5 Tips That Make Getting a Drink at a Crowded Bar a Lot Easier


Getting a drink in a crowded bar seem like a nightmare to you?

getting drink crowded bar

If you want to get the bartender’s attention, the best way is to make yourself stand out in a good way. Here are 5 of the best tips for getting a drink in a crowded bar that make it a lot easier and won’t get you thrown out.


1. Wear Something Flashy

Wearing something sparkly or flashy will catch the bartender’s eye. A nice watch or necklace does the trick. Not only will it show that you’re probably ready to spend some cash but it will also probably catch some eyes from across the room.

2. Put Your Cash in the Air

Raising your hand in the air with a few dollars in it is like getting on the express line when it comes to getting a drink at the bar. Bartenders want to deal with patrons who will get their drinks, pay fast, and get out of the way.

By showing the bartender that you know what the deal is, you can be sure that the bartender will notice you a lot sooner. Just make sure that you also leave a nice tip.

3. Strike Up a Conversation

If you see some people who seem to be getting a lot more attention from the bartender than anyone else, head over and strike up a conversation. You can even offer to buy them a drink.

You’ll make some fast new friends who will probably introduce you to the bartender. It’s a win-win for you: you get a drink and some new acquaintances.

4. Find an Empty Space

In most crowded bars, there are usually small spaces where people aren’t smashed against the bar. Duck and dodge your way through the crowd until you reach this temporary oasis.

It’s best to do this fast before someone else catches on to your strategy. Once you’re there, congrats! You can now place an order while everyone else waits.

5. Just Ask Someone

If you’ve managed to get your first drink but you’re now staring in fear at navigating the crowd to get another round, there’s one final tip that can save you from waiting an eternity for your drink.

This is also a great tip if you’re short. Politely tap someone on the shoulder who seems to be getting drinks easily and ask them for help. A simple, “Hey, if I buy you a drink, can you please get the bartender for me?” should do the trick.

Know When It’s a Lost Cause

Sometimes you might just have to wait. However, if you see other people crowd surfing just to get closer to the bar, better get out your surfboard instead!


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