5 Things You Can Do for the First Time at a Bar

first time bar

Making goals in life is important. It’s what makes us become better people. When it comes to going to the bar, your ambitions should be just as lofty.

first time bar

If you’re looking for a new experience, here are 5 things you can do for the first time at a bar.


1. You’ve Seen Some Things…

Don’t just tell a tall tale about the mysterious creature you saw while fishing. That’s for amateurs. When you’re at the bar, really go all out with a bullshit story and leave your audience hanging on your every word.

Make sure to make it really long, like at least 15 minutes. Then wait for everyone to be amazed and shocked at your crazy life experiences. Accept a free shot from anyone who offers. 

2. My Drink’s on Fire, Man!

Where else can you enjoy the rush of arson without getting arrested? A drink that’s on fire is an ultimate experience that you can only enjoy at a bar. From classic tiki cocktails to flaming shots, everyone should order a drink that’s on fire at least once.

But be aware that everyone’s eyes will be on you as soon as your drink arrives. So you’ll have to drink it while they’re still looking at you.

You’ll look even cooler if you can drink it while it’s still on fire. Just be careful not to burn your face off or knock it over. 

3. Body Shots

The bar is the only place other than the bedroom where using someone’s body as a plate is acceptable. So take advantage of it.

Enjoy some shots of tequila with someone who is excited about it as you are. Extra bonus points if it is a total stranger. 

4. Turn Everyone Into Your Best Friend Instantly

Want to make new friends fast? Let everyone know that their next round is on you. You’ll not only become famous for one night. Suddenly, everyone at the bar will also be your new friend.

There’s really nowhere else can you bond with others by giving them stuff for free without having everyone think that you’re nuts. If you’re feeling lucky, go all out and let them know that they can order the top shelf stuff. 

5. Sing Karaoke

Your urge to sing in front of a crowd has been building up inside of you for years. You always wanted to make it big but you never got a shot at fame. Now you can make your debut: at the bar.

It doesn’t matter if you’re terrified of singing in public. We all have our fears. Even if you sound terrible, you should just do it.

So let loose. Going to the bar is all about having fun. Try these new things and watch how your night turns out.


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