Bar Manager’s Perspective on Bartenders

From the bar manager’s perspective, bartenders are people who serve drinks and entertain customers all day long. The day may consists of lots of jokes, laughter, flirting, fun, sorrow and so much more..

Bar Manager’s Perspective on Bartenders Bar Manager

In any case, the bartender is the one of the most important persons in the bar along with being the most overlooked one. So what is a bartender through the eyes of the bar manager?


A Salesman

Bars, like any business in the world, are there to make money. Bar managers, like any other manager in the world, are there to ensure that the money keeps flowing.

To a bar manager, a bartender is a salesperson who has been hired to sell as much food and drink as possible, in any way possible. As long as the bartender is doing it right and keeping the registers ringing, the bar manager will be happy. Also, a good bartender builds a good reputation among regular bar patrons; and a good rep means returning customers and ever-increasing business for the bar. It’s a win-win!

Bar Manager’s Perspective on Bartenders


An Expert Drink-Maker

Most people at a bar have simple choices. They don’t require anything fancy, with most of their choices limited to beer, wine or the basic mixed cocktail (vodka with soda). But there are those that tend to get adventurous and order their Old Fashioned, Long Island Ice Tea or Manhattan. Not to mention they may want a specialty bourbon, Mai Tai or White Russian.

Keeping these customers happy is essential in maintaining the gentry of a bar and maybe even raising the bar (pun intended). To a bar manager, a bartender is supposed to know what goes into these cocktails and make them how the customer wants them. Because if somebody wants an Mojito, they will not settle for a Margarita!

Bar Manager’s Perspective on Bartenders


A Charismatic Person

A bar manager won’t just hire anybody that can mix a few drinks. The perfect bartender is a mix of great bartending skills and an amazing and affable personality.

People love bartenders that make them feel important, especially drunk people. They talk to them as friends, tell some of their secrets, ask for advice and then leave big tips for good service. A bar manager will always hire the most charming and likeable bartender he can get, and that bartender will always bring in the most business.

Bar Manager’s Perspective on Bartenders


An Efficient and Calm Person

Efficiency is one of the most important qualities that a bar manager looks for in a bartender. The bartender should be able to take orders, remember them correctly, pour the correct drinks and keep the bar neat and tidy while continuing to serve the increasing number of customers that come through the doors. Also, a manager is looking for a  bartender that keeps calm under the pressure that comes with bar patrons.

To us customers, the bartender is just a guy you bought drinks from the night before. To the bar manager, he/she is the life of the bar. After all, the manager wants his bar to be the best in town!


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