Here’s How to Impress Your Friends at the Bar

impress friends bar

You really don’t need anything complicated to knock people’s socks off. Here are a few awesome and easy ways to impress your friends at the bar.

impress friends bar

These tips work great with anyone, even with that girl or guy that you just met that you’re hoping might become more than a friend to you soon!


Order a Whiskey

Ordering a whiskey, neat, makes you look insanely cool no matter who you are. You’re friends will instantly think that you’ve stepped up your game. It may even make them rethink their own drink choices.

Join In on Trivia Night

If you are a trivia buff, a bar night out is the perfect time to show off your skills. Form a team with your friends and help lead the team to victory. You’ll not only impress your friends, but you might even win an awesome prize or some cash!

Learn Some Pool Tricks

It’s always satisfying to have some tricks up your sleeve? Pool is a great sport to play with friends. Even if you’re a beginner you can still show off a little. Use these tricks to help distract your friends while you play.

You can also do some gag shots to trick your friends into buying you a drink. Either way, you’ll have a great time and and improve your pool skills at the same time.

Choose Some Bars for a Bar Hop

Instead of just letting your friends go to the closest bars around, why not choose some trendy bars for you guys to check out as a group? Chances are that your picks will have better cocktails and a much more exciting crowd.

You’ll also look like an awesome friend for planning things and finding places that you know that they would love.

Do a Bar Trick

Do you know how to tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue? Can you get an olive into a martini without touching it (Hint: swirl the olive in an upside down wine glass and then drop it into the martini glass)?

If you want to become the guy or girl that everyone wants to go to the bar with, bar tricks are the best way to impress your friends. However, make sure you know what you’re doing so that you don’t break anything or set the place ablaze!

Learn How to Take Awesome Selfies

Now that you know how to impress your friends at the bar, it’s time to document the entire night. Take some awesome selfies to post to Instagram to let everyone know what a great time you’ve had.

From fun pics to selfies that make you look your best, knowing how to take selfies better than anyone will definitely help you to impress your friends at the bar.

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