How to Spot a Regular at the Bar

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Becoming a regular at  bar isn’t an easy thing. It takes a lot of time and dedication to become part of the elite group of people who are known at the local watering. How to Spot a Regular at the Bar?

bar regular

But who are they? To help you figure them out, here’s how to spot a regular at the bar.

Social Proof

The person that walks into the bar that everyone greats and seems to know? That person is probably a regular at a bar. Bar regulars tend to know everyone and have a story to tell about them. Plus, they’re one of the ones that you’ll see there on the slower nights

With slower nights, the crowd is smaller which makes it easier for regulars to spark up a conversation with the newcomers. They’ll also get to chat with the bartenders a bit. If they are interested, the bartenders even chat back with them. Overtime, this person rises in the ranks of bar-dom to become: a regular!

They Have a Routine

Regulars don’t ask for a menu. In fact, they might even know it by heart and you can test them on it. As a result, regulars get their drinks and meals brought to them before a server or bartender even has to ask what they want. If you see someone get served without even ordering, they are probably a regular!

They Overtip

You might think that someone who comes to a bar for the same drinks and food over and over might consistently undertip. However, regulars know that keeping the staff happy is the best way to guarantee great service. Regulars tend to leave behind a larger wad of cash then you expect when it comes to tip time.

They Have a Designated Spot

Regulars don’t just walk into a bar and sit anywhere. Whether it’s a bar stool or table or just a general area in the bar, regulars have their own personal spot and everyone knows where it is. Just be aware that if you come into the bar and take the regular’s seat, even by accident, they will stare at you passive aggressively until you decide that you’re uncomfortable and get up and leave.

They Know the Bar Gossip

Not all regular bargoers are quiet and standoffish. In fact, some love to dish the gossip. They might know what happened after closing last Saturday night or why a certain bartender had to switch to working on Thursdays. They’ll be happy to share with you as well if you get them to start talking with a couple of free drinks!

Making Friends With the Regulars

Spotting the regulars at the bar, is a great way to enjoy people watching. However, if you really love your local bar, you may even aspire to become a friendly regular yourself. No matter what you decide to do, have fun with it!

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