How to Flirt With a Girl At the Bar Without Being Creepy

Flirting is fun and if you’re already at the bar, it could be the first step to finding your next date. However, flirting when it’s unwanted or executed in the wrong way may lead to a drink being thrown in your face.

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So what is the right way to flirt with girls at the bar? Here are 5 tips to help you approach that will actually work.


Go and Start a Conversation

It may seem right because you see it all the time in the movies, but sending drinks to her and her friends isn’t going to win you any brownie points. In a crowded bar, when a woman finds out that her next drink is courtesy of some random dude hiding in the shadows, it will likely tingle her spider sense in a bad way.

If you don’t want to seem like a “creeper,” you’d be better off going up the girl and starting a conversation. Leave those suave drink sending moves to the fictional characters in your favorite movies.

Stick to Safe Topics

One of the most common flirting mistakes that men make is getting too personal too fast. If you’ve only just said ‘hi,’ now is not the right time to ask her about who she voted for or to tell her how great her boobs look in her dress.

When you make these mistakes, it shows that you don’t know how to respect boundaries (#1 creep sign). So to keep things light-hearted and stick with the easy questions and comments. You can ask her about her favorite movies, musical artists, places she’d like to travel to, or favorite drink and why. Make some jokes and keep the conversation fun and simple.

Maintain Some Space

Yea, she’s hot… But do you really need stand two inches away from her face? Even if the bar is crowded, don’t invade her personal space. Look for positive body language signs. If she crosses her arms or backs away from you, take a step back before continuing the conversation so that she feels more comfortable.

Dress Nice

The first thing that a woman notices about a guy is his appearance. If your hair is messy or you’re wearing clothes that look like your mom bought them for you, you’ve already generated some creepy vibes to the girls around you. Looking and smelling good is as just as important as what you say in the flirting game.

Don’t Be Afraid

Women can smell fear from a million miles away. Your cracking voice and sweaty palms are a dead giveaway. If you doubt yourself, women will too. So don’t be afraid to try out your latest joke or funny story as you flirt. You can even use some of the funny pick up lines when you start using the BOTY. It just might work!


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