The Importance of Bartenders

The Importance of Bartenders

Bartenders are important people and one of the first persons you interact with after a challenging week. They must smile, keep the bar clean, make suggestions, remember everything, and know exactly what you want before you know it. Here I attempt to show the importance of bartenders.

Importance of Bartenders


Bartenders Do It All

You must relate to a variety of people in a fast-paced environment while displaying a good personality, and knowing about a bunch of different types of drinks.  It takes lots of charm, a good memory, and a strong ability to multi-task to be successful. The bartender must serve the right drinks, entertain, have a listening ear, offer needed advice, know when to card, and be neat at the same time.


The bartender’s appearance may help, but It doesn’t have to be a twenty something girl with big knockers, or a hunk to bring in the crowd.  The demeanor of the bartender and interaction with customers matters most. When people go somewhere to drink on a consistent basis, the bartenders get to know them and they get to know the bartender. Relationships are built over time as you learn about them and the bartender gets to know about you.  In addition, people like the camaraderie and comfort of their local bar and the bonds that are forged with a good bartender.

A Friend 

Being welcoming and friendly is just a part of the equation why people become regulars of their favorite bartender. People like to feel cared about, listened to, and see a familiar face at the end of a long hard day.  And instead of capping off the day with a nice cold one at home, you feel more comfortable visiting your favorite bartender at your most-liked bar.  It also doesn’t hurt that your bartender has been doing this for such a long time, which makes them feel like family.

There is a local bar in my neighborhood that me and my husband frequent quite often. The fact that every Wednesday is ½ price wine and Whiskey.  I usually get the peach Bird Dog Whisky with soda and my husband orders Gentleman Jack.  This deal is awesome!!  This sure helps to bring in the crowd, but I also like seeing the same bartender there every week. She greets us like we’re old friends and it makes us feel at home.

Customer Service Specialist

There are a ton of bars in our neighborhood within walking distance of our home, but we seem to routinely visit the same ones. We like to drink and typically end up at the bars where we like the bartenders the best. And when we travel outside of our local neighborhood, we usually go to the places that have specials, but having a good bartender is just as important. After we build a pretty good rapore with a bartender we like, we end up drinking there much more often. If I am really turned off my a bartender then I usually won’t go back so good customer service is definitely important.

Know Your Needs Before You Do

Specialty drinks are fashionable and the ambiance at establishments matters a lot.  The little things grab your attention, hold on to it and help you appreciate the creativity and hard work that went into the place. It helps to have a great food menu and be greeted with a smile by the person at the front.  We all like trendy bars, with unique drink menus and even cool looking bar stools. But what’s going to keep me coming back over and over again is awesome bartender.  Cheap drinks help to, but if I really wanted to be cheap, I would drink at home.  


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