You really want to go out to the bar but you feel weird about going by yourself. So what do you do? Wait a minute before you make the wrong move!


5 times bar alone


Whether you should go out to the bar alone really depends on the circumstances. Fortunately, in most cases, it’s completely fine. Here are the 5 times when it’s totally okay to go to the bar alone.


1. You’re Visiting a New City


If you’re visiting a new city, by all means, go out and explore! Check out the hot spots and get to know the locals. You’ll probably meet some new people and start having fun right away.



2. It’s Just After Work Hours


If you’re going to the bar after work, you can use the fact that you need to grab dinner as an excuse to be at the bar alone. If you don’t want to feel weird about it, sit at the bar instead of a table to order your food.


3. You’re Meeting Up With Friends


If you’re meeting up with your buddies, technically you won’t be alone for long. After all, someone has to be the first to arrive.


4. At Lunchtime


Enjoying lunch with a few drinks is absolutely something that you should do alone. It’s actually pretty smart because you can drink without feeling guilty about it.

The more people you invite, the odds are that someone who can’t hold their liquor back at the office will end up ruining liquid lunches for everybody.


5. When You Know the Bartender


If you already know the bartenders or even a few regulars, you’re not actually alone. Go, order your favorite drink, and have a merry time!


Now that you know when it is okay to go to the bar by yourself, here are the times when you shouldn’t go to the bar alone.


You’re already drunk


Going to the bar alone when you’re already drunk is a sure fire way to end up in the hospital or going home with someone creepy. Just don’t do it!


Last call


Unless you’re looking to hookup, going to the bar alone right before it closes is just asking for trouble. It’s almost guaranteed that the drunk dude who’s been ready to fight all night will have his sights set on you as the lone, almost sober person who just walked into the bar.



Trying to get work done at a busy bar


If you really need to get some work done, you may be tempted to go to the bar and work so that you’ll stop procrastinating. But trying to use your laptop while people are chugging pitchers of beer at the other end of the bar isn’t really conducive to accomplishing anything of worth. 


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