7 Myths About Women Who Drink Whiskey

7 Myths About Women Who Drink Whiskey

“You’re really going to order that?” he asks. Oh no, here we go again! Women who drink whiskey often have to deal with ridiculous comments from people who just can’t help themselves.

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For some reason, some people think that women and whiskey just don’t go together and it’s just silly. Just like anyone else, women can and should be allowed to enjoy a fine whiskey.

To help put an end to the stigma against women whiskey drinkers, here are 7 myths that need to die, like now.


Myth #1: Whiskey is just for men.

When some people think of whiskey they think of their grandfathers, cowboys, and other macho stereotypes. Shockingly, women are perfectly capable of enjoying whiskey too. No permission required!

Myth #2: You don’t even know what you’re drinking.

Yeah, yeah. Bourbon is made from corn and scotch is made from malted barley. If you want to learn about whiskey, just Google it. But at the end of the day, you don’t need to know any of those facts to enjoy it.

In fact, since women whiskey drinkers aren’t exactly the norm if you see a woman order a particular brand or type, she probably knows a thing or two about whiskey. She’ll probably also be ready to school you on whiskey if you ask her so make sure you have your facts straight.

Myth #3: You won’t like it if you drink it neat.

Oh, pu-lease. Who said every woman prefers daiquiris? Besides, a woman who takes her drinks neat is so rare that she’s probably better at handling her liquor than most.

Myth #4: You’re going to be hungover tomorrow.

Your body type is what determines your hangover, not your gender. Fun fact: You don’t have to keep drinking until you’re on the floor.

Myth #5: You can’t actually enjoy the taste.

Research shows that women actually have more taste buds than men. That means that they can actually enjoy the taste of whiskey even more than men!

Myth #6: It isn’t good to drink whiskey.

Excessive drinking isn’t good for you either, bud. But no one said that you have to over indulge. Surprisingly, whiskey does have some health benefits.

Myth #7: You’re just doing it to try to fit in with the guys.

Like women football fans, there are women who actually like whiskey. She also doesn’t give a damn if you think that she’s not ‘ladylike.’ Get over it!

You have your drink of choice and some women just happen to enjoy whiskey as their drink of choice. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of whiskey for everybody.

Instead, next time you see a woman carefully sipping on a stiff glass of Maker’s Mark, why not chat with her? You might find out something interesting about her love for whiskey!


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