5 Things That Can Get You Barred From The Bar

Nobody wants to get barred from their favorite watering hole. The place you go to relax, have a nice cold beer, and everyone knows your name.

barred bar

Here is a list of things not to do. They may not only get you kicked out for the night, they may even get booted for life.


Just Say No to Drugs In The Bathroom

Just say no to drugs, especially in the bathroom. Bars are expected to follow state and federal guidelines, so if you get caught, they won’t risk their business license for you. You will be barred and that’s no fun. Just enjoy that rum and coke and do the drugs at home, if that’s what you do.

Sexual Harassment

Liquid courage makes you feel like everyone thinks you are sexy, and nobody can resist your charm. However, you need to control your behavior and keep your hands to yourself. If your behavior is viewed as inappropriate, they might kick you out for the night. If your behavior puts others at risk you can get barred for good. Just play it safe and don’t take things to far. Flirting is okay but sexual harassment is not.

No Fist Fights

Drinking can make you believe you’re a X-Men and have you thinking that everyone’s out to get you. If you start feeling angry, by no means do you ever want to get into a fist fight. Security doesn’t care who initiated things, they will bounce you right out of there. And if you are repeat offender you could be gone for good. Keep the X-Men heroics for the movies.

No Arguing

It’s bad to fight with customers, it’s even worse if you get into it with the bar staff. Life is filled with disagreements, but sometimes it’s just better to zip it and walk away. Heated arguments with anyone who works or owns the bar can get you barred for life. A bar has the job to protect its employees. If you are a threat to their well being you may be asked to leave and never allowed back.

Respect the Property

Accidents happen all the time. If you accidentally break a glass or bottle, the waitstaff will understand and clean it up. However, if you throw a barstool at the television, you better be ready to say goodbye to this bar forever. Destruction of property could get you barred and even worse arrested. So if you feel like breaking things, go home and break your own possessions.


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