How to Take Selfies At the Bar

You’re posing for a selfie at the bar and you want to make sure you come out looking like a model. So how do you make yourself look great every time?

take selfie bar

Here are some tips to help you capture the best version of yourself.


Work Your Angles

When you take a selfie, it’s all about finding the right angle. Extend your arm all the way out so that your smartphone is as far away from your body as possible. This will make it easier for you to find the right angle for your photo.

Take Photos Horizontally and Vertically

If you’re taking an individual selfie, experiment with this. Sometimes people look better in a landscape (horizontal) composition versus a portrait (vertical) composition. Taking photos horizontally also makes it easier to get some of the background into your selfie if you want people to see what’s behind you in the photo. 

Use Sunglasses

If the lighting is too bright in the bar or you’re outdoors and it’s midday, take your selfie with your sunglasses on. This will keep you from having to squint in your photo, which makes your eyes look tired.

Watch Your Posture

Elongate your neck to keep from looking like you have a double chin. Make sure that you also aren’t slouching in your photos.

Just Say ‘No’ to Duck Face

This is the ultimate selfie offense. Never make duck face in your selfies. It doesn’t make you look hot!

Take Selfies Before You Get Wasted

If you want great selfies, take them before you have too many drinks. After all, if you’re ‘doing it for the gram,’ you don’t want to look sweaty and totally out if it.

If you want perfect selfies later in the night, go to bathroom and check your hair and makeup first so that you don’t end up looking crazy in your photos.

Trying to Look Intense or Deep

If you’re trying way too hard to look sexy, you’re probably just going to end up looking constipated, instead. If it’s not your normal selfie pose or you’ve never tested out before, don’t do it.

Watch the Filters

Unless you’re a professional image editor, watch the filters. It’s always easy to tell when you’ve tried to edit your selfies yourself to get rid of your flaws. Usually things turn out a lot worse than you expected and you risk turning yourself into a meme once you post your selfie online. 

Skip the Selfies in the Bar Bathroom

Taking selfies in a graffiti-covered bar bathroom doesn’t make you look cool or edgy. You just look like someone who doesn’t wash their hands before touching their phone again.

Practice At Home

Although us Millennials love to pretend that awesome selfies are totally spontaneous, practice at home, seriously. Before you go to the bar, take selfies at different angles and in front of different amounts of lighting.

This will help you to uncover the mistakes you make when posing for selfies so that you don’t repeat them when it’s game time.


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