Top Bartender Secrets They Won’t Tell You

Top Bartender Secrets They Won’t Tell You

It’s always fun to have a night out at your favorite bar, right? Laughing at jokes and gulping down delicious cocktails with your friends is a guaranteed way to have a great time.

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Have you ever wondered about the person serving you? While you’re having lots of fun, the bartender works hard to make everything perfect. We found 10 amazing things bartenders never tell you!


Topped Off Might Mean Less Alcohol

There is a simple trick that bartenders do when a customer constantly wants a stronger drink. They simply fill a straw with pure spirits, so when you drink your cocktail, you will immediately believe there’s a lot of alcohol in your drink (even if there is not).

A Trick with Red Bull Vodka

It’s a common trick as well – when a customer orders a mixed drink made with Red Bull, the bartender uses only half of a can. That is so they can use the same can for two different customers. You will be charged for a full can but will be getting only half of it.

For this reason, many bars have a button for Red Bull drinks (they don’t include the price of a whole can),  but there are bartenders who will give you Red Bull vodka instead of a can of Red Bull and a shot of vodka. Be aware.

Drunk = Less Alcohol

Bartenders always see when you’re way over your limit but they may not cut you off. However, when you order a mixed drink, they pour the cocktail mixers properly and when it comes to alcohol, they just float a bit of alcohol on the top of the cocktail. It makes it smell like booze, which is probably the best way to make someone who consumed too much alcohol think they’re drinking lots of it. But the alcohol content is minimal.

Be Nice = Free Drink

Of course, bartenders always try to mix the right amount of alcohol for cocktails, but they are people and can make mistakes. If you’re paying attention and being nice to a bartender, you can simply ask what’s going to happen with the drink that was mixed mistakenly and perhaps you can get a free drink.

House Liquor Gets You More

When bartenders use top shelf liquors, they try to mask their taste with creams, juice, and sodas. As a result, you pay for the liquor you’re not going to enjoy or taste. What you can do is order the house liquor when ordering a mixed cocktail; you will not even be able to tell the difference.

The Sober Bartender

If you regularly go to bars, you’ve probably seen that bartenders make mistakes and take sips of cocktails to check their taste. And yet, they are sober. Bartenders know they can’t work while drinking and have plenty of techniques to stay sober all night long.

A Good Bartender Is Like A Good Hairdresser

There are many bartenders, but the good ones are rare. If you know the one that makes your favorite cocktail straight up with a perfect twist, become a regular.

Bartenders Can Have A Signature Beverage

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Even beginners can have signature drinks, so always ask. If you want to make your own cocktails, bartenders advise that you start with a base spirit, citrus, a liqueur, and a sweetener. The most important rule is to always taste as you go.

Bartenders Can Be Your Cupid

Bartenders are open-minded people and they don’t mind helping you make connections at the bar. If you’re alone and can’t start chatting with strangers, ask a bartender whether they can introduce you to the regulars.

If you see someone that sparks your interest and don’t know how to start a conversation, ask the bartender. Then buy them a drink and this way, you’ll see whether the person wants the company.


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