5 Awesome Things You Can Only Do at Quiet Bars

Tired of rowdy college bars and packed pubs? Quiet bars offer just the scene you’re looking for. Here you’ll be able to relax and take in the scene. So instead of yelling your drink order, head to a quiet bar instead and sit at a table. Even still, you can make it more enjoyable.

quiet bars

Follow these tips to take full advantage of these 5 things you can only do at quiet bars.


1. Enjoy Your Own Music

Quiet bars tend to have low volume or soothing sounding music playing to better create a calm atmosphere for the patrons. As a result, this makes for the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy your own music (with headphones, of course) inside the bar. You’ll get to hear all of those obscure tunes that you would never hear outside of the internet while you enjoy your drink or meal.

2. Catch Up on Your Pleasure Reading

Don’t have time or are too tired to read while you’re at home? No problem! Simply move your time to catch up on your reading to the 1 hour a day that you’ll spend at a quiet bar. This will allow you to catch up on your reading while still being able to be social if you’d like to chat instead. Even better, you’re more likely to meet someone here that loves the same authors as you since quiet bars tend to attract the intellectual crowd.

3. Do Some Homework

Still hanging on to that training manual from work or haven’t finished your report yet? Get your own table and then spread out with your assignment. You’ll find that it’s much easier for you to finish what you’re working on without the distraction of the usual stuff that’s going on at home. However, make sure that you have back up copies in case there is a spill!

4. Enjoy a Conversation With Your Date

Quiet bars are perfect for dates. There is nothing worse that having to scream to hear each other. You can impress with a good drink or mocktail choice and then get into the details of what you actually have in common. Even better? Select a quiet bar that offers reservation so you won’t have to worry about anyone intruding on your alone time with your date. 

Pro tip: Save a quiet bar date for the second or third time going out to reduce the chances of things getting awkward fast!

5. Order From the Secret Menu

The best quiet bars tend to be secret bars as well. From speakeasies to downstairs restaurant bars, these bars market themselves off of the premise that they are hidden gems. As a result, they usually often have a secret menu as well. Poke around a bit and see if you can find what’s on the secret menu. Connecting with people on BOTY who go there regularly will give you access to this whole new secret bar scene!


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