The Do’s and Don’ts of Ordering Drinks at the Bar

ordering drinks bar

Is it your dream to become the cool person that the bartender gives a nod to when you approach the bar? Do you want to impress someone you just met with your expert drink selection skills?

ordering drinks bar

Follow these rules to learn how to order drinks at the bar to ensure a pleasant drinking experience for yourself and to avoid pissing the bartender off.


Don’t say: “Give me whatever you got.”

Bartenders don’t want to have to read your mind to figure out which brands of craft beer you like. So when it comes deciding which brand of alcohol you want to drink, take a second and actually pick something from the menu. You’ll save the bartender time and you’ll actually get something you want to drink.

Don’t wave your money around or cut in front of others

So you just got a raise at your job. Good for you. But acting like you’re better than other customers at the bar won’t win you any points with the bartender. Don’t stop the bartender from taking other orders ahead of you first; don’t try to get faster service by flashing your cash. You’ll get your drink.

Do greet your bartender

While you don’t have to pretend to be besties from college, greeting the bartender and treating them like an actual human goes a long way in showing that you’re a good customer. Say hello, please, and thank you as you place your drink order.

Don’t ask for extra liquor for free

Bars exist to make money and they’re not in the business of making your drink stronger for free. In fact, a lot even measure their drinks to make sure that their employees pour the right amounts. So don’t expect any favors that you aren’t paying for.

Don’t flirt to get better service

If you thought the bartender was into you simply because they are being really nice, they’re really just doing it because it’s their job. While there’s always a chance that the bartender is actually attracted to you, it’s mostly a good idea to leave the bartender alone. No one likes to be harassed while they’re working.

Don’t ask a million questions

If you don’t know what you want to drink, ask for a menu. While the bartender can answer your questions, a lengthy conversation with you takes away from the time that they could be spending on other bartending tasks. If choosing a drink is usually a tough decision for you, work it out on your own with the menu or ask a friend for help.

Don’t forget to tip

Now that you have your drink, make sure that you leave a good tip. Make sure to leave at least a standard tip and even a little extra if you liked the service. The bartender paper writer will appreciate your generosity and will be even happier to serve you next time.


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