Have Some Respect For Bartenders

It’s pretty cool to respect bartenders and all service staff for that matter.

It's Cool to Respect Bartenders

The Waiter Rule is no fiction. According to this rule, someone who is nice to you but isn’t to a waiter is not a nice person. The attitude of a person towards restaurant staff is a kind of a poker hand that reveals his or her true character.

Rudeness in restaurants is very appalling. I recently witnessed a man harangue his waiter beyond all reason. Had the manager not intervened, I would have done so myself. Personally, I feel that this is indicative of disappearance of manners and loss of grace in the today’s society.

Probably the two most important persons you think of when visiting a restaurant, are the bartender and the waiter. Bartenders are the ones who mixes and serves drinks behind a bar and they are the ones who interact with people directly during some of there best and worst moments. Oftentimes, people trust bartenders more than their therapists. Unfortunately, bartenders are not paid for their time like therapists.

A bartender is at work simply doing his job in order to pay his bills, like we all do. A good bartender will do his best to ensure that you are completely satisfied. However, bartenders are human and have feelings just like you. Your attitude towards them will greatly improve their service delivery to you and other people as well. Therefore, if you desire excellent service bring on your excellent behavior to your bartender.


Fact 1: Bartenders Are Not Superhuman

You probably expect that the bartender will bring everything you want as quickly as you want it. Bartenders typically do 10-12hr shifts on their feet all day, hours of prep work, and numerous hours of clean up. They also perform hours of catering to the demands of all types of people. Therefore, be a little patient and try to put your frustrations aside when he or she take some time to fulfill your order.

Fact 2: You Are Not the Only One Being Served

Sometimes, the speed of service at the bar is depended on the number of patrons present. You surely deserve decent service no matter how busy a bartender maybe. Nevertheless, your bartender will have to serve other folks so be considerate with slower service if the bar is packed.

Fact 3: The Bartender Is Not Always the Cause of the Delay

Bartenders often take the blame when drinks take a while, food is late and when mistakes are made. Indeed, there are instances when this is completely justifiable. In most cases, however, most delays and errors are usually outside the bartender’s control.

Bartenders must multi-take like maniacs and are expected to do so many things at once like taking drink/food orders, processing credit card payments, remembering what everyone ordered, while getting requests from multiple patrons.

And once your food order has been turned over to the kitchen, your bartender has nothing else to do besides waiting for your order to be delivered. Be mindful next time you get mad at the bartender for not moving as fast as you think they should move.

Fact 4: The Bartender Isn’t Trying to Get Your Date

Bartenders must be friendly, charming and polite. Their job demands that they are cordial and happy towards all patrons. When the bartender smiles at your date, it doesn’t mean that he or she is trying to get with him or her. Thus, there’s no need for you to give your bartender those dirty looks because he is merely doing his work.

Fact 5: Tips Are the Best Way to Respect Bartenders

A generous tip is the way to respect bartenders if the bartender served you as you wished. Leaving a cash tip is also better than doing so on a card. I have friend who says that if you can’t tip generously or do not believe in the tipping etiquette, you have no business drinking or eating out. Bartenders are there to make your experience at the bar a little more enjoyable. So be sure to show them more respect and tip them well because they are just doing their job, and need to pay their bills just like you.


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