Drinking in College vs Drinking in the Real World

After college, drinking with other adults now involves etiquette. In fact, you start to realize that getting hammered while everyone else is just sipping on a single glass of wine probably isn’t the right move anymore.

Drinking College Vs Drinking Real World

While the drinking rules have changed, there’s actually still a lot of fun to be had when you go out drinking as an adult. Here are a few things you’ll learn about drinking in college versus drinking in the real world.


Quality Matters

If you’re over the age of 25 and you still drink booze from a plastic bottle, it’s time for you to start making better decisions about your life. Not only does $10 vodka taste like gasoline, it gives you a hangover from hell.

Now that you’re older it’s time to start drinking better quality alcohol. This shows that you’re better than other people, which is what being an adult is all about!

You Can Afford to Eat AND Drink

Once you hit your late 20’s and 30’s something magical happens: You’re not actually broke anymore. That means you can be a bit choosier about which bars you go to and you’ll even be able to afford a nice meal while you drink.

Having money to spend will make your night out much more enjoyable. Instead of eating questionable microwaved food from the gas station like you used to, now you can afford to order a cheese plate once you get to the bar.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch is a gift from the heavens that you really can’t appreciate until you start living in the real world. While college kids spend their Sundays on the floor with a hangover, you’ll spend your Sunday with your friends at your favorite local brunch spot getting your avocado toast on.

You’re More Responsible

Since your body can no longer handle what you used to put it through in college, suddenly responsibility finds you. You know that you can’t go too crazy while drinking so you can actually make a schedule for the next day after you go out.

Unlike most young people who don’t even turn over until noon and end up wasting the rest of the day after drinking, adults manage to get some important stuff done before they go back to work on Monday.

You Can Wear Nice Clothes When You Go Out

When you were in college, your choices of clothes for going out were mainly the items that you didn’t care about. Anyone spewing on or the ones that you could unzip the fastest before nature calls.

Since going out to the bar as an adult is a lot more tame, you can wear that nice shirt or those shoes you just bought. After all, ‘adulting’ is all about showing off how much money you have so that people don’t think you’ve failed at life!


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