7 Ways Karaoke Makes the Night Better

There are people who love karaoke and then there are people who avoid it at all costs. We are here to tell you whether you sing or not, karaoke is a can’t miss night at the bar. In fact, you can have an amazing time even if you just attend.

karaoke night better

Here are 7 ways karaoke can lead to a great night out.


1. Five Minutes Of Fame

Whether you’re an experienced singer, an amateur or have no singing talent at all, you get five minutes to shine among people you may not know. And since most people are already buzzed or drunk, you may appear to be an American Idol even if you sound terrible.

2. Laugh At and With Friends

Attending karaoke night with your friends may very well be one of the best nights ever. It is filled with laughter, inside jokes and funny memories that will last forever. Just make sure you record your friends so you can blackmail them later on.

3. It’s A Stress Reliever

Music and singing has scientifically been proven to be a stress reliever. Add smiling and laughter to the mix and life appears to be so much better no matter what. So if you are having a bad day, it will take some stress off your mind. It really is a great way to unwind and it doesn’t hurt to have your favorite drink in hand.

4. Karaoke Is Cheap Entertainment

Why pay hundreds for a concert when you can attend a karaoke night for cheap? Most bars do not have a cover charge, so it may only cost you a couple of drinks for a night of fun. Better yet, some bars offer a prize for the winner, so you may not want to miss out on your chance to win!

5. Meet New People

Karaoke attracts a different type of regular or bar goer. You will definitely meet new people that may be worth getting to know. It never hurts to expand your circle of friends or to look for your soulmate. Besides, if you end up wearing beer goggles, chance are tomorrow is a new day so it doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there.

6. Confidence Booster

Getting up in front of people and singing takes guts. Step outside your comfort zone and explore a little. It is a confidence booster and it’s easier to meet quality people once you let loose a little. And who knows, someone may like your voice and you could be the next contestant on ‘The Voice.’

7. It’s So Much Fun 

Sometimes, the normal bar scene gets boring. Change it up a little and karaoke is a great place to start. Sometimes, just sitting at a bar drinking can get quite boring. Have a little fun, take risks, and find new ways to enjoy your night out.

Make no mistake about it karaoke can be loads of fun. Next time your friends say let’s check out the karaoke, be open minded and check it out! Honestly, what can it hurt?


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