Why are Social Drinkers So Much Fun?

Why are Social Drinkers So Much Fun?

A social drinker is a person that drinks alcohol mainly during social occasions and only in moderate quantities. The goal of a social drinker is not to get drunk, but to be more outgoing in social settings.

Social Drinker is Fun

Although it happens, social drinkers do not desire the feeling of drinking too much that they lose control. Alcohol isn’t that important, it just helps to make the conversation more interesting and have more fun.


Dangers of Drinking even for a Social Drinker

Drinking too much alcohol does come with risks:

  • You can get yourself hurt.  Drinking too much increases the chances of vehicle crashes, accidents, and so much more.
  • It just isn’t healthy.  People who drink a lot increase the chances of heart disease, liver disease, cancer, and it weakens your immune system which makes you more vulnerable to diseases.
  • Birth defects.  Drinking during pregnancy can cause brain damage and other major issues in the baby.
  • AUD can happen.  AUD stands for ‘alcohol use disorder’ which is when the problem of drinking becomes severe.  To assess whether you have AUD, click here for some questions to ask.

Introverts need Love too

Research estimates that one-third of the population are introverted.  An introvert is a person who is not just shy, but is energized by being alone and whose energy can be drained by being around other people. Introverts love to think, and explore their own thoughts and feelings. They don’t prefer social situations, but know they need to participate in them. Introverts are always thinking and focused on being introspective. In order to be more sociable, a stimulate may be required such as a drink and some time spent at the bar.

Introverts need social interaction and one way to get it is having a drink.  Modest alcohol consumption can boost social bonding.  How many times have you made a new friend over a drink or two?  It is proven that people drinking alcohol around strangers feel better for periods of time around strangers.  Drinking alcohol is tied to aggressive behavior, accidents and bad health.  Yet many people choose to drink socially, especially introverts, which helps to make them more empathetic and be more friendly.

Drinking Alcohol is a Truth Serum

There is the perception that people who drink are brutally honest and I agree.  But why is that? Drinking alcohol inhibits our ability to feel guilt, remorse or shame about the things we say or do. Drinking makes us feel more honest and less likely to hold back based on fear of consequences.  So when you can be more honest, it makes you feel more relaxed and free, which allows you to have more fun.

How many times have you woke up the next day regretting what you realized you said the night before?  When you have a few drinks, your mouth starts spewing all the things your sober mouth was afraid to say.  As Charlie Chaplin once stated, “A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.” I’m not saying you need to be drunk to be honest, just a few drinks to get you going.  Alcohol has, and always will be, a truth serum to our true feelings that we hold so deeply inside.

Social Drinker is Fun

Drink Responsibly

Remember a few drinks makes you more sociable and a few more than that makes you drunk and more aggressive.  We are focused on the social aspect. Conversations over a few drinks can help you be a little more empathetic and confident. Having a few drinks allows us to be more passionate about what we want to do in life good or bad.  The taste of alcohol surrounded by family, friends and good people allows us to discuss things we want most out of life.  If done in moderation, socially drinking enables us to be happier, have fun and act on desires that we hold deep inside.

Liquid courage allows you to approach and conversate with people more freely.  It comes in all different bottle sizes, beer spouts, shapes, proofs, and amounts.  If we drink as a social drinker, we can be more introspective, self-reflective and more outgoing than when we are caught in the cycle of our relationships, marriages, weekly worries and things that stress us. Drinking when done right can make us awesome, we just can’t over do it.  


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