It’s never too late to get something nice for your favorite bartender especially around the  holiday season. You don’t want to get a gift that is super personal nor do you want to give your bartender a holiday gift that is corny.


Holiday gifts that bartenders love.

Top U.S. Drinking Holidays


So don’t be at a lost on what you can do to show your bartender that you appreciate all that they do for you. This list will have you finding the perfect Christmas gift for your bartender in no time!


Cash is King


The world revolves around money. I mean, who doesn’t like a few extra dollars here or there? A nice card with some cash in it is always welcomed. Or a bigger tip around the holidays will definitely put a smile on your bartenders face.

However, cash may not show that you put a lot of thought into your gift. If you are looking to do a more thoughtful gift this may not be the idea to go with. If you are pressed for time or just don’t know what to get your favorite bartender, cash works just fine.


Holiday Gift Cards


Everybody loves to shop so a gift card would be nice. It would even be more thoughtful if you knew where your bartender liked to shop or where they like to dine out. But, if you don’t that’s okay too. A few good suggestions are: Starbucks gift cards, gift cards at nice restaurants (bartenders have to eat right), or just get them a Visa or Mastercard gift card.  




Homemade Goodies


Bartenders loves treats that are made especially for them. The “thought that counts” rangs true here. So if you are great at baking or making homemade gifts, go for it! The packaging is important so you don’t want to bring in a gift that looks like a 3 year old made it. 

A great suggestion is holiday cookies because everybody loves cookies. So if you are ambitious enough you can make some to share at the bar with other customers. You will make your bartender happy and pick up a few new friends along the way.


The Comical Approach


Gag gifts and bars go hand in hand. Why is that? Because we go to bars for entertainment and enjoyment. The great thing about this type of gift is there are so many awesome gag gifts that are related to alcohol and bartending. You can be sure to find that gag gift you are looking for at places like Spencer’s. A gift that will make your bartender laugh will really be appreciated.


Offer A Drink or Bring a Bottle


Time is running out and you just haven’t found the perfect holiday gift for your bartender. No problem! The next time you go in for a drink buy them one too!  Everybody loves alcohol, right? So buy a drink or bring them a bottle of their drink of choice. 

However, keep in mind that some establishments may not let them drink on the clock. If that is the case find out if they can have a drink with you when they get off the clock. Be careful with this though, you don’t want your bartender thinking you are hitting on them. Or do you?


Show your Favorite Bartender that you Care


Holiday gifts that bartenders love.

Bartenders love their jobs regardless if you get them a gift for the holidays. However, knowing that they truly are appreciated makes their jobs so much more rewarding. Take a few minutes and really think about showing them they are appreciated with a thoughtful gift. We often think about our mailman and teachers as service workers and give them gifts. Bartenders are service workers too. And sometimes, I think they have the most important job of all.

Happy Holidays!

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You are looking to have an enjoyable time at your local bar. The best times typically involve good customer service.  A good bartender tip is to know it's all about the cash.


bartender tip cash is king


Bartenders know nothing about you when you first meet. The only thing they are likely to remember are how much you tipped them (if you did) and what you ordered.  

If you don't tip, chances are they won’t have fond memories of you. Bartenders determine who gets priority by those helping them earn a living. While your having fun at the bar, bartenders are working to pay the bills. The best way for you to get their attention is by taking care of them.

Check out a few things to remember when your at the bar.



Bartender Tip: Make sure they see you


If you just leave your tip on the table after they gave you your order, you never gave the bartender/customer relationship time to develop. And if they are busy, chances are they will have no idea who left the tip.

Give them a tip as soon as you order. This way, they know where it was coming from and are more likely to pay attention to you once the bar gets busy.

Bartender Tip: Provide Gratuity in Cash


Even if you plan to tip well when closing out your credit card tab, remember that bartenders don’t know that. You just spent your entire time at the bar not giving the bartender any assurances that you are not cheap and plan to tip well.

A good strategy is to pay for your first few drinks in cash. Even if you plan to use a credit card to pay the entirety of the bill. This shows the bartender you appreciate them and their service.  

Be mindful, it’s not always the same bartenders taking care of the same individual. Oftentimes credit card tips end up being split amongst all the bartenders during that shift. So even if you tip well, it won’t matter to that particular bartender since they only get a part of that tip. Cash may be split too, but at least they will be able to take home those tips the same day.  


Bartender Tip: Designate One Person to Buy Drinks


Don’t confuse the bartender. If you’re with a group, try to assign one person in particular to buy the drinks. The bartender probably has no clue who you’re with. They aren’t going to acknowledge you as being with your friend who just tipped them 10 minutes ago.  

If you plan to rotate who takes care of the drinks in any given outing, be sure to introduce the “new person.” The bartender need to know your friends of friends who tipped well last time. As time goes on, the bartender will eventually remember your group and know they can count on you all as reliable customers for bartender tips. This ensures that all of you get well taken care of by that bartender whenever you are out.  



Bartender Tip: Cash is King


Remember when you tip via credit card, that income is taxable and the bartenders don’t make as much. Understand they may not be able to take the tips home for the night. And when you mess with a bartender’s money, that takes the excitement and fun out of the job. If you are headed to the bar, take some cash and look forward to having a better time out.


Want to connect with people at the bar in a whole new way? Download the BOTY App on iTunes or Google Play for free!




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