So there is a bar that you really want to go, but you don’t have anyone who will go with you. It’s a Saturday night and you don’t want to sit at home but like many times before, you don’t have plans. You heard there is something cool going on at that bar but your friends aren’t into it. Then you just think, “I could always go alone, right?”


go bar alone


Many people think about going to the bar alone but they never actually do it or might have gone out alone once and felt uncomfortable. Here, we will talk about the reasons for going solo and how to do it the right way.

Many people mistakenly assume that going out alone is awkward but actually doing it by yourself isn’t bad at all. Here are some of the amazing benefits of going alone.


Meet New People


You can meet more people when you are alone since you don’t have to spend most of the time with the people you came with. Being alone will motivate you to socialize because if you want to talk to someone, the only one that can make it happen is you!



Lots of Options


You can go to any bar you want, any time you want. This is not possible if you only go out with friends.


Social Skills Training 


It’s a great way to practice your social skills and learn how to start/hold conversations with strangers. You can choose a bar with a lively vibe and communicate as much as you want and leave when you want to.


You Have Options 


You can go anywhere on your own terms. You don’t have to stay at the bar if you’re tired when your friends aren’t tired. In addition, you won’t be late arriving at the bar because one of your friends needs hours to get ready.


Life is Better When You Drink


When you are at the bar, you can ask someone if they could recommend a favorite drink. It is a great conversation starter and you can easily ask more questions, like how long they’ve been going to the bar or where they’re from, etc. If you’re a tourist in another country and you don’t speak the language well, you can ask someone to help you read the menu, which is also a great way to start a conversation.



Make Eye Contact

If you’re feeling hesitant about starting conversations with strangers, let them approach you. Make eye-contact and smile. It is a simple and effective trick because it shows others that you are friendly. And remember: confidence attracts.

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For many, the bar is a place of comfort. You can walk into one you’ve never been to, and somehow feel like you’ve been there before. And with new technology like the BOTY app, people are connecting at the bar in a whole new way, making the bar more like a second home than ever.



One major reason for this phenomenon? Every bar has 6 types of people who frequent them, and without realizing it, you’re most likely one of them.

Here are the 6 types of regulars at every bar - let’s see which one you turn out to be.


The Quiet One


While the bar lends a perfect way to meet new people, there are those who are too anxious to talk to the person next to them - and there are those that would just prefer not to. These types will likely fixate on one or two things, namely: their drink, their phone, or whatever happens to be on the TV, even if it’s an infomercial. They might be too shy to start a conversation with a stranger, but they’ll likely open up after a few drinks if you approach them.



The Social One


The king or queen of chit chat, this regular thrives on the energy of bar - they might even bring the energy up a few notches. This person isn’t just at the bar to drink, they’re there to meet people and talk about almost anything. They will be the person to buy you a drink before you’ve even exchanged more than a couple sentences, and they’ll be the ones to tell you stories (real or made up) all night if you let them.


The Cocktail Connoisseur


This regular appreciates the delicate craft that is mixology. Ever see the person who spends about 4 minutes more than most looking at the cocktail menu? This drinker is looking to be dazzled by what the bartender can concoct, and they expect perfection. The foodie of the bar scene, this person can many times be a hybrid - sharing qualities with either the Quiet One, the Social One, or even the Flirt (read below).


The Game Watcher


Whether it’s a sports bar or not, this regular has a goal - and that’s to drink a cold something while their eyeballs never leave the screen with the game on it. They’ll often ask the bartender to switch to the game of their choice (which is questionable bar etiquette), or will situate themselves at a bar they know plays the match they’re looking for. They can be quiet or rowdy, but for this regular, it’s always about watching the game.


The Flirt


Every bar has at least one flirt in it at any given moment. This person loves chatting people up and making glances that will either excite you or make you pretty uncomfortable. The flirt can be a guy or gal who’s trying to get lucky or maybe has hopes of meeting their next potential relationship partner. This regular can be kind of clingy or they can be a lot of fun to hang out with. Who knows, your next girlfriend or boyfriend might just be the Flirt you meet at your local pub.



The Drinker


Yes, we all come to the bar to have a drink or two, but this regular takes drinking to a different level. While you might be finishing your second beer, this person has managed to polish off 4 in the same time span. They can also outlast you - the Drinker regular will likely be one of the last people to leave the pub, and likely the one treating the worst hangover the next day. Whether it’s been a rough day or there’s something big to celebrate, we’ve all been this regular at least once or twice.

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As bartenders, we meet all sorts of people. Even though we (hopefully) extend the same courteous hospitality to each customer, we definitely have our favorites. And being one of our favorites comes with perks like free drinks and maybe even genuine friendship. So, here are a few tips for being a customer that bartenders can’t wait to see.


Customer Bartenders Love

How to Deal with Rude Regulars




Have an Actual Conversation with Us, Don’t Just Vent


My favorite regulars are those that I can have a real talk with, not those that come for the free therapy. While bartenders are happy to chat about pretty much anything and everything, we aren’t receptacles for your emotional waste, at least not all the time. Ask about our lives, and have a back and forth with us!



Be Patient


If the bar is busy, don’t start shouting my name or waving your money around for service. I promise that I see you and will get to you as soon as I can. There’s a multi-tiered list of priorities in my head, and you’re on it.


The Best Customers Are Low Maintenance


Our favorite customers are like cacti; they require very little watering. They have a go-to drink to order when it’s busy and they don’t tell long involved stories when the bar is five deep. Regulars know that when it slows down, we’ll happily spend the rest of the night in your corner.


Tip Appropriately


As bartenders, we do have favorites who are good, but not great, tippers. However, if you truly want to get into our good graces, tip us generously. As a result, you’ll end up paying less overall because we’ll buy you back much more often. It truly is a win/win!



Don’t Hit on Us


Unless you are 100% sure we’re into you, do not hit on us. Nothing ruins the bartender/patron relationship more than having to turn you down in front of your friends. Most of us have mastered the art of rejecting customers graciously, but you still won’t like it.

Bad Bartending Habits


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