The Best Times to Post on Social Media

post social media

We all want the perfect moments from a night out at the bar to show off to our social media followers. As any selfie expert will tell you, it has a lot to do with timing.

post social media

By posting on social media throughout the night, you can capture all of the highlights of your bar experience.

Here’s the best times to post on social media while you’re at the bar.

When You Arrive

So you’ve just arrived at the bar and your friends are starting show up as well. Now’s the perfect time to whip out your phone and capture some of that “Omg, I haven’t seen you in forever!” excitement.

Take selfies with your friends and make sure to get one of the entire group before you guys head into the bar. Don’t forget to get yourself into all of the shots. Unless you’re a journalist, you should actually be in the photos and videos that you’re posting online!

When Your Drink Arrives

You just ordered the craziest drink on the menu (after all who really needs a giant frozen beer margarita). It’s arrived at your table and its huge. Now’s the time to post on social media and let everybody know what you’re drinking tonight!

Even if you’ve opted to order something a bit more sexy, you can post pics of your drink just to show how sophisticated you are. Post yourself or a friend taking that first sip so that it’s a lot more interesting than just a pic or video of a drink.

While You’re Talking Shots

The highlight of hanging out at the bar is always taking shots. Gather everybody for a photo and take pics while you down your shots. Order a few rounds so that you can catch your friends finally letting loose.

While You’re Dancing

After a few drinks, there’s always somebody that’s willing to do the worm in your crew. Head out to the dance floor and take some videos of you dancing with your friends. You can even start a drunken dance battle to see who’s the master.

While the Group Is All Together

If you haven’t had many opportunities to take pics for the ‘gram tonight, make sure that you do it while the group is still all together. Later in the night, people will start going their own separate ways and you may not get a chance later to snap any pics of your whole crew.

So demand that everybody get together for another photo before it’s too late. Ideally you’ll want to do this before everybody gets up from the table or starts heading for the door so that it looks natural and not staged.

Follow these tips and you’ll look like you had the best night out ever (even if you didn’t)!


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