How to be the Customer Bartenders Love

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As bartenders, we meet all sorts of people. Even though we (hopefully) extend the same courteous hospitality to each customer, we definitely have our favorites. And being one of our favorites comes with perks like free drinks and maybe even genuine friendship. So, here are a few tips for being a customer that bartenders can’t wait to see.

Customer Bartenders Love


Have an Actual Conversation with Us, Don’t Just Vent

My favorite regulars are those that I can have a real talk with, not those that come for the free therapy. While bartenders are happy to chat about pretty much anything and everything, we aren’t receptacles for your emotional waste, at least not all the time. Ask about our lives, and have a back and forth with us!

Be Patient

If the bar is busy, don’t start shouting my name or waving your money around for service. I promise that I see you and will get to you as soon as I can. There’s a multi-tiered list of priorities in my head, and you’re on it.

The Best Customers Are Low Maintenance

Our favorite customers are like cacti; they require very little watering. They have a go-to drink to order when it’s busy and they don’t tell long involved stories when the bar is five deep. Regulars know that when it slows down, we’ll happily spend the rest of the night in your corner.

Tip Appropriately

As bartenders, we do have favorites who are good, but not great, tippers. However, if you truly want to get into our good graces, tip us generously. As a result, you’ll end up paying less overall because we’ll buy you back much more often. It truly is a win/win!

Don’t Hit on Us

Unless you are 100% sure we’re into you, do not hit on us. Nothing ruins the bartender/patron relationship more than having to turn you down in front of your friends. Most of us have mastered the art of rejecting customers graciously, but you still won’t like it.


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