How to Avoid (& Treat) a Serious Hangover

How to Avoid (& Treat) a Serious Hangover

One moment you’re clinking shots with friends at the bar, the next, you’re cursing the existence of the sun. Welcome to hangover hell.

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We’ve all been there. That epic (or not so epic) night that turned into the worst next day ever.

The one that makes you barely get out the words “I’ll never drink again.” But don’t be so quick to give up booze for the rest of your days just yet – there are ways to prevent that mean hangover, as well as some cures should you forget to put those prevention methods to use.

The bar can still be one of your favorite places. Here’s how to avoid a serious hangover, and treat one already in process.



If you’re lacking the Irish gene or don’t happen to be 22 anymore, chances are you’re prone to a mean hangover come the morning after. Don’t despair – these prevention methods will go a long to way make your oncoming hangover much less brutal (although if you’re going to pound those drinks one after another, you’re definitely going to need to read on to our ‘Treatment’ methods below.)

Stick to one type of alcohol

A simple rule, that, at times, can be hard to follow. Your downfall will usually come about when someone buys you a shot of something that’s not a beer. Best way to avoid this? Choose a liquor for the night that you feel comfortable shooting down as well as drinking with the mixer of your choice. And if you want to be extra careful? Stay away from dark or amber colored hard stuff and stick with a clear liquor like vodka, white rum, or tequila blanco.

Avoid the bubbles

Ever notice that if you drink a bunch of champagne, cava, prosecco or other bubbly drink, you get a bad headache soon after? Now imagine how you’d feel the next morning, if you drank the bubbly stuff all night long. Bubbles are fun, but they’re not made for stamina. Steer clear, fellow drinkers, steer clear. P.s. this bubble rule also applies to beer. Sorry.

Drink water constantly

Did you know? Alcohol is a diuretic. This means that it makes you urinate more often, and depletes your body’s water levels. Much of the reason you feel so hungover the next day is actually because you’re dehydrated. So follow the golden rule: after each alcoholic drink, down a glass of water. The more water you get in you throughout the night, the better your chances of not feeling like the walking dead the next day.

Don’t smoke

Although many people like to light up when they drink, the truth is the combo ain’t great for your hangover. Studies have shown that nicotine can actually weaken the buzz you get from drinking, making you drink more, and eventually, making your hangover much worse than it needs to be. Also, you’ll smell better.



If you’re reading this it’s either because your head is pounding so hard you’re willing to try anything, or you’ve experienced a hangover so bad you vowed never to be underprepared again. You might even be wondering if there’s anything good about drinking at all. Either way, we’ve got your post-drunk back. Use these steps and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Drink more water

Remember that water rule up above? Well if you didn’t follow it while you were at the bar, chances are you’ll need to repent to the water gods, and repent hard. Get yourself a giant bottle of H20 and pound it. Drinking one bottle in 5 minutes won’t do – you’ll need to hydrate every 15 minutes or so for a few hours. You’re hurting because you’re dehydrated, so you need to combat it with water constantly. Also, whether it’s Gatorade or other drink, electrolytes will also make you feel better.

Take a charcoal supplement

While there may be some naysayers out there, plenty of people swear by the power of the charcoal (even if it doesn’t help, it certainly doesn’t hurt.) Taking an activated charcoal supplement is easy; it comes in pill form, and has no taste or other effects. In short, it traps toxins in your body (possibly left over from all of those fruity drinks you shot back) and prevents them from making you feel so icky. Give it a try.

Avoid caffeine and salt

Remember that bit about how dehydrated your body is? Don’t make it even more so by indulging in caffeine and excess salt – both will only make you feel worse by depleting your body of its much needed H20 stores. Pass on the coffee, and opt for water or OJ. Don’t salt those morning-after eggs – trust us.

Grab some Ibuprofen

While there are some that say that headache pills can harm an already hurting liver, if you don’t regularly abuse this organ it’s ok to treat that pounding head with some pills. Ibuprofen is the go-to option – just don’t take them on an empty stomach (then your head AND your stomach will hurt.)


A luxury, we know. But getting your REM on can make you feel worlds better if you can afford it. Hopefully you’re not at work while reading this, but if you’re home try to sneak a nap in. Chances are you didn’t sleep well after downing all that booze last night, so your body is in major need of some Zs (especially if you’re post holiday drunk.) Don’t deny it – let the sleep heal you.


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