwheels and/or loudly weeping in the hopes of capturing your attention, but damn your ass is slow!

Signs to look out for:


The Angry Bartender


Ah the grumpy bartender.  We can't get mad at you because… alcohol.  What can we do to make you happy, cause good tips and politeness don't seem to do it?  Your service is surly and your drinks weak, but we just can't quit you, because, again… alcohol. 

Signs to look out for:




The Flirty Bartender


You're hot, but you're not that hot, you know?  But, we're weak and insecure so we'll take all the attention we can get.  Wait, you just got us a free drink.  Maybe you’re hotter than we thought.

Signs to look out for:



The Super Serious Bartender


You make every drink with the intensity of a surgeon saving a life.  You ALWAYS measure and never have time to talk, which is actually fine cause you scare us a little.  The gift of gab is not your strong suit, but that’s ok; we’re here to smother our emotions not chit chat.

Signs to look out for:


The Genuinely Really Good Bartender


We've seen you hold 6 bottles of Corona in one hand, open them with the other and take three orders all while dancing along (in a funny, not cringey way) to the music.  You flirt the exact right amount, chat the exact right amount, and make us feel oh-so-special.  We know it’s all for show and we’re not really your best friend, but JUST LET US HAVE OUR DREAMS OK?

Signs to look out for:


The Tipsy Bartender  


You’re always giving us shots as an excuse to take one yourself and we see you sneakily pouring that crappy house whiskey into your coffee.  By midnight you have to hold on to the tap handles so you don’t fall over.  Your coworkers may hate you, but we LOVE you for your um… generous spirit.

Signs to look out for:



Want to connect with people at the bar in a whole new way? Download the BOTY App on iTunes or Google Play for free!


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