Does Gender Affect Your Tips?

Does Gender Affect Your Tips?

When bartenders think about how to increase their tips, not much thought typically goes into whether or not their gender helps. So do women or men make more in tips due to their sex?

gender affect tips

There is a stigma among men that beautiful ladies make more money than men. And many female bartenders believe they are underpaid compared to their male counterparts. So what is really the truth behind this matter?


The Battle Of The Sexes

In Render Food Magazine, they stated, in their article about servers, “The idea that women make more in tips due to sex appeal is an enduring cultural myth.”

Rain Dove Blog did a study one night as the ‘Battle of The Sexes’ at a local bar in Brooklyn and at the end of the night, the male had around $100 more in tips than the female.

In this article on it stated one of the six proven ways to get better tips was,  “ideally, be a slender, attractive, big-breasted blond in your 30s.” They based this off a scientific study down by Michael Lynn Ph.D. To view the study go here.

We did some research and the jury is still out on whether or not gender really will increase your tips. Many articles show that men make higher tips while other articles say women make more.

The Real Truth About Gender And Tips

After our thorough investigation, we believe that gender is not the issue when it comes to tipping. There are several factors that will determine how many you make in tips whether you are female or male.

The economic status of the person you are serving. It matters how many the customer makes and if they are in much debt. This has nothing to do with gender or how you are performing as a bartender. On average, the higher their social status, they more likely they will tip you well.

How great you are as a bartender will affect your tips. If you pay attention to your customers and make very little mistakes, you can end up with better tips. And if you don’t have great people skills, your tips will reflect that.

Lastly, when it comes to tips it also depends on your establishment. More prominent locations will have higher tipping customers. Of course you may find those stingy ones too, but location does matters.

does gender affect tips

This gender debate will go on for years and years. However, the bottom line is if you do your job well, take care of your customers and interact with them you will see that you are making great tips whether you are a male or female. If gender does play a role, which we don’t believe it does, it’s only a small role. So be yourself, work hard and forget all those gender tipping stigmas.


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