Tips To Running A Successful Brewery

Everyone loves a great brewery. However, breweries are a lot of work and many people don’t understand the work that goes into running one. If you want to run a successful brewery or even work at one you need to check out these tips.

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You Have To Love Beer

This is serious. You have to love beer, the smell of it, the taste of it and even the thought of wearing it when accidents happen. A brewery is all about the beer and without it you have no business. So you really do have to have a love for craft beers in order to run a successful brewery. If the smell of beer is disgusting to you, you might want to think about another career choice.

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Using the right chemicals to clean with is essential for the fermentation process. Cleaning the kettles, the machines and the floors is a daily process that needs a checklist schedule in order to make sure you are not harming the fermentation process. Making beer is a sanitary process with the no room for mistakes. You have to love to clean and even be a little bit OCD to work at a brewery.

The Fermentation Process Is A 24/7 Job

Fermentation is the process which gives the beer both its alcohol content and its carbonation.

To begin the fermentation process, the cooled wort is transferred into a fermentation vessel to which the yeast has already been added. Since fermentation produces a substantial amount of heat, the tanks must be cooled constantly to maintain the proper temperature.

You better love to work, because running a brewery is a constant job. You will work long hours. If you don’t own the brewery expect to work long hours for little pay. If you do own the brewery expect to work long hours and do a lot of paperwork. Don’t get me wrong, running a brewery can be rewarding, however, it is a lot of work.

You Have To Be A Good Handyman

Breweries have machines that are typically in harsh conditions from crazy temperatures to being ridiculously wet all the time. Small motors like to break frequently. You either have to know how to repair the machines or you have to have an affordable mechanic on the payroll. Either way you have to know that your machines will take a beating.

Quality Beer Is Key

The one thing you can’t do when running a brewery is cut corners. High quality beer made from good products is essential. Also, tasting the beer for quality is important.

If you are trying to make cheap tasting beer might as well put it in a can, box it up and call it domestic beer. Customers frequent breweries for the real deal.

People Love To Drink And Are Always Thirsty

A big mistake that many first time owners make is that they underestimate the need that customers want to drink at the brewery. So when they build their brewery they get smaller kettles and run out of beer faster. Be sure you are well stocked up on product and when you or your boss decides to purchase a new kettle make sure it will be big enough to serve your customers.

Branding Your Product Is Essential

Lastly, branding your product in a way that people will remember it is essential for sales and to bring customers in. So when it comes to design, don’t go cheap. Find someone who can create a good logo for you. If you don’t own the bar this may not apply to you. But selling the product and the brand is. So, make sure you are behind the product and can really sell it.


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