How to Talk to Parents about Bartending

Parents typically have a different idea for your future than you do. You made the decision to get into bartending now you’re unsure how to break the news to your parents.
How to Talk to Parents about Bartending

Here are some helpful tips on how to talk to parents about bartending and put them at ease.

Be Polite

The last thing you would want to do is walk into your parent’s house and say, “Like it or not, I am going to be a bartender!” This is a surefire way to start an argument and will hurt your chances of getting them on board with your decision. The best way to approach this career choice is to be polite and calm.

Be Confident

Show your parents that you are confident in your decision. Let them know that you thought about this career decision responsibility. It’s okay to be assertive and still be respectful. Also, If you approach your parents without confidence they probably will not take you seriously and may think you are not serious about doing this.

Do Your Research

Most people think you have to be 21 to be a bartender. However, many states allow you to bartend at 18. If this applies to you, be sure to let your parents know that you have thoroughly done the research. Your parents will appreciate that you took the time to think through this decision.

Address the Pros and Cons

Be sure to share the pros and cons with your parents. Be honest as they will respect that you are aware and made an informed decision. Talk about your feelings regarding your decision and allow them to share their input. Let your parents know you will make this career choice work for you regardless of the cons. Also, be ready to show how the pros outweigh the cons for you. Parents like to know that their children are making rational choices and look at things from all angles.

Address Your Parents Concerns

Your parents will have concerns, so be sure to allow them to share. Remember to be polite and not to argue with them. Some of their concerns maybe:

  • Long hours on your feet
  • The drinking and the party life
  • How much income you will make
  • Your overall safety

Discuss these concerns and have appropriate data. Share things like the average annual bartender’s income and myths about bartending with your parent. Show your parents that you have fully researched this decision rationally and that you are willing to address these issues with them like an adult.

Discuss Schooling

There are many ways to get educated to become a bartender. Some bartenders do online classes, some take classes at college and others will attend bartending school. Some bartenders have no schooling at all and learn on the job.

Let your parents know your educational plans. Talk to them about where you want to get your education and how much it will cost. The more information you give your them the better, especially if your parents want to help you pay for your education.

Let Your Parents Know Your Goals

There are many types of bartenders including mixologists. Discuss your career goals with your parents. Do you want to eventually own your own bar? Are you interested in working on a cruise ship? Do you want to work at an upscale lounge or club? Or do you want to work for weddings and party events? Whatever your aspirations are, clearly explain them to your parents. Being upfront and honest with your parents will help them to get on board with your decision.

After talking to your parents they may be on your side or they may still disagree. Either way it’s okay. If your parents are still not okay with your decision they may come around eventually. The important thing is that you let them know what your plans are in a respectful and honest manner.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for parents to understand that your career choice will make you happy. Now that you have talk to your parents it is time to put your plan to action! The choice to be a bartender is one that is full of rewards. It’s also full of hard work, however, serving other people is an honorable profession.

And if all else fails, have the conversation over a drink.

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